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Letter to the Editor: Ending free speech

Al Diamon's proposed "Gardyloo" amendment to end Citizens United and institute "reasonable" government regulation of political speech is an understandable if shortsighted response to $200 million is aromatic political speech in the recent US Senate election. It's somewhat ironic as well, because it was the unconstitutional effort to regulate political speech in the McCain-Feingold Campaign finance "reforms" that Senator Collins supported that led to Citizens United and the foetid avalanche of dark money.

Diamon joins iconic Mainer Tim Sample in opposing Citizens United. Sample cut internet ads for End Citizens United over the summer. As I told Tim, and now Al, how long do you think it will be before the "reasonable" regulators of speech come after you?

As a Maine citizen who has twice had the State Attorney General's office threaten my political speech rights (on the Atlantic salmon listing and climate change policy), I'll not be supporting any efforts to extend "reasonable" censorship rights to the Government. It would be nice if legacy media and Big Tech joined that effort, but I'm not holding my breath.

Jon Reisman

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