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Letter to the Editor: Governor LePage, please leave this to the adults

Fresh back from Florida, "snowbird" former governor "Pandemic" Paul LePage reared his ugly head at a virus transmission - fest staged Saturday 5/16 in Augusta by Luddites protesting now governor Janet Mill's science based efforts to manage the Covid -19 pandemic, which she has effectively done by way of emergency quarantine orders among her timely responses. Maine is safer for these with lower infection rates than other states.

Using the bully pulpit of a car in which he was self described "quarantining" - LePage, with a bullhorn incited civil resistance to Mills and unwisely tried to settle an old score with her, calling her a "tyrant", before going on to attack her for not supporting his 2014 politically motivated efforts to forcibly quarantine a returning Maine nurse who had heroically fought the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Mill's was Maine Attorney General at the time and the nurse was not required by her doctors to quarantine, as unlike Covid, Ebola was not airborne transmittable and could not be spread by asymptomatic carriers. Science has never been Pandemic Paul's forte; Who could forget his 2016 claim that the Zika virus outbreak during his term was spread by asylum seekers infected with the "ziki fly?"

All of this is of course politically motivated by his aspirations to unseat Mills in 2022 and to somehow help the present occupant of the White House stay there come November and it's a dangerous display of hypocrisy and uniquely bad judgement.

Jon St.Laurent

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  1. Hope he runs.

  2. Gotta love the protesters who gather to oppose our governor, who wants to keep us safe. Most of them don’t wear masks or socially distance at these protests. That will convince Mills to open Maine up. Not.

  3. Jon St.Laurent

    Ahh, Portland....nuff said.

  4. "Leave it to the adults", and yet the writer name-calls all through his first run-on sentence. Not very grown up behavior. Do as I do, not as I say?

  5. “Ahh, Portland....nuff said.”

    What is that supposed to mean? Portland is the seat of Cumberland County, which has the most experience with COVID19 in the state. The most cases, the most hospitalizations, the most deaths. Last I knew those from Portland were still Mainers. They deserve our recognition and admiration for their experience and knowledge, not our scorn.

  6. Mom used to say, “The stupidest people are usually the loudest.” Miss you, Mom.

  7. Ah, more wisdom from Portland.
    OK, Next!

    Hey Jon,, funny be so thin skinned buddy.
    Janet from another planet is a big girl who can take care of herself.
    She sure enjoyed playing partisan politics when she was the AG. Harrassing the Gov every chance she got.
    So don't let Paul scare you like this.
    I mean what's to be afraid of??? HAHAHA!!


  8. Is that "Pure?" or Purell, Dear? Either way you best be gettin some....and a mask too, nuff said

  9. It is amazing to have a person in that office that is in over her head and survived all her working years on a government udder... She does not know what it is to work for a living... Time for her to fold up the tent and go home..

  10. What is in the water in Portland?

  11. The dumbocrats usually back their people by first finding fault with the opposition instead of promoting a better way.Most of these pro dumdocrats are from places south of Lewiston.The present governor daily changes the "rules" and doesn't have any way of enforcing said rules.Go to Kittery and watch the out of state plates coming into Maine and ask yourself if these people are going to quarantine themselves 14 days for a 3 day weekend.Doubtful,I am not for or against the quarantine but if you say it's there then you should put in place a way to enforce it.I've more to say but will stop here in hopes to get posted.PS,our governor is not qualified for the job.

  12. I guess Daily Bulldog didn't like my previous comment. I'll tone it down. It is obvious to me and anyone else with any brains, that this is a Republican biased forum. Mills is doing the best she can. Do u really want that loud
    mouthed man back?!!

  13. All those haters of Janet probably would like to see women barefoot and pregnant

  14. Hrtlss Bstrd To answer your question, Fluoride, Lots of fluoride.

  15. I was in Gorhan, NH the other day, no lines or customer limits at Walmart.

    Paul LePage, Our Governor!

  16. A virus that can be killed by soap and water has the state in lockdown? What Science? Time for Mills to go.

  17. Admire Portland, the Lib says.
    What's to admire?
    If the Libs would leave,, there would be the natural beauty of the area to enjoy.
    But it's not worth it with "them" there.
    Besides,, the rest of Maine has more to offer.
    "They" can keep it.

