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Letter to the Editor: CMP tactics getting more sleazy

After spending close to 10 million on disingenuous advertising over the last few months, CMP/Avangrid/Hydro Quebec just signed up for another 5 million in television propaganda.

Now, for the second time in a month, their team of high priced lawyers are suing the State of Maine to try and keep the people from an opportunity to vote on a project we stood out in the cold to legally gather signatures for.

This after CMP spokesman Thorn Dickenson repeatedly stated last year that the people of Maine deserve to have their say in this.

So let me summarize: 2 foreign companies are suing the state and spending millions to keep the people from an opportunity to vote on a project many of us feel changes the nature of this state indefinitely.

Meanwhile our grassroots initiative marches on, with 5 dollar Fridays and town hall style meetings and messaging.

Join us out here:
Check out the spending details here:

Darryl Wood
New Sharon

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  1. I have a question.

    Does anyone know who’s paying the tab to defend our state’s constitutional voting rights against these foreign corporations?

  2. Whom do you think is, Terry? When somebody sues the state, it is all part of the job of the attorney general's office to field those cases for the state.

    Again with the outside money stuff in a local election...Hello...McFly....Maine's marijuana referendum campaign...largely funded by a PAC in DC who is funded by people from all over the globe, so maybe we should repeal the law because it was influenced by out of state money, how about we repeal same sex marriage, there is another out of state funded referendum campaign...

    "So let me summarize: 2 foreign companies are suing the state and spending millions to keep the people from an opportunity to vote on a project many of us feel changes the nature of this state indefinitely."

    Hey, guess what, the NECEC is not on your land, is not being paid for with your money, is not being built by your hands and will not change your life even a little, so you don't get to have a say in it at all, and the state gave the permit back, because that is the job of the state, to grant permits so people can build things, IT'S NOT THE JOB OF THE PEOPLE, so get over it, move on, find a new hobby, read a book...

  3. HB,,
    "SOMEONE",,,, is getting cranky.
    Which makes me smile.

    CMP is a bad company for Mainers.
    Saw yet "ANOTHER" article about the woman in Shapleigh who can't get answers about why her bill is so high. So she is joining the class action law suit against CMP
    Saw a fleet of CMP trucks out working yesterday.
    All brand new and shiny. Very Nice.
    Big bucks everywhere.
    How does a company that is RATED DEAD LAST IN THE NATION FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE THRIVE like this?
    CMP retirees better spend your Pensions before they are stolen from you.
    Thats the kind of company CMP is.
    Spending millions lying to us while suking at customer service.
    The kind of company HB likes.
    The kind of company that can just move on.


  4. I'm not sure why I bother to engage you hrtlss, but CMP signed into an illegal lease over public land and legislation is pending to rectify that. So CMP actually is trying to run their corridor over my land.

  5. HB, just a quick question. If it's cmp's land then why do they even need a permit from ACOE, MDEP and PUC? If I cut the grass on my lawn I don't need a permit for that. So, wtf is up with these damn permits anyway, it's their land, right? We ask one measly question, like how about Maine voters get to decide what happens rather than a half dozen gov't people and you come apart at the seams.

  6. HB, what are you afraid of? Sounds like you have something big to lose without this proposed corridor. We all know the green energy narrative is a crock. Why so defensive, is your lifestyle in jeopardy if this
    project cannot force it's way through Maine citizen's public reserved lands?

  7. HB you're right it isn't out property and it isn't CMP's land either. It was taken by eminent domain. So if you don't have a problem taking property by eminent domain for a for profit business venture then I guess you have no problem with a business taking your land so they can proceed with a for profit business to line their pockets. Oh by the way you wouldn't have any day.

  8. This is the kind of stuff our Governor is made of. Just saying. I say let them sue us. We are going to be broke anyway. WWPL do, (Paul LePage)

  9. Hrtlss,

    So the state of Maine is paying the attorney general to well, defend the constitutional right of Mainers to have a vote on the Corridor. We tax payers are footing the bill to stop two foreign corporations and CMP from stopping a people’s vote.
    Good thing the Attorney General is paid a salary, and not paid by the hour.

  10. Ozerki, You don't need a permit to cut your lawn, but you do need one to put in a septic system, build a house, garage, or shed over a certain size, if you plan to clearcut 7 acres or more of land. Now for the permitting agencies, the area where the new section will run is unorganized territory, the state issues ALL permits for unorganized territories, kind of like if you lived in an organized town and needed a building permit, you would submit your plans to that town's planning board who would then review them and may or may not request an onsite inspection of the land and ask you a bunch of questions before issuing you a building permit. Now for the federal's role, all utilities gas, power, water or petroleum are regulated by the federal government, so to make sure everything is copacetic, a federal permit from the people whose job is building things the Army Corps of Engineers is required to ensure that utility companies are playing by the rules.

  11. HB
    Thanks for providing the laugh of the week. (Again).

    These Government agencies you mentioned that are "supposed" to be ensuring the utility companies are "playing by the rules",,, HAHAHA,
    There's more payoffs and corruption going on in these back room dealers than there are black flies right now!!

    This is why,,, THE "MAINE PEOPLE" WILL VOTE.

    Our Government is FAILING US because that's what big dirty money can do. (Nothing wrong with lots of money but there is plenty wrong with this backhanded corridor scam)


    Just love Maine people.