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Letter to the Editor: CMP always wins

In an unfortunate combination of decisions the PUC has fined CMP $10m while allowing them to charge their customers an additional $17m. The net effect of these decisions is that customers will pay the fine plus a little extra profit for CMP shareholders. CMP is definitely king of the shell game and fully capable in slight of hand. No matter what happens CMP always wins. Poor reliability? Let's give them a raise. Poor customer service just give them more money. Pumping out bills with wrong information? Give them a raise. Creating unsafe conditions? Money should fix it. Lying to customers in disconnect notices? $$$$ Touchdown after touchdown. The answer is fully predictable! Just throw money at them.

Over the last few years CMP has failed their customers in every area of responsibility. If in the midst of this chaos they can shuffle the shells and come out with a win what does the future hold for Maine ratepayers. It is time for a change. Time for Spain to go and Maine to take hold of it's own power future. CMP is totally unfit to keep their license to operate in Maine. Time to bid out their territory!

Rev. Darien (Deke) Sawyer

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  1. What Rev. Sawyer states here is dead on. It is Time for CMP/Spain to go!

  2. Folks. In November we will have the opportunity to speak our minds at the ballot box. Prior to November please educate your friends, neighbors and family about this foreign company, which includes C.M.P; on destroying some of the only primitive forest left in the northeast.

  3. Rev. Sawyer.... how well is Maine doing when it come to taking care of US 201 between Jackman and the border? I read some report regarding that a couple of months ago...

  4. Deke, CMP operates with $75 billion in outstanding debt, that's about average when compared to other power companies around the country. Nobody is going to buy a medium sized utility company with that much debt, the State of Maine couldn't do it, nor could all of the municipalities combined. And finding a group willing to take on that debt would be impossible. Unless you folks in Jackman are sitting on a major mineral strike, CMP is going to be around for a long time to come. The simple solution is, if you don't like them, don't use them. Maybe you can get the folks in Jackman and leverage the feds to help you build a solar farm. But you know what they say pastor, "Render unto Caesar."

  5. Wow this guy wants us to believe a $10M fine is a win for the recipient. Got your own little witch hunt just like Shifty Schiff don’t ya? Just relax and enjoy the benefits of cheap (and soon to be cleaner) electricity or cut the cord and start your generator.

  6. Numbers dont lie but liers make numbers. Do you think any investor is going to get near any business that really loses that kind of money. If so I hate to think what their real intentions are. May be the investors are getting paid before the bills I do not know. Its really funny if you believe all the numbers any business throws at you before you do some serious homework. Some business sell assets back and forth just to create a liability on paper. Thats an old example from years back. I am sure they have got more creative since then. Like a good bloodhound I stay on the money trail and somewhere something is bleeding cash or the wolves would look for other prey.

  7. CP - think you must have missed the point. A $10 million fine and a $17 million benefit doesn't square with me. A witch hunt? Jeez, can't you do better than retreaded lines? Be original. Clean energy it's not and this has been proven. Cheap electricity? Wrong again compared to many sources throughout the US including Maine. I am not sure why someone would take a legitimate statement, chop it up and take the part that supports one's point of view to fit a narrow opinion. So, you are ok with a company that cheats ratepayers and has the worst service record in the US? Guess you are not one who was cheated so everything's ok?

  8. Big O, it’s -10 degrees outside yet my home is warm, water is hot, lights are on and electronic devices are obviously working, all thanks to the evil empire you hate. I just paid my CMP bill, a whopping $66.41!!! I in no way feel cheated. I’m sure you’re much smarter than me but I can’t figure out any other way to be this comfortable for $2/day.
    As far as the $17M increase spread over all their customers goes it seems to be a fair cost of services increase. (Yes, even the boogie man is seeing prices go up.) The $10M fine for a handful of mistakes is a harsh and maybe deserved punishment, certainly not a win.