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Letter to the Editor: America in peril

“Fascism originates from aggressive Nationalism and massive intolerance for minorities.”
Origin by Dan Brown.

The New Your Review of Books, June 28, 2019 publishes the review of a book on the Fascism movement in Nazi Germany, titled It Can Happen Here. It is easy to make a comparison from this article to the United States under the Trump administration.

The premise of the piece is, that during the Hitler years Germany was a nation gone mad. It wasn’t a tyrannical few at the top, but a mass movement – a willingness of people to be governed by chaos. Hitler was elected in a free and fair election.

Fascism was a right-wing movement that attacked freedom of speech, treated critics as enemies of the state, dissolved checks and balances in government and vilified newspapers using the term (Lugenpresse) lying press, along with a constant attack on Jews and Romany declaring them morally degenerate. It was a movement of the people, of “aggressive nationalism and massive intolerance for minorities.” This is also the mantra of the Republican Party today.

Hitler was painted as a fascist dictator; but he was actually an avatar of the people who enthusiastically supported him.

We are in a dangerous place today with a President who seems intent on dismantling our constitutional government, undermining our rule of law, demeaning our allies, aligning himself with dictatorial strong men, vilifying minorities and destroying a free press.

Trump is only an avatar of a base that blindly support him beyond all reason. We can’t change the Trump base, but we outnumber them. They are a minority whose candidate lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes, but was declared winner by a gerrymandered electoral college.

Every voter that couldn’t vote for Hillary because of her e-mails, elected Donald Trump. You can’t change that vote now; but perhaps this will be a reality check. There are only two viable parties, and either Trump or Joe Biden will be elected.

This is a time to put aside ‘purity test’.

The only test of Democrat nominees should be, who can best defeat Donald Trump.

If the Republican candidates are your choice, by all means vote Republican; but if the Republican candidates and Republican policies are not palatable for you, you must vote for the Joe Biden.

William Gilliland

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