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Letter to the Editor: Corridor referendum proponents gathering signatures at the polls

As a volunteer with the No CMP Corridor referendum effort, I am happy to say that we are off to a great start with the signature gathering effort to finally give Maine voters a say in the permitting process for the controversial CMP corridor. We all know that this project is a bad deal for Maine and that it will permanently alter our way of life in western Maine for the benefit of Massachusetts. While two foreign companies, including CMP, stand to make an absurd amount of money off the line, there will be no benefit for those of us who have to live with this devastating corridor in our backyards.

That's why this election day, as you go to the polls, look for volunteer signature gatherers and sign the petition! We need 80,000 signatures to get this on the ballot, and with our army of motivated volunteers, I know we can make this happen. In Franklin County, there will be signature gatherers in Farmington, Jay, Wilton, New Sharon, Chesterville, Strong, Rangeley, Phillips and Industry. If you are unable to sign at the polls, but you want to sign or get involved, please email

Linda Reynolds-Flagg

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  1. Yeah, I'm noticing the CMP million dollar propaganda machine is getting revved up now..
    Smooth talkers are now talking more,,, (Hired Professional Talkers Big $$$).
    More signs all around,,,
    Ramped up Lying on TV and Radio ,,

    I would say,,, they are very worried.
    As they should be.

    Don't but it folks.
    No CMP Corridor .

  2. Who cares about Maine, the corridor is good for Franklin county and that is ALL that matters. Maybe go peddle your wares down in Hancock county where they are going to fill in a wetland bird sanctuary to make room for a 150ft wide, 33 mile long corridor for a 22 turbine windfarm and 13 400ft weather towers and require a 10 mile, 40ft road. Go harass them for a while. And since when do the citizens get to decide what CMP does with land they own or have secured the rights to? It's not your land, you don't have any say in what happens to it. We have the people's referendum for a reason, and so far people have used it for stupid crap that we don't need, legal weed, nothing but problems, gay marriage, government should stay out of the marriage business altogether, Universal Home care Program, Ranked Choice Voting, Healthcare expansion, to name a few stupid referendums that people have scammed onto the ballot in recent years. The people's referendum isn't there so leftist idiots can abuse it, which they do every single general election. When gay marriage came up for vote Maine voted NO, what did the leftists do, they waited a couple years and moved some more MA leftists into Maine and put the question back on the ballot and it barely passed, weed on the ballot, barely passed.

  3. HrtlssB - must be sad if this is the only way you can feel empowered.


    “In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain.” - Wikipedia (as good a source as any, these days)

  4. I wonder if people are aware that they lose all credibility when all they can do is blame the "leftists" or which ever
    moniker is cool for their political leaning these days.

    Are these people incapable of having a original thought? Sure seems like they just keep regurgitating the same tired lines they heard from someone else and never anything of substance. Keep pointing that finger and yelling get off my lawn, that is sure to fix what ever issue you are blaming someone else for.

  5. This corridor provides no direct benefit to ratepayers in Maine. This is a way for Massachusetts to meet ‘renewable’ power requirements that they voted for. There is currently a direct current line between Hydro Quebec and Massachusetts, please check out Hydro Quebec’s website:

    The little that has been offered to Maine is basically a bribe to our politicians to allow this to happen. CMP, and their parent company Avangrid, as well as Hydro Quebec are going to make a fortune on this corridor, while Maine ratepayers can’t get straight answers about why their electric bills show erroneous electricity usage.

    Let’s tell Massachusetts that if they want renewable electricity they should improve and expand existing electric corridors or generate the power in their own state.

  6. Jon Snow, the same can be said of the no corridor people as well. Facts don't care about your feelings. So far, the no corridor people haven't put forth any facts, that's not my fault. Herbicides, they are the same ones CMP has been using for 20 years. Disturbing the land, funny I don't recall the windfarms and associated corridors in the area getting referendum from the "no corridor people", and when is more money into an impoverished region ever a bad thing? I bet you're the sort of person who would deny thirsty people a well or hungry people a garden if it meant clearing some rainforest in South America or having to disturb the migration route of the endangered water buffalo in Africa.

    Old Stoner, Your moniker suits you well, because you must be stoned if you think I am a troll, I wonder though, do you consider the no corridor people "trolls" as well, or only those people you disagree with?

  7. Whenever someone insinuates that because the stupid, useless, ugly, inefficient, heavily subsidized, AngusKing bastard child, just plain wrong Wind Turbines are being installed without so much fuss than we have no right to oppose this CMP idiotic, corrupt, shoved down our throats, no benefit to us, Janet Mills bastard child Corridor Scam....
    Who says we support the wind turbines either?
    I don't.
    Your little deflection is ridiculous.
    The wind turbine scam was snuck past most of us. Shame on us but guess what,,, NEVER AGAIN!

  8. H B , you are correct on the Homosexual marriage side show. Real Mainers knew it was a travesty and voted it down. During the same time, CA voters, wisely, did the same thing. The homosexual groups in CA , soundly defeated by Mormon money, decided to spend big cash forcing their agenda on a small state where their money could buy an election. Maine was their target on the second go around. They staged out of USM and used the brainwashed citizens from southern Maine to do their bidding. the abomination was complete.

  9. HrtlssB - I never called you a troll or disagreed with you. On some things we agree. My comment was an observation and a speculation on motivation. If you thought the definition I provided might apply to you, I can’t help that. The speculation on my current sobriety was impolite and laughable if you know me, but to be expected.

  10. HB - thanks for NOT including any of your electric car life cycle to your rant (and it's pretty much the same one as usual, so thanks for the consistency). I, along with others, have presented many facts with links to these facts for fact-checking. YOU ignore these facts, do not go to the links, and then claim there are no facts. Not really the enlightened approach I might expect from someone who is so vocal about many different things. I have to commend you on your approach to most issues - that being the 'what aboutism'. Do you really believe that a defense lawyer would say 'well, you say my client is guilty of shooting Mr. Smith? What about Mr. Jones, who shot some guy last week'? Pretty much absolves either or both, right? If the "No Corridor" people are using legal means to oppose the corridor how can you complain? Why don't YOU start a movement to nullify the process outlined in the Maine Statutes? Or would you simply rather complain about it on the Daily Bulldog and feel satisfied that you have done what you could? I have said this before and will say it again. By dividing and singling out 'leftists' and ??? 'righties' (?) you are choosing party over country (or state). Many of us choose to support or work against issues based on FACTS, regardless of the origin of the issue. Try it sometime.