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Letter to the Editor: Bad time for CMP rate hike

CMP has to be the most anti-customer service company on the planet. They just announced double-digit rate hike that is TWICE what it offers Mainers in corridor settlement! Then asks for another rate hike!

CMP just announced it would be hiking Mainers’ electricity rates more than 85 cents per month.

That’s more than twice what Mainers would receive under the “benefits package” CMP is offering in exchange for the right to build this destructive NECEC corridor: 37 cents per month.

And now that this rate hike is happening, CMP is announcing plans to hike rates AGAIN - another $46.5 million worth. That's right - after today's rate hike, CMP wants to hike rates another $5 per month!

A week after a massive press expose of the company’s lies and scandals, it hikes rates on its customers? And the hike is twice the size of what CMP is offering Mainers to build this corridor? Then they're going to ask for another massive hike? This company’s arrogance, incompetence, and lack of caring for its customers and our state is beyond belief.

CMP’s ten-percent rate hike comes after a CMP executive said that CMP’s billing issues came in part because the company has been so focused on building the for-profit corridor.

We hope CMP's ratepayers will stand up against them at the upcoming PUC public hearings in Portland (July 16); Farmington (July 18); and Hallowell (July 22).

Sandi Howard
Director, Say NO to NECEC

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  1. The power line project was all-consuming,” said the former executive, who took part in CMP department head meetings. “There was a lack of management attention to billing. But you’re going to make millions each year (from building the project), and the billing system doesn’t make you that kind of money.” Portland Press Herald

  2. This whole cmp rate hike is an indicative, arrogant maneuver displayed so often by this fraudulent company. Of course, the next important and more indicative moves will come from the PUC, Janet, and the people who supposedly represent us - senators and reps. This is an attempt to determine the marginal cost that most customers will actually live with. Perhaps this is a 'point too far'? Let's see. However, one thing for sure - cmp is an inept company that has obviously lost all trust of the people of Maine. Anyone who maintains a trust for this company either works there or doesn't read ... or both.

  3. What!? You mean that CMP is going to charge prices closer to what Bangor Hydro charges, no way.(sarcasm) It's CMP doing Emera a solid so now Emera can tell its customers that it offers competitive rates, it's no big secret that Emera was going to make a play for a corridor, personally I don't think Emera was up to task, especially given that all of the wealthy campaign donors live in the eastern half of the state. This whole NECEC project was a competition between two Canadian power companies, Hydro Quebec(Quebec Provincial Government owned) on the east and Nova Scotia Power/Emera(private but governed by the Nova Scotia Provincial government) on the west. If Emera wins they can build a line and undercut CMP, if CMP builds the line it can keep Emera out of the western part of the state. And while people in western Maine squabble over this that and the other, they are ignorant of the potential major shift in Maine's power company distribution that is at play. So should CMP fail the NECEC, I wouldn't be surprised if Emera made an attempt and sweetened the pot a little, Emera has been quite thus far, waiting to see how this CMP corridor business plays itself out.

  4. Monumental billing issues, among the worst in the nation reliability issues, coarse and confrontive customer service, unrelenting rate increases, a corridor that is not clean nor good for Maine and a culture of deceit, trickery, manipulation and bullying. CMP is unfit to serve Maine customers. It is time to revoke CMP's authority to operate in the State of Maine and replace with a reputable company to provide customers with reliable and affordable electricity. MPUC has the power to do this. statute 35-A MRS § 1511 – “The commission may, in an adjudicatory proceeding, suspend or revoke the authority of a public utility to provide service upon a finding that the public utility is unfit to provide safe, adequate and reliable service at rates that are just and reasonable. It is time for CMP to go! They are totally unfit!

  5. Where is our public advocate? Where is the voice for the people suffering at the hands of CMP Spain. Where is former Governor John Baldacci? No rate increase they have not fixed their billing problem. No to the corridor and No to rate increase. John forget the 200,000 dollars, Resign in protest.