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Letter to the editor: Accountability and justice

The tragic events which unfolded in Washington, DC this week have revealed the fragility of that delicate system of our Constitutional checks and balances.

A sitting president urged his followers to march on the Capitol for the purpose of “fighting” against the system of democracy that has been the pride of all Americans. While most of the thousands of presidential supporters remained on the mall watching, several hundreds of the most ardent and misguided zealots rushed the undermanned and poorly led Capitol police. They stormed the Capitol to the perpetual embarrassment of this nation. The tragic loss of life and the desecration of our bastion of democracy are accomplished and undeniable facts.

Where does this country proceed from here?

As a minimum every Trump supporter who unlawfully entered the Capitol building should be tracked down and prosecuted for insurrection and other less serious charges with the full 10-year prison sentence imposed should a jury find these deplorable fanatics guilty. On a higher level, Donald Trump, once he leaves or is pushed out of office, must be indicted for heedlessly throwing the verbal matches that sparked the insurrection.

Inciting riot is a crime. Whether or not he intended an actual attack on the Capitol is no defense. People died as a result of his actions. He must and will be held accountable. Justice demands no less.

Robert Webster
Strong, ME

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