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Letter to the Editor: Health insurance vote bad deal for American people

Your Congress just killed the Affordable Care Act, giving a massive tax cut to the mega-wealthy. Of course, millions of people will lose their health coverage, but the Republican policy since Regan has always been that when the rich get wealthier the crumbs off their tables trickle down to the working stiffs. That has really worked for us so far, hasn’t it?

In effect we have gone back to the way it was before the Affordable Care Act, where insurance companies determine who gets health care and who doesn’t, and what you will pay.

But don't worry, the Republican bill has allowed $8 billion to set up a pool to cover preexisting conditions. It is estimated that the actual cost of covering preexisting conditions would be $360 billion; but Congress’s $8 billion smoke and mirrors should make you feel better.

While the cost of your insurance coverage sky rockets and your actual coverage decreases, you can always turn on Fox and Friends and hear how great it is that your vote helped kill ObamaCare.

William Gilliland

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  1. SIR, you are nothing more than a provocateur.

    My and most of the good people I know..well our medical costs skyrocketed under Obamacare.
    Sorry..but it us a fact.

    But you are not concerned about us.

    Your partisan dribble is another liberal joke that most off us can't take seriously.
    Its none of your business but I as not a republican.


  2. William,
    So...what's your solution?

  3. The solution is simple and quite obvious,
    Have a flat tax of 99%. That way schools would get enough money, college could be free, healthcare could be free, food could be free. Everyone could drive whatever they want. No more property tax, no money left.
    Schools would be so good that we could do away with " uneducated Republican's ", no more mega wealthy.
    No more drug addiction, ( it's an education problem ), no more crime, everything is free!!!

  4. Solution: Medicare for all.
    Problem: The GOP controls both Houses and the Executive.
    Solution: Resist until November 2014.

  5. Thats what Bernie wanted to do Billyjoebob but Hiilary got rid of him early !! Yet noone will admit that, they just dont like our new President !!!! They just want to whine about things.

  6. With obama care my insurance premiums have more than doubled and my deductible is now 8000.00 a year before they start paying 80%

  7. Well, Obamacare had problems, but what it replaced was worse. The US is the only advanced nation with medical cost bankruptcies (and some years its over 50% of personal bankruptcies), and the only place where poor have to worry about not affording care for themselves or their children.

    I look at the world where every other advanced industrial country has health care for everyone. Most do it with care that meets or exceeds what we have, often at a much lower cost. Most conservatives outside the US support their country's health care system as a pragmatic way to reduce costs and make sure that in a wealthy country everyone has access to quality health care without risking financial ruin.

    Can we not do that too? Can we not look at what other countries are doing, figure out what might work better here, and treat this like we treat other public goods - like legal protections, education, fire, police, etc.? Sure, the big banks and big insurance companies might have less profit. Yet somehow when everyone else can do it, and do it well and inexpensively, it seems we should have the capacity to do so as well!

  8. Notice how he starts his 'Fake News' with ("your congress"). This statement
    alone sets the stage for his bias against the current congress and administration. What has 'Crying Chuck Schumer' proposed except 'tin hat'
    conspiracy noise. If you are not part of the solution, You are the problem
    Chuck, and all the nuts that create opposition to an administration trying
    to repair the damage of the past eight years.

    To all the administration opposition: THE HORSE DIED...GET OFF

  9. Insurance shouldn't be needed, If the hospitals didn't charge outrageous prices for things. The crying will never end. @Steve I can see what you are saying about other countries and health care. What do Dr.s in these other countries charge for walking in to their office ? The hospitals are what driving the costs up for insurance. They already have cures for cancer, diabetes , and many others by natural means. Big pharmaceutical companies are the problem next to the hospitals. To be continued

  10. Yes,, Obamacare sure does have problems.
    Whether or not it is better than what was before is debatable.
    But I would hope those that have the mentality that is was, better would also be willing to at least consider that where we are now going might be much better than Obamacare......

    It appears (from the likes of this letter) that they won't give it anymore chance than anything else they are collectively (and mindlessly) resisting.... Just because they're not COMPLETELY GETTING THEIR WAY, or someone from the evil side proposed it.
    I guess they don't remember how Obamacare was SHOVED down everyone's throat??
    But we understand you were ok with that kind of behavior...THEN.
    After all, it's the same bunch who stuck with Hillary knowing her dishonest (being kind here) ways.

    You guys look dumber than those you are resisting.

