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Letter to the Editor: In opposition to NECEC

I am writing this letter to the editor in opposition to the Central Maine Power Corridor, which I feel is a bad deal for Maine. As the details of this project have emerged, it has met with overwhelming opposition from citizens, businesses and organizations genuinely concerned with the future of west central Maine.

On Jan. 22, a group of concerned citizens spoke to the Farmington Selectmen about the New England Clean Energy Connect project, also known as the CMP Corridor or the NECEC. I had asked in a letter for the selectmen to rescind their support for the project and in fact come out against it. About 30 people attended the meeting, and about a dozen spoke out against the project, in support of the selectmen rescinding their support. No one spoke for it. Not one person.

It was announced at the meeting that CMP had asked to come back to the February selectmen’s meeting to again present their case. The presentation by John Carroll of CMP has been rescheduled to Feb. 26 at 6:30 p.m. Likely at the Community Center to accommodate the anticipated crowd. If you oppose the project, this is your opportunity to show up and make your voice heard.

This project was turned down by both New Hampshire and Vermont because the people realized they were getting fleeced. So CMP turned to Maine, offering a much less lucrative deal. They consider us a cheap date who would bite for their misleading rhetoric. Lets not be that cheap date. Opposition is building and we can stop this project, one town, organization and person at a time.

Ask yourself who you trust, Spanish owned CMP or your friends and neighbors who have done their research and are virtually 100 percent unified against this project. Join us on the 26th.

Darryl Wood
New Sharon

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  1. Darry... Ask yourself who you trust.... Spanish owned CMP or the politicians... legislature..... that broke up CMP a few years ago and made it into the mess that it is today.....

  2. A similar project through Vermont was not turned down by Vermont people. It wasn't selected by the electric distribution companies. The New Hampshire project was rejected by the state's siting board.

    Although a small number of people have made a majestic roar of protests against the project in Maine, the majority of Maine citizens look forward to reliable, less expensive electricity.

  3. Wait untill the State buys CMP.Then they can do power projects and use eminent domain and tell us they are helping our power bills. All for our good.

  4. I'm in against it 100% !! That crap is going in across the road from us and will just be another eye sore to us. We already have to look at 6-8 of the tops and blades of the wind turbines behind Voter Hill and if I walk down to the garden I can see all 7 of the turbines that you see going down rt. 4 in Jay. This has to be stopped ! All of this has happened in the last 12 years, and don't get me started about the Farmington Solar Farm LLC crap either. Then blew out over 100 acres of land between the Davis rd. and Bailey Hill rd. to put up solar panels. I think they never intended to put ANY solar panels up. The way it was logged over the last few years there is no way anything beside a dozer or a skidder can get through it, plus they FSF LLC would have to either buy, rent or lease land to get their product to the switching station next to Good Times Unlimited. ALL of the rest of the solar farm are on the same property and they are drilling under rt. 2 so they can connect to the switching station. That chunk of land was a grab for CASH for the wood on it nothing more and nothing less. It looks like crap but will be great in the future for the wild life until we get the D.C. wire going through it. I will be at the next meeting too.

  5. I also heard that Vermont hadn’t turned down the proposal yet CMP seems to think we will be the cheaper date. Let Vermont give up precious acres of land to clearcuts and pesticides to hinder growth. Let CMP pay them the big money we’re not worth. No amount of money will interest me or my family for this escapade.
    Also Clayton I’m not sure where you live but I haven’t been hearing ANYONE in favor of this project. The only place that will benefit from this is Mass. not us.
    Tony I’m not sure yet how that is going to work I have heard two scenarios. One is buying cmp and the other is just starting a company to hinder cmp and emera maines monopoly on the state. I say we start our own company buy cmp and emeras lines and do away with the New England grid. We produce plenty of power for our state it could be pretty cheap electricity for Mainers. If mass or some one wants our surplus sell it at a rate so delivery costs aren’t put back on us. We pay close to the same as Mass per kilowatt hour and people wonder why we have issues with CMP.