  18. Jon sounds like the typical triggered snowflake. Tell me something Jon how is it the counties with very little or no cases have to be shutdown for almost three months now. If it bothers you so much that LePage is “playing” politics with the ebola nurse in 2014 when Janet sued him. You should be livid to know that our current AG has signed a letter along with 23 other AGs from across the country wanting to put gun control laws into this next “stimulus” package, so that package will surely be held up and it will be on the dumbocrats that claim to be the only side willing to help the poor little sheeple that pay their disgusting salaries. Instead of whining about people exercising their Constitutional rights why don’t you stand up with them and fight back against these dictators trying to harm more people than they will help. Suicide, depression, domestic violence, alcoholism are all climbing through the roof because of what they have done just so you whiny lib sheep can feel “safe” from just one of an almost countless number of viruses that surrounds us every day that has a 99% recovery rate. Stay sleeping lil sheep us adults will take care of you.

  19. LePage 2022 !!! Trump 2020 !!!

  20. Jon, when did covid 19 become transmittable through the air? Last time I knew it was not an airborne virus. This quarantine has gone from flatting the “curve” to how can we control the people of Maine. It is hard for the government to give us our freedom back. I don’t rely on the government to make all my life’s decisions for me. Remember they are supposed to work for us not control us.

  21. The Bulldog’s comments have degenerated to the same old blather by the same small group of blowhards. Not worth time reading anymore. Please, are there any left out there with anything worthwhile to say?

  22. Evan McIntire, you do realize that New Hampshire and Maine have similar population sizes but NH has almost 4x the number of active cases than what Maine has and that they have more deaths as well. Not exactly a response we should copy.

  23. Townie - it's always been an airborne virus. You haven't been paying attention. 100,000 people have died in just two months. In the Vietnam war, 60,000 Americans died in over ten years. 3000 died on 9-11. Maine has done better than most states at stopping the spread, though that may change if people are too selfish to mask properly. If counties have few cases, that's a sign they're doing things right and avoiding the fate that other places are succumbing to. This isn't about politics, it's time to take the science seriously. If we hadn't been social distancing and having stay at home orders, that 100,000 dead could easily have been a million.

  24. Hey, ignorant Townie, you need to stay up to date and educated.
    Coved 19 has been transmittable through the air from the very beginning. Maybe you should be living in the wilderness and not in a town.

  25. i don't want that awful Lepage back. All he cared about was money so he could brag, Has anyone bothered to wonder how he got money to sell stuff off the streets in the first place? Nope. You can't rise from dumpster diver into a governor without connections. Good lord help us if feeble minded people vote for him again

  26. "A recent study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health has found that particles of the coronavirus released by talking can remain in the air for 8 to 14 minutes, a warning sign that airborne transmission may be even more widespread than previously thought."

    “There is a substantial probability that normal speaking causes airborne virus transmission in confined environments,” the research, published in last week’s edition of the peer-reviewed Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, concluded."

    Coronavirus particles spread by talking can remain in the air for up to 14 minutes, NIH researchers find

  27. Jo (is this your real name), Gorham, NH is in Coos County which has a total of 4 cases of the Wuhan Virus. Southern NH is like Southern Maine and you can't control (as in Janet Mills) the whole state like the more populated southern areas.

    Paul LePage Our Governor!

  28. We the people might listen to the “science” if it stopped contradicting itself daily. There 6’ rule was pulled out of nowhere because it is proven aerosols can go 12-14’ and linger in the air upto 15 minutes. Now they expect us to be vaccinated by a computer geek that has ZERO medical training? Nah I will wait and see how sheeple that line up for indoctrination er I mean vaccination fair down the road before my family and I get any under vetted vaccine. Proper vaccine research takes 3-4 yrs not 6 months. Maybe when they stop changing the goal posts we “conspiracy theorists” will start playing their game again but don’t hold your breath you might just pass out from lack of oxygen. Yet another example of the risk of wearing some stupid mask without proper training like the sheeple are doing right now. Read the packaging of the masks and it clearly states they do not protect from viruses it just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling because some “scientists” or “politicians” tell you it does. Stay safe lil sheep.

