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Letter to the Editor: Dismayed at Governor’s stance

I am dismayed to hear news of Janet Mills’ recent statements and actions, because it sure looks like she is turning her back on the will of the people of Maine who she is supposed to serve. It does seem evident that time and again our elected officials make promises to represent the people and then suddenly, once elected, they end up representing corporate interests instead.

Isn’t it time for us people to ban together to take action in support of our interests, not corporate interests? Or have we become so demoralized into thinking we are powerless. Well I have news for you: we are not, especially in numbers.

I am writing specifically about Janet Mills support for CMP’s corridor project. The New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) is Central Maine Power's proposed 145-mile long corridor of thousands of high-voltage megatowers cut through the western Maine woods. She said she did not support it. Now she is coming out in support of it, siding with big corporate interests against the will of the majority of Mainers. The Natural Resources Council of Maine has come out in opposition of this project. You can find out more at

They (CMP) would want you to think it’s a done deal, that there’s nothing we can do now. They want us to give up. It is not a done deal. And what we need to do now is to flood Governor Mills with e-mails, letters and phone calls and make our voices heard.

This project does not benefit Maine. This energy is intended for those south of us, in Massachusetts and beyond. It ruins our pristine wilderness areas and for what? Maybe a few crumbs. All we get is crumbs. To me it isn’t worth sacrificing our future well being and those of our children who will be hurt. Not to mention the effect on wildlife.

I urge people to please e-mail Governor Mills and oppose this project. Write letters to editors of other news outlets. Make a call to her office and make your voice heard.

There are some things worth more than money. Nature and its beauty is one of them. That’s why I live here and I suspect my fellow Mainers love it here for just that same reason. That’s why we dare to live through these tough winters.

Arin Quintel
Livermore Falls

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  1. I agree. Here is the website page to write to Gov. Mills:

  2. Don't people realize the NECEC has nothing to do with "the people", it is not up for vote. Either it happens or it doesn't, and with leftists running the show now, it's no longer a matter of if, but when. And the second Mills takes money for it ie the $250 million, it will become a for public use matter and she can just use eminent domain, because the state of Maine(the public) has benefited from the NECEC. And to clarify something, The line CMP needs to make isn't 145 miles, it is 45 miles, then it uses pole lines that are ALREADY there to Lewiston. And if you are concerned about supporting corporate interests, then you better quit shopping at Walmart, paying your cell bill, paying your CMP power bill, buying video games for yourself or kids, Using your Microsoft or Apple products. "Don't support corporate interests." is the dumbest excuses ever as to not support something. And the area is not pristine, anybody who says it is pristine, has never, ever been there and couldn't find the place on a map if somebody put a gun to their kids' head.

  3. Spot on Arin we need Lepage or Equal to, back in the big house to represent common sense again.

  4. I'm pretty sure LePage was trying to push this through before he was ousted. This is something that would have passed regardless of who won the Blaine House.

    Although the chances of it passing were greatly increased when the Democrats took Maine by storm, as they have a soft spot for all things with the 'green' label slapped on it.

    And that's why we're going to be getting more beautiful windmills to look at in the years to come.


  5. The proposed CMP Corridor would cut 53 miles of new transmission line corridor, as wide as the New Jersey Turnpike, for new power lines through undeveloped parts of Maine`s spectacular North Woods. The corridor path crosses the Appalachian Trail & the Kennebec Gorge. It will run through 263 wetlands, 115 streams & 12 inland
    waterfowl & wading bird habitat areas. It will also harm Maine`s deer herd by blocking access to deer winter shelter & feeding areas. Think also of preserving our beautiful wild North Woods for our future generations! I have stayed
    at a spectacular isolated Sporting-Hunting Lakeside Camp in the area between The Forks & Jackman for 30+ years, so yes, I am very respectful and familiar with the cherished pristine beauty of the area.
    Please work to oppose the CMP our Maine Governor and your local government representatives.

  6. Ok, its not pristine, but give it 100 years and it would be, if this line goes through there will never, EVER be an option to restore the landscape!

    Hrtlss-what is your agenda? You have been one of the few, if not the only to consistantly speak in favor of the project, well, i guess i shouldnt say that as it is not completely true, more like you have consistently spoken up in favor of being against all of us, that are against the project!

    The Bulldog will never print what I would really like to say to you, and since you hide behind an alias i will never know who you are, its a shame but that is your right. If you are so anti Maine pride, just leave it, nobody would try to stop you, i am almost certain of this! But at least you are consistant and I will give you that.

    For all who do not want this to happen, as the OP stated go to the webpage follow the link and give your input! If we dont speak up for ourselves nobody else will, and of this I am absolutely certain! Dont be lemmings, stand up for yourselves, your children, grandchildren and right on down the line!


