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Letter to the Editor: Campaign finance and Jared Golden

To the Editor:

I really hate to conclude that for-profit mega-corporations have taken control of our political system as well as our news feed, but that’s the way it looks when you see everything that is happening for their benefit and against the average citizen’s interests.

Since corporations were given the status of “people” by the Supreme Court in Citizens United, they have “free speech” and the ability to finance partisan political campaigns that will ultimately see to their every desire. Many politicians of both parties are beholden to big oil, big pharmaceuticals, and big banks, and vote against the people and our environment.Their free speech is used to mislead unwitting voters about climate change and the virtues of universal health care coverage.

Jared Golden has taken no corporate PAC money in his campaign for the Second District congressional seat, opting instead to rely almost exclusively on small donors contributing $60 or less. I am convinced of his sincerity, integrity, intelligence and determination to work for the interests of Maine people, the Maine economy, and Maine’s environment. He has proven his ability to cooperate across the aisle and to avoid the partisan warfare that dominates so much of today’s politics. One of his strongest commitments is health care, expanding medicaid, preserving medicare, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and maintaining coverage for pre-existing conditions.

If you “follow the money” behind the policies of the candidates for the 2nd Congressional District, you will find that in one of those campaigns it leads to regular, real people with health struggles, jobs dependent on a stable climate, concerns about social security, and a lot of other common human needs that will inform the work of Jared Golden. If that campaign succeeds, I will really enjoy dialing back my pessimism about corporate elite control of our voting behavior in this country.

Cynthia Stancioff

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  1. Big money is in every campaign.If not given to the person running where it can be tracked,it goes to PACs where it buys adds that are not payed for by any candidate.

  2. Yes follow the money. Alphabet(Google) and Apple are Golden’s top contributors. Good ol’ local boys struggling to get by.

  3. For someone who has taken the majority of his contributions from donors of $60 or less, he sure does have a lot of air time on television and mass mailers!

  4. I can't believe the party I helped found is running some oily Wall St. chiseler who hides in ladie's rooms to avoid answering questions. I must break with my party and root for the actual man who runs against this person. Now excuse me while I resume spinning in my grave.

  5. Cynthia,The "Citizens" United ruling was foisted upon us by a group comprised of exactly zero citizens (good ones,anyway) ,aided and abetted by a corrupt and partisan Supreme Court that has only gotten more so. I can't imagine that our wise and brave founders intended this. If someone can point out where they wrote that money is free speech and that corporations should have more of it than the common man,I'd like to see the quote.

  6. Citizens United was the most ludicrous decision every put forth to the supreme court. The origins of a corporation was to take a group of people who own and run and business and call them a corporation so that so that no one person can be held liable for the actions of that company. So if your company hurts average people due to someone's personal decisions or leaves a huge mess that person cannot be held liable. Citizens United double dips and not only maintains that personal protection from liability but also somehow considers that entity of people on a board a citizen granting the corporation all the rights of a US citizen. You have small groups of people on a board that can donate massive amounts of money tax write-off money to the candidate of their choosing. Think about that in terms of massive international corporations with a US base but non us citizen boards...Poliquin is owned by corporate interest groups. Golden has my vote over the guy who made millions and avoids his constituency as "our current congressman". Just this week Lepage refused to take credit for his own his collaboration on a bipartisan bill to help returning soldiers adjust to civilian life that was written and sponsored by Golden. That says two things. First, that Golden stands for the people and those who protect the US and second, that Lepage is a exaggerating fool who will say anything to discredit good people but the sadly the latter is of no surprise. Don't be fooled again, I'm voting for the Golden ticket becasue we need real change!

  7. Let's not forget about the unions. They get the same treatment as pharmaceutical companies for donating to campaigns, I wonder on which side of the aisle there money goes. I find it odd no one complanes about them...oh yes they are for the working class. Let me tell you the union is just another big business that cares nothing about the membership until the dues money stops coming in.

  8. Generally the people most stridently against unions in particular and working people in general are those who have no working folks anywhere in their bloodline. However,no one should be forced to join a union to keep their job. They can opt to take the $8.50 an hour that the company would be paying if there were no union.

  9. Oh, I work for a union, for the last 37 years, and I see the people they protect. Not the folks that do their job, but the ones that should be getting the $8.50 per hour work. I opt out and get the same benefits as the full paying members, I just pay for the operating costs of the union. I do find it strange that 22% of the full dues goes to political use.

  10. I agree … where IS Golden getting the money for all the paid air time? Also, I am not impressed with the content of those ads … he is just as negative and deceitful as other politicians. And watch our taxes and debit go up if he is elected !

    The economy is improving greatly and people are going to be able to help themselves instead of all of us constantly giving handouts. All of you have 401K's … have you taken a look at your balance versus where it was two years ago? Whether your like him or not, Trump is a business man who knows what he is doing
    and just imagine what he could do IF HE HAD ALL THE NEGATIVE, HATEFUL swamp rats working with him instead of against him. GIVE TRUMP A CHANCE with people who support him.

    Yes, we need to take care of those who TRULY have a need. The poor are always with us. Unfortunately, our country is in sad shape morally. The moral fiber of this country is unconscionable! People have no respect, or trust or love for each other. Just think people, the younger generation with all their greedy attitudes and lack of understanding of what our veterans have and are doing for us, are going to be running this country someday. I don't know about you but this frightens me.

    Let's give President Trump the men and women who will support HIM and not the party loyalists.

    I am willing to give Bruce another shot as he certainly did well by the State of Maine when he was our treasurer. Plus, let's keep the economy going … everyone is beginning to make some progress

    Until people come to realize their need for the Lord Jesus Christ, our society is going further and further down the gutter … and why would God "want" to bless America?

  11. David as usual your comment is ridiculous but this time it is offensive to me and my family. We have all worked hard and done well but not one of us ever needed to be protected by a so called ‘union’. It may have served its purpose at a time in history but now ambitious people prosper based on their own merits. What are yours?