  29. Aww:

    Maybe doing the barest minimum to avert contagion by wearing a mask in crowds isn't tyranny, but common sense. Your adulation of the coward currently occupying the White House has consequences. 100,000 dead. Trump golfs.He has done nothing but accelerate the spread of this disease by promoting nonsense.
    Happy Memorial Day to President bonespur.

  30. Not to pile on “Townie” for his incorrect assertion that the Coronavirus is not spread in aerosols; other respondents have already done so. His assertion that Janet Mills sued the “LePlague” administration in 2014 regarding the case against Kaci Hickox, whom the former governor still calls the “Ebola nurse”, is wrong however. The complaint brought against her by the administration was meritless, a judge ruled it so, and Janet Mills argued the case for the State, although she agreed with the judge and defendant as to its final disposition. In my letter to the editor I referred to this whole thing as “an old score to settle,” [sic] Pandemic Paul had with Mills.

  31. In my opinion, not wearing a mask in public is disrespectful to those you might infect - you could have the virus and not know it.

    "Masks can be worn to protect the wearer from getting infected or masks can be worn to protect others from being infected by the wearer.

    Protecting the wearer is difficult: It requires medical-grade respirator masks, a proper fit, and careful putting on and taking off. [Think of essential healthcare workers.]

    But masks can also be worn to prevent transmission to others, and this is their most important use for society."

  32. My apologies to "Townie" regarding disinformation in regard to the "Ebola nurse" debacle. "Awww" was the culprit I meant to cite and correct. Regarding Awww's lame argument that suicides and depression and the like are exacerbated by common sense protective protocols including mandatory shelter in place orders to the degree he / she suggests, and to try and tie that together with 2nd amendment issues is similarly ludicrous and suggestive of over indulgence in Fox News viewership.

  33. To all the sheeple whining about folks not wearing masks please read my next few sentences very very carefully. Not everyone can wear a mask some illnesses prevent this. ie asthma COPD and any other breathing issues. They are all protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act aka ADA. This act protects people from being forced to wear a mask and causing any medical problems. It also protects these same people from being refused entry into ANY business or said business can face lawsuits. They do not need to disclose their health issue(s). This is also noted in the dictators mandate (do your own research) and was also noted on local news. So before you sheeple start ridiculing anyone for not having a mask on ask yourself if you would like to be sued by a person with a disability because you are being rude like you have clearly labeled these folks in your comments so far. Stay safe sheeple.

  34. Luke I must not have the proper news channels to get this info of President Trump going golfing. The local channels I get have daily briefings from the White House, which he is front and center on. Maybe I should get cable or dish so I can pay a ridiculous payment each month so I can get news like CNN, MSNBC,FOX or any other propaganda network you are watching. Like I’ve said before you stay safe lil sheep us adults will get everything going again. By the way can anyone answer me this question, how does the states that are reopening already have a “spike” in cases when it takes two weeks incubation period yet they claim people are getting sick after just a few days ? Do the math pay attention to the goal posts and wake up this is being blown out of proportion to scare people. I’m in no aay it doesn’t exist but it isn’t as big a boogy man as they make it out to be with a 99% survival rate.

  35. Hey frump its only because the dumbocrats make themselves such easy targets with their liberal thoughts and unrealistic ideas.Our present governor thinks that if you throw enough of your money and mine into the welfare kitty then things will be great.Former governor Lepage was and is much more qualified to run this state than what we have now.I hope he runs again.If he doesn't run in 2022 then we may be in trouble because I believe anyone can beat aunt janet.

  36. Awww:

    The two week of which you speak is the outlier for symptoms to show. It's a quarantine time. The median time for presentation of symptoms is 4-5 days.Ergo spikes in COVID cases for reopening time. Keep listening to that functional illiterate pass the buck and sell you snakeoil. The only thing he cares about is his wallet and hiding his shady deals.

  37. "Social Security is welfare, pure and simple." Governor Paul LePage 2012

  38. Once again the goal posts have moved. Like I said Luke I don’t get them national news channels like you do I have rabbit ears on my tv. I only get channel 5 out of Bangor. Btw they claimed cases in Franklin County this morning and the radio keeps saying 7 which is it ? Stop watching talking heads on tv get real news from credible sources. They are out there.

  39. Here it is Luke right from Maine CDC website !! Franklin county 12 active cases !!! We better cancel Christmas!! Stay safe lil sheep.

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