  7. Please, people, don't forget Flagstaff, CMP forced everyone to leave their homes, flooded the whole town to put in a dam.. BIG MONEY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT LITTLE PEOPLE!!!!

    The new Governor said.
    She was not talking to Mainers Folks.....

    What a steamy pile that speech was.

  9. Jeremy, I Am a realist. And have some incredible foresight. Here is how this works, give a little to get a little. This is a conservation project, all CMP does is drop some trees that were going to be dropped anyway, as most of them have been already and since Timberland owns all that land anyway and is currently the site of a few logging operations, there is no modification to the land itself such as is required by wind turbines(already there, kills birds) or a solar farm(kills birds too), the pole line acts as its own access road and is open to the public to use that area and the trails that already crisscross the region. The line also provides excellent forage for animals, the herbicides are 100% organic and animal safe. They are not allowed to spray near water, and having the line through there ensures that no other development gets done in that area. Here is the long/lat of where the new line is going to be, feel free to check them out on Google Maps, 45 28'37"N 70 36'41"W then it runs to Rt. 201 just above West Forks, where it meets the existing line.

  10. Hrtless,
    The NECEC has nothing to do with the people? You know Hrtless, you could be right. CMP,with the help of political and paid endorsements could push this through. But at what cost in the long run? Who is going to pay the price? Not CMP that’s for sure. They’ll have their NECEC and their profits.
    Personally, l think that the people, will have everything to do with the NECEC and the process used to obtain it, when certain politicians come up for re-election. And that’s not news. Every politician knows that if you cross the line and go against the will of the people you’re elected to serve, you won’t be put in a place of power so you can do it again.

  11. Thanks Arin … Why do Mainers always have to "give" to those out of the state! They come here to enjoy the beauty of the area … whether the mountains or the coast. Massachusetts has lots of areas where they can put wind towers and/or hydro plants. As previously referred to, Flagstaff Lake was created to provide hydro power years ago and was never actually completed. Instead, years later they destroy the boundary mountain area with multitudes of wind towers, when they could have reactivated the plan for Flagstaff and had a clean energy supply. Mainers need to STAND FIRM on these situations. I am not surprised that Gov. Mills changed her mind as she was "on the fence" about it before she was elected. As with most democrats, she is spending Mainers money as fast as she can and we will be back in the same or worse financial situation we were when Gov. LePage took office. Yes, many didn't like him, but he had Maine and its people at heart and did what he felt was in our best interest. The CMP Corridor Project should be STOPPED!

  12. Please remember this is not a democrat or republican issue. While I feel betrayed by Janet Mills, Paul LePage was very much pro corridor. This is a Maine issue. Are we willing to stand up and buck the system of politics as usual, or are we going to succumb to a bad deal. This is not a done deal, and if enough of us continue the battle we can alter the course of history.

    Initially, selectboards in Wilton, Farmington and many other towns bought CMP's propaganda and supported the corridor. Many have either rescinded support or are bringing it to a vote of the people.

    Wilton votes March 5th, Farmington March 25th. Thank you to those boards for bringing a decision of this magnitude back to the people.

    its on us-if you care about this show up and make your voices count.

  13. I have supported this from the beginning. No one opinion is the voice of Maine. Janet represents me just fine. Maybe sometimes we disagree, but I doubt that she will ever throw a tantrum, a tirade, or a smear my way. If I disagree with her very often, I won't vote for her next time, unless a person of way less character comes back and tries to grab the reins again.

  14. Terry, If what you say is true, NOBODY in congress, senate, presidency, governorship, or any elected office would ever be elected to a second term or more, because none of them keep up to the "will of the people"(whatever that is) because there is no such thing as the "will of the people" because we are not a unified people, we never have been and we never will be, which is why the votes are all over the place, nobody has ever won an election with 100% of the vote when 2 or more candidates seek an office, which is what a unified people would mean. So this whole "will of the people" nonsense is just commie speak. There is only one entity who will decide the outcome of this project, the Land Use Planning Commission. And the public hearing in April is only to discus environmental impact and rectification, anybody who even mentions money or what does Maine get out of it, gets struck from the record and kicked out of the hearing. Like I said, it has nothing to do with the people whatsoever.

  15. Hrtless,

    You're right, let me rephrase that. The MAJORITY of the PEOPLE.
    If the majority of those who vote do not like the actions of a certain candidate they will not vote them into a position of power again and that has everything to do with the people.

    Oh, and the PUC doesn't have the only, and final say on the Corridor. Just so you know...

    Stay tuned, because this isn't a done deal.

    Commie? Please. I'm smiling.