  11. Can we stop playing Red Rover? Stop forming our "D" & "R" chains waiting to decapitate those who step forward to oppose our "side"? This isn't the playground, this is life.

    US Healthcare costs are skyrocketing. Rather than fighting over who should foot the bill, why aren't we looking at ways to reduce costs?

  12. And your solution was?
    Play Hopscotch Instead?

  13. I have to agree with Amanda. So many people are posting about "resistance" and "this administration." That's not the issue - health care has been a concern for a long time. I personally wish the Democrats had signed on to Nixon's proposal back in the early 70s - that would be better than even Obamacare.

    The thing about American politics is it never stops. Just as Republicans started the tea party to resist Obama, now Democrats are resisting Trump, rather effectively. That's normal - if Hillary had won, there would be GOP resistance to her (and Democrats would be the ones saying the election is over). On and on it goes and will go.

    But health care is an issue that everyone should be able to come together on and see that what we have is horrifically expensive, generates massive profits for middle folk, and compares poorly with what else is in the world. We need to think practically, not ideologically, about this. Make comparisons, turn this into an issue about cost and efficiency rather than party or ideology.

    Jesse - one problem the US has compared to most other countries is that our doctors have to pay back very large student loans, thus requiring them to earn a very high income. That alone means we'll probably not be able to match the low cost of many other countries. Hospitals here are often in competition and thus there is an over abundance of expensive equipment that they need to use to make a profit. Other countries often share such equipment. In Germany insurance companies cannot profit, but their system is an insurance-based system (not single payer). There incentives still get insurers to compete, but costs are limited. It's not an easy issue, but to say it's Obamacare or what we had before isn't accurate. I do hope both parties put aside ideology and talk about this practically, looking for creative solutions.

  14. First of all, just like previously commented and to add, this letter to the editor is just another snob piece that is nothing more than another attempt at perpetuating the false narrative and a continuation supporting anything anti-Trump with no genuine opinion or suggests a solution. And, Scott Nixon's plan was wrong then and so is Obama's plan now, which is still what we have today, pending any new bills and changes from the current administration. And that is provided your so-called resistance doesn't keep obstructing. More on that, later. And no, it is not about blind partisanship, its about failed policies and changes in attitudes. the best plan would be to require everyone purchase their own plan/insurance just like car insurance with ability to add as much or little as needed, return employer paid insurance as a perk not a requirement and the individual states can not limit the number of insurers allowed in their state which is the case now in many states, thus the ridicules high prices and lack of competition. And sure, as most are in favor of and as it's always been, the government can help those who truly cannot afford to pay. Those are just some of my proposed solutions or tweaks...

    Nuff Said...

  15. I'm sure the Democrats will obstruct Trump as much as they can, just like the Republicans obstructed Obama. That seems to be the way of politics these days. Both sides take turns, nobody (thankfully) has a permanent victory. But I"m not talking partisanship. Conservative governments throughout the industrialized world support guaranteed health care. The US is the only country without it. We're the only country with medical cost bankruptcies. Our stats put us about in the middle in terms of quality of care, yet we pay far more than any other country as a percentage of GDP. So, leaving partisanship and politics out, that seems to make a strong case for looking at what other countries do and think if we can maybe lower costs, cover more people, and end medical cost bankruptcies - and perhaps improve the quality of care. Other countries are different. I'd be skeptical of a single payer system because those tend to have the most quality issues, and with such a large population that would be very difficult to administer. But let's stop talking theory and look at the practicalities - what works elsewhere, can that work here?

  16. The lefties conveniently and consistently leave out the Trial Lawyer (big democrat donor) opposition to limiting malpractice awards, which result in outrageous and unpredictable insurance settlements, which results in outrageous insurance premiums for doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc., perhaps doubling their expenses, and which result in huge medical insurance premiums for customers, and lefties saying "Our system WORKS, but the COST is too high!", when it is their FAULT the cost is too high! The GENERAL, if sometimes not openly stated, response from the lefties is "The solution is Socialized Medicine! (Then Socialism!!)", which was their goal from the Get-Go!

  17. Too soon the say what the SENATE will do with the repeal-and-replace action. From what I've read and heard, they don't like what passed in the House. The Senators running for re-election in 2018 are very vulnerable if they don't preserve the protection for pre-existing conditions.

    Please read the article in the link posted by Amanda which points out another onerous issue regarding health care/insurance in the U.S.

  18. Scott, please don't talk rationally. That's just not what the American people want.

  19. So when the voters disagree with his opinion, Tom now insults them?