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This is the first anniversary of the day that changed my life, as well as many others' lives. It’s the day of the LEAP building explosion, the day my brother, captain Mike Bell was killed along with severely injuring my other brother, Fire Chief Terry Bell, as well as Deputy Chief Clyde Ross, Captain Scott Baxter, Captain TD Hardy, fire fighters Ted Baxter and Joe Hastings and maintenance man Larry Lord. Although it was a tragic day for all involved, there was some good that I saw and how it brought our town, county and state together in so many ways.

The things I will always remember were how many people lined the streets and roads including UMF students, as well as all the businesses to welcome my brother home to his final resting place. And then every time another fire fighter was released from the hospital people would line the roads from Portland to Farmington to welcome them home and show their support. The 80 fire departments that came and covered our fire department until our department could heal and return to work. All the support from local businesses and residents that donated meals every day at the fire station, the wives of many of the fire fighters that were there to help organize and offer support in any way they could. To my family and friends, I will never forget any of you and I can’t say enough, but thank you so much for making that day, and this past year, somewhat bearable.

Thank you again,

Ron Bell

Remember Farmington Strong, 9-16-2019

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  1. Capt. Michael Bell is sadly missed and thank goodness for those lives that were spared.

  2. So very proud of my hometown of Farmington, Maine. The Bell family has a long and proud history of public service to Farmington. Thank you for your service Captain Michael Bell. You continue to remind us of what it means to give back to your community.

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