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Letter to the Editor: I support Tiffany Maiuri

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of Tiffany Maiuri’s candidacy for the Franklin Country commissioners. We are in dire need of better representation. The posture of the current commissioners, especially incumbent Terry Brann and outgoing Charlie Webster is that they serve to represent and push their own views, not those of the people they serve. Witness their arrogance in refusing to allocate funds approved by the voters to several community service organizations vital to our health and wellbeing.

Tiffany Maiuri, who has served on the Wilton Select board since 2013, is just the person we need. She has the generous and caring values that come from a career of serving others, first as an officer in the Merchant Marine and now in town government. These values are well tempered by the knowledge and skills that come from managing town finances. She has brought programs and services to the town of Wilton while keeping costs down by attracting grant money to defray costs minimize the impacts on her constituents. She served capably too on Wilton’s budget committee and is one of the key people responsible for Wilton’s comeback as a community.

Our current commissioners seem to think that less is always more. Tiffany has shown that more can be done for less. Its high time we re instill a sense of service and can-do in our county government, and be done with the arrogance that begins and ends with no.

Steve Bien, MD

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  1. An interesting viewpoint offered by Dr. Bien. His criticism of Terry Brann and I is based on decisions made by us, working with the Franklin County Budget Committee when the County was faced with a budget shortfall. I’ve written about this before, but let me remind Mr Bien as to the history of our decision to cut spending and phase out “ Program Grants.” After the town of Jay was successfully sued by the paper mill in Jay , the County Budget faced a $200,000 plus shortfall. The Commissioners met with the Franklin County Budget Committee, and together we worked to reduce spending rather than raise property taxes. In other words, rather than automatically raise property taxes Terry Brann did exactly what we would expect a responsible elected representative to do, he set priorities rather than raise taxes. An easy decision, especially once we discovered that nearly all the “Grant” money was used for higher administrative costs ( salaries). For example, the retired Executive Director of Western Maine Community Action, Fenwick Fowler, retired making a salary of over $108,000. Frankly it’s difficult to ask working people, retirees and overtaxed property owners to pay higher property taxes when those funds simply are used to fund bloated salaries for social agency executives. I might add our research could find no “Grant Funding” that was used for direct services for clients. Commissioner Brann, myself, and the Budget Committee made many other difficult but necessary adjustments to the County Budget in an effort to solve the budget shortfall. His advocacy for Tiffany Maiuri’s candidacy doesn’t surprise anyone. Dr Bien consistently advocates for liberal causes and Democrat candidates. I am sure if she was a Commissioner, Franklin County’s property taxpayers would be paying higher taxes. As a Selectman and member of the Franklin County Budget Committee spending property taxpayer dollars never seems to bother her. Perhaps Dr Bien should write a check and donate to those agencies that he supports. That makes more sense to me than forcing Franklin County taxpayers to pay higher taxes for programs that are already funded by both Federal and State tax dollars.

  2. As a lifelong resident of Wilton and taxpayer since age 19, I have to ask what a resident of Jay would know about our budget and what we, the citizens think about the grant grabbing expenditures in Wilton over these last several years. Which end of the arrogent stick are you holding?

  3. When did a total lack of respect t become so popular? To call out 2 people who have worked hard to control the county budget is disgusting. And people wonder where all the hate comes from. Hmmm.

  4. This I ask you Dr. Bien: why does the county need to give funds to entities such as western Maine transportation when they can get federal funding and grants. Why can’t they put a little effort into sending letters to get such grants or maybe doing a little fundraising. Mr. Brann and Mr. Webster are doing the best they can to save the taxpayers money. You say that their own views are all they care about but I for one see this differently. I feel that we pay enough in taxes to begin with and whatever we can save and whatever we can do to keep the budgets lower is in the best interest of everyone.

  5. Charlie, perhaps if the process had a bit more transparent these question would not arise. Turning this into a political discussion with liberal and conservative is a typically repugnant comment from a republican. Why not stick to the facts to defend yourself rather than dip into the political morass many of you use when no logical or truthful response exists. While your explanation, on the surface, seems reasonable, your reaction speaks otherwise.

  6. Its so easy to spot members of the More More More culture.

  7. I am thankful the " conservatives " hold the majority on the board of County Commissioners. I hope many more feel as I do when it is time to vote.

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