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Letter to the Editor: CMP, New England Connect Transmission Corridor or ‘Forest of the Enchanted’

You the residents of Maine, will have that decision November 2020. A total of 66,000 residents cared enough to sign a petition to have it placed on the ballot. For the price of a cup of coffee per month on your electric bill this forest will remain untouched.

This forest is 1,164,023 acres with only one paved road as access. The Old Canada Road National Scenic Highway is the only continuous paved road. This is quite remarkable and distinguishes Maine as not just a coastal tourist state but as the only state east of the Mississippi that is wilderness as well. The Transmission Corridor will cut right down the middle of this forest with steel poles towering up to 120 feet high over the landscape. The corridor will cross scenic mountainous terrain, damage our native brook trout fisheries and be visible for miles. Maine will no longer be distinguished by this large forest that is bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

The old timers called this “The Forest of the Enchanted” because there are places where streams disappear only to pop up miles away. In the summer time you can explore some of these caves on Enchanted Stream. Be mindfully aware that the old woodsman also said that they would hear voices in these caves where no human existed. Personally, I prefer the name “Forest of the Enchanted”. You decide in November.

Ed Buzzell
President, Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway
Moxie Gore

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  1. Ed,,
    The pro (screw Maine) crowd is gonna be true to form by calling you a Nimby Liar.
    I'm with you man.
    Been called worse and deserved it.
    I'm tired of their "agenda" against us.
    They can "move on" to any place that supports their "agenda".
    Maine ain't it. Bye Now.

  2. Remain untouched? Are you touched in the head, people have been cutting in there since the 1800s, there are two roads, 201 and 27, not to mention the miles of logging roads crisscrossing the patchwork of more than 8000 acres that have been cut in that region in the past year or so...I can't even fathom what it must be like to spend every day living in a bubble filled with ignorance, completely oblivious to the world beyond your own front yard.

  3. Those old woodsmen are awful smart people....

    See you at the polls in November.

  4. Hrtlss,

    Ed’s a nice guy. He knows what he’s talking about too.
    Heck, he’d most likely invite you up to catch a view of Coburn Mountain from his own front yard.

    Until then though, maybe you should get a hobby, read a book, move on and except the inevitable. The Corridor will be defeated. Even CMP/AVANGRID/Iberdola can see it coming.

  5. So your ‘enchanted forest’ is 1,164,023 acres. 500,000 acres of forest are harvested in Maine each year (per, much of it in this ‘enchanted’ area. The area of new line to be cleared for NECEC is 1800 acres (per WGME news). This is, as I’ve said before, is a minor scratch to your sacred forest (most of which is actually cutover crap land).
    Look on the bright side; when you manly Grizzly Adams hunters get lost in over one million acres of forest no matter where you are, according to your screeching, you will happen upon this power line within minutes thus saving your life...and you’ll be able to see your house as well!

  6. CP,
    As I type this I am looking at " The Enchanted Forest". Sitting in an old chair that is an old friend. The good news is that currently there is no BS NECEC. Some Mainah's WILL be impacted by the Spanish Flu that is NECEC. If built, this Mainah, as will others, will be impacted financially. If you were in the same situation, would you have a different view? Guaranteed you would! BE HONEST! How much would you and your family be willing to "accept" in "your personal financial situation" to support the folks in SPAIN!!!!???? BE HONEST! How much are you personally willing to accept? Again, BE HONEST! $25. $100. $500. $1000. $5000. $10,000. $20,000. $30,000. $40,000. $50,000. $60,000. $70,000. $80,000. Please tell the truth and what you personally are OK with? AGAIN, BBEE HHOONNEESST.. Let us all know a number you are OK with to make sure Iberdrola is OK. Please don't share a global view. Please share YOUR personal gift to Galen. Again, BE HONEST. How much are you giving up? Dollar number please.