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Letter to the Editor: Congressman Golden has earned support

Since going to Washington to represent Maine CD2, Congressman Jared Golden has shown himself to be an “old school” Maine Representative who cares more about serving his constituents than participating in the current hyper-partisan congressional food fight.

He has held multiple town hall meetings throughout the district, listening to constituent concerns. He has co-sponsored legislation to reduce prescription drug prices in spite of extreme pressure from the pharmaceutical industry. He has successfully pressured the Army Corps of Engineers to release documents related to the CMP power line project and to hold a public hearing in December. He joined, with the rest of the Maine delegation, to try to develop regulations which would protect the right whale without crippling the lobster fishing industry. He authored and passed a bill to improve support for small businesses.

Congressman Golden has earned our respect and admiration for his energy and his devotion to bettering the life of his constituents and deserves our support next November in what will certainly be a hard-fought re-election campaign.

Jay Naliboff MD

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  1. Mr Golden won fair and square based on the rules in place at the time. I have no problem with that as it could swing the other way next time.
    I have no issue with Mr Golden based on who he was before he won and I have no issue with anything he has done since.

    I did not vote for him and I will not vote for him next time , because I cannot in any way support a party who supports the lunatic fringe.
    The Hate Squad / the Clinton's are at the head of that list.

    There are many good people in the Democratic Party in my opinion. But that party has gone completely off the rails by supporting such destructive forces as the Squad and Clinton's. And we all know Joe Biden is just so guilty as Trump in all things....

    Mr Golden (and ALL other serious reformers) need to leave these corrupt parties.

    I'm not a republican and I am glad Poliquin is gone,,
    But the Dems are so far gone left,,, I won't vote for a single one of them until they stop promoting hate.

    May God Shed His Grace On Us.

  2. I thank Dr. Naliboff for his comments regarding Congressman Jared Golden. Obviously Mr. Golden shares many of Dr. Naliboff's political views.
    I argue that although Mr. Golden is a nice person, his liberal views and support of the National Democrat Party agenda doesn't represent the views of Maine's working people. Maine people are simply not as liberal, as anti gun, as pro-welfare or as anti-small business as today's National Democrat Party. The fact is Jarrod Golden voted the Democrat Party line as a member of Congress. No honest person would label him a political moderate or someone who crossed the party line. We shouldn't be surprised. Golden's record here in Maine as a member of the Maine House of Representatives was extremely liberal and that he voted Democrat...PERIOD. I don't write these comments to condemn him or to be critical of him, he can obviously vote as he believes. Many of us just don't agree with him and are extremely concerned about the direction of our country and where politicians like Jared Golden would vote to take our nation. I write because his actual voting record is important, not what he says, not what people write, and not what some special interest group says about him. Mr. Golden could have proven himself to be a political moderate, but failed to do so. Other than his opposition to gun control his record as an elected politician has been consistent and contrary to his political messaging. Jared Golden votes like he represents New York or California, he doesn't deserve another term in Washington. Researching Jared Golden's recorded votes in Augusta and Washington will frighten anyone who supports our free-enterprise system, and believes as I do that government spending and government regulation is out of control.

  3. Mr. Webster, your comment seems like partisan politics as usual. Could you elaborate on your claims rather than playing politician as usual. To make opened statements meant to excite your readers assumptions about libs and dems is exactly what we don't need in a politician right now. It seems like you took the middle paragraph here and tried to contradict everything said with your directed opinion but provide no real examples or substance to your claims. Current discord Politics 101.

    Re-read Dr. Naliboffs statement, "He has held multiple town hall meetings throughout the district, listening to constituent concerns. He has co-sponsored legislation to reduce prescription drug prices in spite of extreme pressure from the pharmaceutical industry. He has successfully pressured the Army Corps of Engineers to release documents related to the CMP power line project and to hold a public hearing in December. He joined, with the rest of the Maine delegation, to try to develop regulations which would protect the right whale without crippling the lobster fishing industry. He authored and passed a bill to improve support for small businesses."

    Certain well financed groups have done a great job at turning the word "Lib" into a trigger word to the point that it's all that is needed to prove a false point. Now, if look closer to home at the record of County spending we can see another thing. See, partisan slogans are dead ends full of holes in every party label and narrative. Do we really want to lead the people or control them?

