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Letter to the Editor: Get big money out of politics

Here in Maine, there is the Clean Elections Fund, or CEF. A candidate who agrees to the terms of the CEF is limited to accepting donations of $5 from individuals in their voting district.

However, there is a loophole. In the initial stages of the campaign, candidates can receive startup money to a maximum of $100 per contribution. The problem? Lobbyists may donate. Accepting donations from lobbyists violates the spirit of the CEF.

Jan Collins is running as a Clean Elections Fund candidate for state Senate District 17 (Franklin County, Belgrade, Fayette, Mt. Vernon and Vienna). She is smart, compassionate, informed and really listens to reason before making decisions.

According to the Maine Ethics Commission website, her opponent has accepted money from the very lobbyists who might come before his legislative committee. Collins pledges not to take money from lobbyists. She is a candidate who truly believes in clean elections.

Phil Poirier

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