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Letter to the Editor: I support Black and Landry

I am writing this letter, which may seem unusual to some, to support Republican Russell Black for Maine’s 17th Senate seat (Franklin County) and Democrat Scott Landry for House district 113 (Farmington and New Sharon). I have come to know both of these fine gentlemen and feel that our region would be well represented by them. One thing is very important to me in politics- the ability for a candidate to listen and possibly change their opinion on an issue once all the facts are rolled out. While I feel Russell is quite conservative by nature, when he was in the House of Representatives he took the time to meet with me on a number of occasions to discuss the issues challenging our nonprofit organization. He asked many questions and in the end was a supporter of legislation we required to stay competitive and keep our business and mission solvent. I felt Russell was able to change his mind and inclination on my issue. And he was always available by phone, email or in person. Scott Landry is also someone I have come to know well- if there is something cool happening in the area, it is likely Scott is on site taking pictures and documenting the event for those who might not have been able to make it. I think this shows Scotts true passion for the area- every conversation I have with him involves his love for the region and his desire for its people to be successful in business and in life. Combine that with Scott’s business experience, and I think he will quickly earn the respect of fellow legislators and be a powerful voice for the people of Farmington and New Sharon. I think in this day and age the ability to think independently and not be tied to one party or ideology is crucial and will become more so as we work out from under crippling party politics. I feel both these candidates have the ability to do so, to the betterment of Farmington, New Sharon and Franklin County.

Darryl Wood
New Sharon

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  1. What's all this drivel about selecting the best person for the job? Everybody knows there are two political parties - the right one and the wrong one. Just make your commitment and stick to it. Don't waste your time evaluating each candidate! Just look for the "D" or the "R" on the ballot and be glad you don't have to use your own judgement to make such difficult decisions! Come on, don't you know all this? Don't revert to bipartisanship - that's so quaint and outdated!

  2. While Russell is a very nice and decent person, he has a spotty voting record on Medicaid expansion, voting against it, and then voting for it only once it was known his vote wouldn’t matter. I know a really good candidate- Jan Collins. Jan is a great listener, intelligent, a hard worker and is wonderful at reaching out to people who have different opinions. We have to get more Democrats in for the good of our state.

  3. Yes Anne, the state was so ‘good’ under Balducci and King. It took the last eight years to straighten out most of their blunders and you want to do it all over again. All politicians sway with the breeze; Saviello was democrat, independent, republican, and now apparently democrat again. Black was against weed until his family got into the business. However, generally D is for ‘deeper’ in debt and R is for ‘recovery’ from D.

  4. Anne and Captain- I see the ability to adapt your thinking and change your positions as a good thing. It may indicate someone actually consulted their constituents and compromised toward a new position.