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Paul R. Girard (1964-2020)

Paul R. Girard

FARMINGTON - Paul R. Girard, 56, passed away peacefully in his sleep at Franklin Memorial Hospital on May 14, 2020 due to on going battle with chronic illness.

He was born in Attleboro, Mass. to Ronald H. Girard and Carole A. Hall. He enjoyed fishing, stargazing and working with his hands “& of course his mouth lol." He was always there to listen and laugh if you could get a word in edgewise that’s how he earned the name “J.J.” aka "Jaber Jaws."

He made a legacy with his wife of 35 years Rita E. Girard, his son Jeremy W. Girard of Miami, Fla. and his wife Nancy M. Girard, his daughter Ashley L. Girard of Farmington and her fiancé William L. Austin. He also left behind his five beautiful grandchildren, his stepfather Lloyd Hall of RI, his sisters Michelle, Renee, Heather, Sarah, Joanne, and brother Michael, as well as in-laws Barbara, Wayne, Kevin, Sam, Kurt, Rob and many nieces, nephews, cousins and lifelong friends.

In lieu of flowers or gifts please donate in his memory to Boston Children’s Hospital.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your passing Paul. I know we haven't seen each other in a
    while. Life happens, things change and unfortunately, friendships pass.
    I know we have no future memories but we had a lot of great ones in the
    past that I'll never forget. Rest easy my friend 🙏

  2. Rita Ashley and Jeremy I’m so sorry for your loss a man that would do anything for anyone if he could. Rita we have been friends for30+ years and best of friends for I can’t eben remember we had some great laughs the three of us and you and I will continue. My love to Paul but especially for you who will continue your journey. I will be here with you though. Xoxo Di

  3. My condolences to your family.Jeanette and I have know You since you were 17.Had the opportunity to have a lot of good times,canoe trip down the Delaware River,camping in Palmyra with the boys,So many good times.But the memory that's stands out the most,was the day you proudly introduced or son Jeremy to me.He's turned into a son to be proud of and a dead ringer for you Paul old friend. Later my friend Ross and Jeanette

  4. I remember paul as having a great heart for many things. Would help you when you were down was a lot of laughs on that river trip.
    You went to soon Pauli boy. Wish we would have stayed in touch.
    Rita and paul together made a whole. One half is missing the other half so sad.
    All these parts of a life missing.
    Would like to talk to rita .

  5. Rita, Rocky and I are so sorry to read this. Paul was such a good guy. We enjoyed his stories.Hugs to you and the kids. What a sad time. <3

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