    This being Golden's first term I think he has held his ground and his campaign views by voting based on being informed about the issues before making major party based decisions. If we continue to treat out current political tropes like divided sports fans than no-one will win. Our country is currently being brought down by such divides and discord. If we continue to fan the flames here in FC then we are truly all losers. The worst part is that other powerful nations are laughing at us and are ready to clean up. Call it what you will but divide and concur is the oldest trick in the book. Together we stand or divided we fall.

    Mr. Webster. I know that you have a long public record in opposition of anything "lib" and have contributed to the GOP narratives of what "Dems" are like, so, I don't expect much substance to your response but maybe you could elaborate your claims.

    The following. How does Golden (in your words) "doesn't represent the views of Maine's working people"?
    I'm a working Mainer and have been for over 30 years. Please tell ME my views? Never seen you out in public talking or listening to all of your constituents as FCC. The latter is very important.

    What specific parts of " Golden's record here in Maine" do you disagree with?
    I'm curious.

    What does this even mean, "votes like he represents New York or California," ?
    Followed by a "fear" statement. This seems like that strategic propaganda tool of leaving your audience scared so they run to you for protection.

    And please provide specific examples of your fears in relation to, "believes as I do that government spending and government regulation is out of control."? . . . Who is in currently charge of Gov spending and our out of control 1T dollar dept?

    Maybe we shouldn't be paying for a wall that people can climb over in less that 30 sec? Seems like out of control gov spending to me.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide concrete answers avoiding your partisan politics.

    One last question while we have you here. Has the FC budget increased or decreases since your appointment as our Commissioner?

    Thank you.
    Concerned FC: Constituent.

  4. Well said, Say What. Charlie writes as if he is auditioning for a spot on Fox. Nothing that Charlie has written comes close to resembling where Golden stands, has said or done. The Marine veteran has never shown any inclination toward being anti - gun save for the sensible call for background checks. He is centrist enough to have displeased many of the vehemently progressive democrats. His views and votes have shown him to be squarely in line with the mainstream second district residents. Way more sensible than the guy raffling off an AR-15 assault rifle.

  5. Jared Golden's Legislative record and Congressional record is public and available.
    Golden served as the Democrat Assistant Legislative Leader in the Maine House.
    Without question he was among the most partisan and liberal members of the State Legislature.
    For those who want an example of Mr.Golden's partisan views, take a look at the female mutilation law that, as the Democrat Leader, he was able to defeat.
    Republicans and Democrats in the Maine Senate supported passage of a new Maine law which would make the "custom of female mutilation", of young girls illegal. Perhaps for those who see Mr. Golden as a moderate they need to take a look at this proposed law that he "whipped " his fellow Democrats to oppose on a party line vote. Even the most liberal Democrats in the Maine Senate voted for passage of this simple proposal which would make such practice illegal. Mr. Golden, I assume, was concerned about offending a handful of voters in the Lewiston area, who might favor this "custom'. One of many times when Mr. Golden voted Party line, something he continues to do now as the Congressman from rural Maine. Do the research, you'll understand why this former elected Democrat is offended with Mr. Golden's extreme views and record. Oh ya, great to see him hold a few "town hall events".

  6. Well said Dr. Naliboff and Say What. I agree completely with what you have written. And it is good to have someone who is a centrist looking out for his constituents.

  7. Golden's opposition to the prevention of allowing African tribal rituals to be performed here in MAINE certainly was an eye-opener. Mutilation of young women certainly is not "SOMETHING OF VALUE"in Maine or America! He slowly but surely has adhered to Pelosi and her antics while serving a district of people who voted heavily for Trump in the 2016 election.Yes, he has done a few popular and positive things for Mainers, but not enough.

  8. @Bob Millay...Well said

  9. Lowering drug prices is a good thing. Although the problem actually lies in the insurance companies, to fix this problem the government would have to foot the bill of the Dr.s and everyone else in the hospitals and so on. The problem there is well look at the VA. As for Golden he is a partisan hack no less like Mr. Millay stated he forgets who his constituents sent to the WH. The only reason he is there is because of RCV. Being a part of a partisan sham will not be forgotten. It’s time the democrats get to work and stop wasting money the way they have been the past three years. Pass the USMCA and shut down the deep state trolls like Schiff and the other lifers down there. If Golden really wants to gain support and wants to do as his constituents desire he could get on board with the convention of states and help pass term limits but that’s probably not going to happen with just another political hack.

