Franklin Countys First News

A thank you from the Greater Franklin Development Council

Thank you to everyone who came out to listen to Brian Lippold from J.W. Sewall present Franklin County’s Broadband Planning Study on Wednesday evening at the hospital. The large turnout was a testament to just how fundamental this initiative is to the economic and community health of Franklin County and Livermore Falls. The thoughtful Q&A provided another example of the broad engagement from the audience.

The report in its entirety is now available on the Resources page of GFDC’s website, and the video recording of the presentation is soon to come.

Please give yourself time to process the text of the plan plus your town’s section in the plan. Our next step is to build momentum created by Wednesday’s presentation. We will be looking for representatives from each town to help us to continue to spread awareness and support for this project. A goal is to form a county-wide committee to guide municipalities through the next steps. If you’re interested in being a part of these next steps in any way, please reach out to your selectmen and then reach out to me. There is a lot of work yet to be done, and we’re excited to be working with all of you to make this vision a reality.

Charlie Woodworth
Greater Franklin Development Council
Franklin County Broadband Initiative

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