  6. It would be nice to hear our new governor’s voice on this matter. Which team is she on?

  7. Glen, I see Seth Berry has proposed legislation to fix that.

    Clayton, it's not a small number of people, I can tell you that. And for every little savings you may see off reduced future rates, individuals along the corridor lose property value, impacting town mil rates. And businesses lose income because tourists will go elsewhere.

    It's a bad deal for Maine. Given the current reputation of foreign owned CMP shouldn't a project of this magnitude and regional impact and at least be put on hold? It's at the very least extremely divisive and controversial.

  8. @Clayton McKay...."he majority of Maine citizens look forward to reliable, less expensive electricity". The electricity is going to Massachusetts not Maine.

  9. Has anyone thought to ask what kind of herbicides CMP will use along their proposed corridor?

    I mean considering this "greener" energy will benefit Massachusetts folks, while we in Maine get to enjoy the pesticides sprayed along our property and recreational areas.

  10. This is about all I could find Theresa, they don't say much but when they where (Lucas Tree) CMP's subcontractor for the spraying last summer doing the right of way at the bottom of Bailey Hill rd. where Cascade Brook goes under the road there are poles right next to the brook and all that area was sprayed and bushes cut. Here is a like of what CMP will tell.


  11. Wow Clayton,
    The only lie bigger than yours is the one CMP is selling..
    You are incorrect on all points.

  12. This another scam by a multi national co.

  13. I agree with Clayton

  14. Clayton,
    Reliable energy? CMP can’t take care of what they have now. I’m not sure but l think they have lawsuits pending now based on that very fact.
    As for it benefiting the Maine people as a lesser expense. That will be minimal at best. Massachusetts low income people will benefit with a rate reduction, and l don’t mind that, but it has to go through our state to do so. Maine’s low income families should have the same break.
    Thanks Mort for supplying the info. I’ve been delving into the herbicide use. I think we should all mosey into that upcoming meeting and ask CMP for that info.

  15. I see Wilton is bringing this issue to the public for a vote. If the selectboard is unwilling to rescind its affirmative position, at the very least Farmington should do the same. Virtually everyone I speak with is passionately against this project.


  17. Our Country and State are going down the 'Rabbit Hole'

    Halt The Power Line Destruction Project in our beautiful state,

    & Build The Southern Border Wall...

  18. The lion roars, You don't support a powerline that will run through the middle of nowhere, but you support a wall that runs through the middle of nowhere, that's interesting.

  19. I received an email today that said the new governor looks to be in support of this. She was quoted to say “I like the progress that they are making. And I like the subject areas they are addressing. Electric vehicles for instance, and electric vehicle charging stations all over Maine. I could see that happening and I appreciate and welcome their help in that regard."
    I strongly suggest people start calling her office to ask her to reconsider her possible support of CMP’s latest scam on Maine.

  20. Lets hope that Janet Mills takes the time to consider that the vast majority of people are against this project. I know she loves Baxter State Park and the wilderness up there. There are people in Franklin and Somerset County who feel the same about the unfettered lands from Jackman to the Forks.

    Also, the so-called public advocate at the PUC. Who is Barry Hobbins advocating for if he sides against the majority? It is ultimately a PUC decision no matter how Janet comes down on this, but obviously her stance holds weight with the PUC.

    All the comments against on the PUC website, at the public forums and all the grassroots opposition.

    The people see this project for what it is- a money grab based on false pretenses. As Walter Gooley mentioned at the selectmen meeting- it just doesn't pass the smell test.

    Question is, does the system support clean decision making? or are we about to get fleeced?

  21. If the state is truly looking at options of either buying out cmp or starting a competitive business, shouldn’t we put this on hold until we make such a decision? If we the people of Maine buy cmp out of this state there’s no need to even continue with the discussion of the hydro line. Disconnect from the new england grid and we will truly have cheap power. As a state that makes almost double the power needed to function I really don’t see any reason to keep making more. Especially when we can’t get natural gas line up from Mass. perhaps they should learn how to give instead of take take take......