  10. An objective analysis of the competing FGM bills in the 128th Maine Legislature, neither of which passed. FGM is a deplorable practice and is a federal crime.

  11. Golden doesn't represent his constituents in 2nd District. Vote him out in 2020, for someone who DOES!

  12. Let me repeat. Jared Golden was the Democrat Assistant Floor Leader in Augusta. He personally opposed enactment of a law ( any law- because as a member of Legislative Leadership he could have introduced an amendment at any time to reach a “ compromise”) that would have banned the practice of female mutilation. Mr Golden chose to oppose the law, in my opinion, because of votes and partisan politics. My point for writing any of these comments on the Bulldog is that, Jared Golden’s campaign and supporters want Mainer’s to believe he is a centrist moderate voice in Washington. The facts prove otherwise.

  13. The bill in question was a typical GoP ploy crafted by people like C. Webster. Female Mutilation is, and was, illegal in Maine. The bill had so much junk attached to it no one in their right mind could support. The Websters and Garrett Masopns and Eric Brameys put the bill on the floor just so they could say "look, so and so lib Dem socialist supports female Mutilation." They went after a candidate in Rockland with a disgusting mailer, but voters saw thru it.
    This whole thing is a typical GOP lie.

  14. Using "Democrat" where "Democratic" is the correct usage is meant to demean the Party.

    No surprises there.

    There were 65 votes in the Maine House against the FGM bill because it was "redundant". Very few of the reps were from the Lewiston area.

  15. Say What ?...and what again....
    How about the Democrat Party providing "Substance" in their wild and treasonist statements toward the President of the United States. Donald Trump is the hardest working President this country has ever seen.
    He does not, and never has, Smoked, Drank or been involved in taking Drugs. The personal attack on him and his family should shame ever American citizen. Secondly Article One Section Eight of the Constitution clearly states the "Only The Congress Shall Have The Power To Coin Money and Regulate The Value Thereof" (That means to control the purchasing power) So who is really to blame for the huge debt ? The Same Congress that Jared Goldman is a part of. If Mr. Goldman was smart, and I believe he is, he should run from the DEMOCRAT PARTY and become what Mainers have always acted like, Republicans.

  16. So there it is, R lawmakers writing a Bill to make what is already illegal, illegal. Sounds like a huge waste of taxpayer money to me just to have some trash to spread. Charlie's web didn't catch any flies. Maybe you could stop feeding people your kool-aid and answer some of my questions since I'm a local hard working FC taxpayer?

    Lying rare eagle person_ Seriously? How did we get here? How many of your Demagogues so called "Best" campaign people are already in jail? Why is his only defense "I didn't do it, you did!". Watch a variety of news becasue watching only one manipulating faux source and opinion based rantings just lead back to the fact that you are being manipulated by the people you trust. p.s. They don't care about you like I do. Good day.

    As for the article: Golden is way better than that other guy ever was. Cheers!

  17. "Using "Democrat" where "Democratic" is the correct usage is meant to demean the Party."

    True. It would be simpler for everyone to just use the more common term for that Party, the American Socialist Party. They do it to obfuscate, like they do in the UK by calling it "Labour Party". At least "Republican" describes what it supports...a republic.

    If you're proud of it, and you think it's great for everyone, don't hide it.

  18. If Mainers think Golden is a centrist it just shows how far left we have gone. I do like his spooky tattoos though, it makes him look tough and cool. I'll vote for him just because of those.

  19. Several people here write in whining about Golden following the party line or being a Democratic / political hack
    OMG How horrible and evil!
    Really, the republicans are no different but we do not see things as a problem when we agree eh?
    That is really the problem,now isn;t it children?
    we like the tactics when we agree but we complain when we disagree with the view points. Good grief.

  20. Correct that the Reps are no different than the Dems.
    Which means BOTH are whacked.
    And so are YOU if you can't at least admit that.
    Good Grief is Right!!

