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Letter to the Editor: CMP’s corridor isn’t going away

CMP's corridor isn't going away, so I'm asking people to help me out in stopping it. Maine DEP is about to approve the corridor, which we all know is bad for Maine's environment. Please join me in writing to Maine DEP today about why you believe CMP's corridor would be bad for Maine's environment.

You can e-mail your comment to Maine DEP:

Or you can write via snail mail to Maine DEP no later than March 27th.
Jim Beyer
Maine DEP
State House Station #17
Augusta, ME. 04333

Make sure your comments are polite and focused on why DEP approving CMP's corridor would be bad for Maine's environment!

Carol Howard
New Gloucester

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  1. Thank you for the information Carol. I just emailed DEP my comments in support of NECEC.

  2. Sent OK to DEP for NECEC

  3. Anyone that voted for mills or the other seat warmers in disgusts, you got what you deserve.

  4. Thank You, Carol H. for you timely and important letter. I oppose the CMP Corridor. I urge hiking & fishing enthusiasts, wildlife animal & bird admirers, boaters, and those that appreciate the beauty, peace & tranquility of the Maine North Western forestland and mountains to please read the following, it is repeated from a 3/13/2020 article written by, Fred Bever, Maine Public File:

    "Maine DEP Releases Draft Permit for CMP Powerline": The draft places significant new & potentially costly requirements on the project. Those include a significant narrowing of the Corridor in the 54 mile stretch that would cut through the forests of Western Maine. Instead of the 150 foot wide line proposed by CMP, the draft permit would limit it to 54 feet width in order to minimize visual and habitat disruptions.

    The draft would also require CMP to set aside 40,000 acres for permanent conservation in Western Maine-uses could include sustainable forestry. Some conservation groups had rallied for a set aside to compensate for the outsized habitat effects that can occur WHEN A FOREST IS BISECTED. Other requirements in the DEP Draft Permit decision include; require that a tree canopy at least 35 feet tall be maintained across the Corridor and a $1.8 million CMP program to; INSTALL CULVERTS TO ASSIST INLAND FISH PASSAGE!

    My personal point is, if the DEP felt the need to require the above stated restrictions, is that not very indicative that the CMP Corridor will indeed cause environmental damage, perhaps permanently, to the wildlife, forests and mountains of Western Maine.

  5. Thanks for info; I just emailed them giving my support for NECEC.

  6. If the proposed CMP HydroQuebec corridor was intended to provide clean energy to Massachusetts, BUT THERE IS NO VERIFIABLE REDUCTION in greenhouse gas pollution, what is the point in irreparably damaging the largest contiguous forest east of the Mississippi? Its world class trout streams and diverse ecosystem is appreciated by Mainers and visitors who support Western Maine's economy. This forest is a stop for many North American songbirds whose populations have been in significant decline. This would all be damaged, only to allow foreign corporations (Iberdrola and HydroQuebec) to reap enormous profits. What do we want to leave for our children?

    Over 100 years ago Theodore Roosevelt wisely said. "Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders . . .
    Do not let selfish men and greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance."

    Thank you, Carol. My letter in opposition to this needless CMP corridor has been sent. I urge others to do the same.

  7. Capt, after reading your comment I also contacted them "in opposition" of the corridor "canceling yours" completely out.
    Thanks for your info.

  8. Jean, world class trout streams? Apparently you don’t fish. The birds will enjoy the berries that grow in any cutover area. You folks are grasping at straws....

  9. Doesn't CMP own the land?? What happened to landowner rights?

  10. No Sam CMP does not own the land not all of it. They made a shady backroom deal to secure a lease on some of Maine’s land and have been caught once again lying about the real situation.
    Captain you obviously don’t get far enough away from your car when you’re fishing. You can catch trout you just have to be willing to walk further than the last person to fish the area.

  11. So it's all leased then? It's hard to find information regarding ownership of the land. I'd say it's at the heart of the issue.

  12. The only fair thing to do would be for the DEP to hold off on issuing a final permit for the NECEC until public comment can safely be heard.

