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Letter to the Editor: Collins has no time for town halls, only fundraisers

Representative Jared Golden held a healthcare town hall at Franklin Memorial Hospital two weeks ago. I went because the event was free and open to the public. People across the political spectrum attended and asked various questions. Golden was forthright and answered everyone. He also assured folks that he does not support the cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid proposed by Trump’s budget.

Senator Susan Collins has never held a town hall, she refuses, despite numerous requests from interested voters in the past two years. But on Saturday Collins finally came to Farmington—to raise funds for the GOP. You had to pay to get in, and the event was a reception rather than a setting for her to address questions from all constituents. If I had an extra $10 for the admission fee, I’d have asked Collins why she and her party are dedicated to making sure people don’t have health care (as she voted to repeal, delay, and defund healthcare law over 20 times without ensuring an alternative.) Why she thinks it’s okay for the GOP administration to propose gutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

I’d have asked Collins why she thinks it’s acceptable for the administration to divert money earmarked for drug interdiction and upgrades to our shipyard (resources that support Maine installations and workers) to build an ineffective, costly wall. Why she isn’t acting to stop tearing apart migrant families seeking asylum at the border and traumatizing children. Why she defends a president who loves dictators and trashes our allies, threatening our safety and security. And why her voting record on the environment dropped from an average of 61% pro-environment to only 21 percent in 2018, according to the League of Conservation Voters.

Maybe Collins will learn a lesson from Golden, and if she comes back to Farmington it will be to meet with all constituents and answer our questions; not only find time for fundraisers. Maybe she knows her responses would be indefensible, her actions harmful to Mainers, and Collins doesn’t want to have to answer for that.

Gwen Doak

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  1. If you have so many questions you can call or go to one of her offices. You may want to get new news sources also the asylum seekers could use a legal port of entry and not break the LAW !!!!!

  2. Was the author one of the Democrat protesters at the event honoring President Lincoln? What were they protesting..... Loncoln's Abolition Act?

  3. You should call her or write. She will respond. The problem is, when a republican tries to hold a public forum, the far left nut jobs protest and try to stop the civil discourse that was intended. They turn it into a futile waste of time for any serious participant. When the democrats hold a public forum the conservatives ask logical questions and engage in a discussion of ideas not emotions.
    I have asked her why she doesn't support the presidents legal and constitutional decision to use funds available to him to stop the illegal disregard for our nations borders. She responded in a timely manner. She disagreed with me but was willing to listen, as was I.
    I also wonder why these parents are traumatizing their children. Why would any loving parent drag their child on a 1000 mile journey knowing that it was going to end with a criminal act? Luckily we are not like all the other countries and we give them food, shelter and medical care. Once they are deported for breaking the law, at least they will know we did what we could. Maybe next time they will think it through a little more and come to a legal port of entry.

  4. Good questions! And good luck getting any answers, since her staff will be disparaging or just tell you they can't answer for her. Her response emails barely tell you anything, either. Senator King's do, so it's clearly possible. And he regularly sends out emails with questionnaires with open-ended questions, as well. Recently I even got an email from him about an issue I'd written him about, in which he just wanted to tell me about a new development (a recent vote) on that issue I'd written to him about a while ago. So his office apparently even keeps records of who's written about which issues. Very impressive. Jared Golden's office has impressed me, too, so far. Collins is the worst of the three in terms of responding to and communicating with constituents.

  5. Susan Collins has become a total joke. Her abandonment of women and working class Mainers will be repaid by the voters in the next election.

  6. Don't worry folks..... Do nothing, say northing Rep. Pingready is preparing to be upgraded.. She will give y'all that warm, fuzzy feeling... and make ya feel good..

  7. Gwen Doak, President Bill Clinton signed the separation bill into law in 1995, Obama expanded it in 2014 and had over 2 million deportations over his 8 years in office. Trump hasn't expanded it, he actually reduced it, under Obama they could be detained up to 4 months, under Trump it's 6 weeks. In the last two years of his Presidency Obama adopted an catch and release program where people were apprehended given a court date and released, this proved to be an epic fail, as people tended not to return for their court dates. So Trump ended the catch and release program, and since Mexico just let people walk on through, it as caused a huge backlog of people in border detention centers, but maybe with the new Mexican President working to curb entry at Mexico's southern border, we can get our own immigration problems under control. And Trump's wall is cheaper than the stupid chain link fencing that Obama asked for 35 billion to build that amounted to next to nothing and has proved to be ineffective. And by the way the Obama administration got caught running guns to the cartels when a border patrol agent was killed with one of the guns and more turned up in a truck, on their way BACK in to the US.

    Collins is very approachable, but she is also a busy person. But thanks to the left protesting her house in Bangor and office in Augusta, she has become a little more tempered towards the public engagements. And who can blame her.