  21. Golden scammed his way into congress with the ranked choice voting scam. The 2nd district isn’t southern Maine. That’s why do nothing Golden will get flushed in Nov. One man, one vote. You don’t get to vote twice if your guy doesn’t cut it. Many a political contest has been won with a small differential. The libs want to change the rules because they kept losing. The snap back is coming folks. Everyone have a safe and great Thanksgiving.

  22. Charles Webster, one of the few people on this thread willing to own their positions, writes:

    "No honest person would label [Congressman Golden] a political moderate or someone who crossed the party line."

    Is he suggesting those of us who consider Congressman Golden a moderate to be deceitful and not to be trusted by the members of our community?

    He further writes:

    "I argue that although Mr. Golden is a nice person, his liberal views and support of the National Democrat Party agenda doesn't represent the views of Maine's working people."

    I work four different jobs to provide for my family and to contribute to our community's needs through both taxes and charitable giving. (In the interest of transparency, I work as a full-time public educator in RSU 9, consult for the US Dept of State, provide professional development for school districts around the country, and adjunct for the University of Maine System.)

    Is Mr Webster suggesting that there are only certain categories of work that qualify someone to be considered a working Mainer? That those of us who belong to the Democratic Party don't really work or might be labeled as "liberal" because of our progressive views about tolerance, acceptance, civility and human dignity, are less important than our counterparts who have different ideologies?

    While I may disagree with Mr. Webster's views on government regulation and government spending, I recognize and respect those positions. I understand them.

    What I find frustrating is to have Mr. Webster assert that Congressman Golden is doing a poor job representing me. I was born and raised in Maine. I've lived and worked in Maine for all but one year of my adult life. I think Congressman Golden is doing an admirable job in a trying set of circumstances and represents this working Mainer just fine.

  23. A thoughtful post Mr Ryder.
    Make America polite again

  24. "FREE STUFF"

    What's Goldens position on FREE COLLEGE FOR ALL?

    Mayor Pete is against it and catching a lot of heat from AOC / SANDERS. Since they are running the Democratic party now,,, I'm wondering if Golden will cave in??

    PLEASE read this comment about "THAT"..
    So if I were President, I would work to eliminate federal student loans. I am a 28 year old who got a free ride through a pell grant but I’m also sensible enough to realize WHY the cost of education is so high. It’s because the federal government is involved and providing a federal student loan to everyone that it has artificially inflated the price of education as a result. That’s the reform that is needed to correct this - we need less government not more. The cost of education will drop significantly with the elimination of ferderal student loans namely because you’ll see a lot less people going to college. But it won’t be unobtainable when the costs go down- it will be a personal doable sacrifices you’ll have to apply for scholarships, grants, work part or full time
    But if you do all these things you’ll find that you’ll be able to make it because the cost is affordable and reasonable. The sacrifice itself will create an environment where only those who are motivated to go to college will make the sacrifice. Not everyone needs to go to college to be successful and that is perfectly fine. If you do AOCs plan you’ll have people going to college who will just go for the heck of it and that’s not what we should want. There would be tremendous waste and it would skyrocket the national debt or would require huge tax increases to pay for such a program"....

    AMEN to that will written comment.



  25. Question To the Dems,
    How are you (WE) going to pay for your FREE STUFF??


    Saying nothing while the Crickets Write Big Checks from OUR Checking Account...

    Do crickets taste like chicken??

  26. Golden will give free stuff to illegals from Mexico who will vote for his party bosses. Meanwhile nothing for old district two except higher taxes.

  27. Cricket: Let's tit for tat and continue the right vs left rhetoric so everything criminal in Washington is justifiable by someone and nothing gets done for us. Good plan.

    What Free stuff? I pay my taxes, paid all my student loans, and pay for health insurance. Please elaborate with real scenarios rather than here-say. Nothing is free except the now funked corporate reformed free tax rides. My taxes have gone up over 1000$ ever since the funked tax hikes, I mean tax reform. Most of my taxes go the military and that budget had massive increases. Every proposal for education and healthcare I've heard has a solid plan, if you listen but even then they are merely ideas that need people to work together to accomplish. Don't worry, the sky is not falling when people propose ideas unless you choose to get info second, third, and far right out of hand. We are the wealthiest Nation in the World and yet so far behind in health, education, and infrastructure which causes us all to lose.