    As of now, the Governor herself has urged social distancing. People are to meet in groups of ten or less and the distancing recommended is 6-10 feet apart. Not very conduit to a public comment session that will take place on the DEP’s finial permitting process.

    The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc across our state and the rules have changed in our everyday lives. The DEP and CMP should honor all Maine citizens and cancel the final permitting process until we can gather together once more.

  13. ''Shady Backroom Deal'

    If you mean a negotiated agreement between two private parties, the terms of which are none of your business nor should anyone care, then yes, it was a 'shady backroom deal'.

    The hysteria coming from the anti everything crowd never ceases to amaze me.

  14. Sam some of the land belongs to CMP through easements and ownership. The land that is not there’s that was secured through a back room deal is Maine Public Land. So Ftown bryan why don’t you go educate yourself on this topic before running your mouth about what other people do know and has been reported on. The lease between CMP and the state of Maine was not upfront and far from honest feel free to look it up just one article was covered on here. That is why it has been brought up recently in Augusta and I believe is under review wether or not it will be honored.

  15. FTowner,
    Your point is completely incorrect.
    Nothing "private" about the involved parties at all when politicians, lobbyists and government money is in the mix.

    This is a text book example of a Back Room Deal.

    If you think it's none of our business,, just keep watching.
    NO Stinkin' Corridor!

  16. Awww, I can’t give any credibility to someone who doesn’t understand how to use the words there, their, and they’re.
    Private, a captain’s comment carries more weight haha!

  17. Capt,
    Yes Sir. You outrank me and I respect your rank.haha.
    Just like I reject Gov Mills "rank".
    But you are absolutely powerless and useless without "the troops".
    There is a training exercise coming in November to teach that lesson to the "leaders" who need reminding.
    You can sit right next to Janet!! (Now, that just made me laugh)..

    NO.....STINKIN'....CORRIDOR !!!

  18. Captain it’s a good thing your opinion matters as much to me as what my dog left on the lawn this morning haha

  19. Awww, I’ll see if I can get Gov Mills to clean that up for you while you study for the next quiz (to,too,two).
    Was going to send the private but I like him. He has potential, just needs some grooming.

  20. Do you remember the "what just happened" look on the faces of national media outlets when Trump won? This is the look Janet and her friends at CMP will have this November.

    Vote out any politician that supported this debacle.

    Note that this neither a for or against Trump comment.

    Thank you Carol Howard.

  21. Good Morning Captain, thanks for the grammar lessons. The only thing from letting us learn something new each day is ignorance. With that said maybe you should go research and learn how HQ mega damns have been affecting our states fishing industries. I await your next grammar nazi session on what ai screwed up this time 😂

  22. Awww I did my research, turns out HQ mega dams (not damns) have absolutely no effect on the ‘world class’ trout stream in Skinner Twp. Don’t give up, English is a tough language...

  23. CP, Skinner Township, Not yet but it is one of the concerns with NECEC. I personally don't believe for a second that CMP will not use Garlon Ultra 4 (same as Roundup) to keep vegetation down. I also don't believe for one second that the DEP will monitor that they do not. Gulf of Maine, There is evidence that HQ's dams are part of the warming waters of the Gulf of Maine. We have been told for quite some time that the Gulf of Maine is warming faster than every other ocean on the planet. This has been widely reported. Being the curious type I always asked, why are we so lucky? Read up on diatoms and the food chain and how this can impact coastal fisheries.

    Do some research and let us all know what you believe to be the cause of the accelerated warming of our coastal waters.

    Be safe.

  24. Captain reading comprehension is tough too I guess. I didn’t say anything about brook fishing or brook trout. I said fishing industry ie. Shrimp, lobster and such as we’ve seen their seasons shortened or shut completely since the fine silt that feeds these creatures come from the winter snow melts and rain runoff. Which are now trapped by the dams <-(got it) said water also helps keep the water cooler that keeps them close and they don’t migrate into deeper waters.

  25. Awww, I’m so sorry. I mixed you up with another bleeding heart commenter concerning fish. I’ve been self medicating since my quarantine. Old war injury don’t ya know...
    Now the fishing industry has covid-19 to blame for its woes so a dam in Canada will soon be forgotten.