  16. Shams, Gov. LePage wasn't "ousted". He termed out, quite a difference.

  17. I just want to say I took a few minutes out of my schedule and just wrote to Janet Mills .

  18. Arin, I too am dismayed, this one is not passing the smell test.

    PUC comments 97% against the corridor.
    Rep. Seth Berry's poll 96% against the corridor.
    Farmington PUC hearing overwhelmingly in opposition.
    WCSH TV Poll 89% against the corridor
    Virtually everyone that showed up at the Farmington selectmen's meeting (s) against the corridor.
    Virtually everyone I meet is against the corridor.
    What is wrong with this picture?
    Do the politicians think us ignorant? We KNOW CMP does, they proved it on Tuesday.
    Is the money too magnetizing to think rationally and in step with the will of the people?

    Farmington has a grassroots group of people who are fighting this tooth and nail. Many other places and peoples are as well. THIS IS NOT A DONE DEAL, although the other side wants us to give up and roll over.

    The whole process is to exploit Maine, for Massachusetts power for the profit of Hydro Quebec and Spanish Iberdola.

    and the whole premise for the project is green energy. Ask CMP to commit a statement that this project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They won't, because it doesn't. Wheres John Stassell- we have a fleecing in process!

  19. I also wrote the gov and got a canned response basically saying she supports this thing.
    It was lame and written by a staffer.
    She knows there's a poop storm coming...

  20. AMEN RODNEY … and I am convinced he would have been re-elected if he could
    have rune again! :-)

  21. Thomas Knight- did you seriously suggest Obama might run for office in Maine? Or were you talking about Hillary? What we all need to hope for is that Mills and the dems dont sink us so far that the next Gov Lepage cant right the ship again. A politician who says nice things and smiles as she/he lies isn't really a good thing you know. Brutal honesty might hurt feelings but we are all better off because of it. Even the snowflakes with the hurt feelings.

  22. Wendy, how does the power line stop deer from traveling?

  23. Terry, I never said anything about the PUC, I said the Land Use Planning Commission will have final say. And with Mills siding with the people who want the line, is that not also doing the will of "the people"? There can't be a division of the people and still have the term "the will of the people" apply. Or you have to label which group the term "the people" applies to and in so doing, you basically say that Mills should be with you simply because you voted for her.

  24. Hrtlss,
    No Corridor.

  25. Janet Mills was elected by Maine voters to represent Maine interests. Every poll demonstrates overwhelming opposition to this project. What’s the point of electing people to represent you when they fail to do so w/o consequence?

  26. This better not be a done deal. When was this boondogle brought to a vote or even statewide debate ? I'd suggest Janet join Paul in a pool in Florida,then permanently scar our land & wildlife. This outrageous proposed giveaway to wealthy outsiders is a an environmental & financial crime..SCREAM NO, NO, NO

  27. Maybe Mills needs to be impeached. She's not doing her job which is represent the will of the people.

  28. You voted for her. Some of us tried to suggest you not do so. This is only one of MANY 'ideas' the D's have for this state. Most involve financial or civil rights harm.

    In 18 mos, you get the chance to take away the D majorities in Augusta. I hope you do so, or suffer many more things like this. The ones that cause you to lose your homes are going to be the worst.

    By the way, we said "NO" to their carbon they've just re-entered a 25 cent per gallon additional gas tax.

    That shows you exactly how much your lovely Downstate Social Democrat party hears you. You voted to Make Maine Mass. Again.


  29. Having personally witnessed the environmental damage that grid scale wind turbines do, along with the potential damage that they do to our tourism industry, my support for NECEC hinges heavily on a couple of factors. Primarily, and of greatest importance, is the question of whether the NECEC corridor will increase or decrease the development of those industrial wind turbine facilities on our mountains and ridges. Secondly, I would like to question CMP as to their willingness to do as much as is possible to diminish the environmental impacts to the environment, and also decrease the visual impacts of their project on the sensitive, somewhat unspoiled, area that they intend to pass through. There is an informational forum planned at the U of M Farmington campus in April. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn more about NECEC and its impacts to attend those hearings and ask questions.

  30. There are at least two things that are difficult for a politician to successfully deal with and recover from. One is when people are laughing at them. Another is when core groups of people who voted for them become disappointed. At the Farmington meeting about the NECEC I felt a very strong sense of disappointment in thwe audience, particularly among many who thought she would be different from her predecessor. Disappointed because they thought she had stopped listening to the people who elected her. A Govern't be seen as forgetting the people who supported her. She might like to talk with Susan Collins on that one. To compound the feeling of disappointment hat the Governor did not attend the meeting in her hometown or send a representative to explain her change to people back home, unless you perhaps count the very able representative from CMP, which is another disappointment to people who love the Western Maine mountains. To add to that disappointment the Governor was pictured in Portland attending a play at the same time as the meeting. She said it was excellent. I hope she enjoyed it.

  31. I agree, Rodney, couldn't have said it better myself, hope she enjoys being governor, because she will never be re-elected...