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Letter to the Editor: A priceless resource

Maine Public Lands are a priceless resource for those people like myself who come to your state to social distance, canoe camp, backpack, hike and fly fish. My wife and I (and at one time our four kids) come to Maine every year, and for the last three decades, we have explored your public lands including Lobster, Holeb, Bigelow, Chain of Ponds, Little Moose, Richardson, Nahmakanta, Tumbledown and Mount Blue, as well as TNC lands with No.5 Mountain and Debsconeaug.

Each trip for decades now, we have contributed in our own small way to your economy by purchasing lodging, licenses, permits, guides, equipment, food and supplies. We have continued to return each year because we value Maine’s wilderness and landscapes. It’s unlike anywhere else in New England.

That’s why it blows my mind that anyone would allow even a square inch of your wilderness, your public lands, to be given up for this awful, destructive, hideous power line that will pave the way for further industrialization with wind turbines. CMP’s corridor project should be an anathema to all of you who love your primordial forest, lakes and streams. If you have even a passing interest in the great outdoors, I would urge you to get to the polls this November, and vote “yes” to end this travesty. Don’t let these foreign corporations forever change what makes your state such a special place to visit and live.

Mark W. Powell, MD
Pen Argyl, PA

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  1. I'd rather have that one power line than flattened mountaintops with windmills on them. Ironically its people who live where the good Dr live that want green energy which comes at a cost of Maine wild lands,

  2. Mark and Pen. Thank you. From the bottom of those who care hearts, thank you for the support. NERF....get your head out of sand. NECEC paves the way for hundreds, if not thousands, of wind turbines located north of the Kennebec. If NECEC goes in, from Moxie to Jackman will be covered in wind turbines. Proposed projects need this corridor. Seriously, think about it.