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Letter to the Editor: In support of Cherieann Harrison for District 114

I attended an event recently where Cherieann Harrison spoke about what drives her to run for office in Augusta. She described how, after being diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2004, she went through months of aggressive treatment. Thanks to her health insurance and the support of her family, the cancer went into remission. She has been healthy since then, but clearly the experience she went through in her early 20s had a formative effect on her. Not only can an experience like that reveal a person's inner strength, it can also lead them to prioritize what's truly important in life.

Cherieann's record of service in our community shows that she's someone who not only has a real perspective on what's most important but also has the persistence and determination to fight for it. After graduating from UMF, she began her career as a pharmacy technician at Howard's Rexall in Farmington, later moving to the pharmacy at Franklin Memorial Hospital. She now works in Augusta at Change Healthcare, heading up a team that negotiates Medicaid rebates for the state from drug manufacturers.

Cherieann has dedicated her professional life to healthcare locally, but, outside of work, she's also committed herself to service in her community. Raised in Temple, she is now a resident of Wilton, where she currently serves on the planning board. For the last four years, she's also served on the school board. As vice-chair of the school board she's worked hard to keep the budget in check, while also pushing for much needed investments, such as expanding resources for students' mental health needs. Given her experience in local politics, she'd begun considering a run for state-wide office. Recent actions at both the federal and state levels to deny and/or roll back access to health insurance finally convinced her to run this year.

Cherieann is deeply motivated to take on the issues that really impact Mainers' lives, from ensuring that people who have pre-existing conditions can get insurance to making sure that the State adequately funds our schools rather than forcing rural property owners to foot the bill.

I hope you'll join me in voting for Cherieann Harrison on Nov. 6.

Greg Kimber

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  1. Thank you Greg for your very kind words regarding my daughter Cherieann. Her reason for being involved in this run for state representative is an honest attempt to repay all those in our community that supported and stood by her when she had health issues as so many of us have had, or will have. Now is her chance to stand for you. My wife and family have always been very proud of her. I would like to thank everyone in District 114 that have supported her.
    Cherieann's dad...Lucky Harrison

  2. Hello! I am a student at Mount blue high school. I have appreciated Cherrieann. Along with her school board decisions over these past few years. Cherieann fights for our teachers and the students. I admire her dedication to help make our school (our second home) a welcoming place. In my eyes, Cherieann is a born leader, prepared for every obstacle that comes her way. She is not here for her own benefit but is here to make our future a success. There will be times where we individually will not agree with what our chosen candidate votes for. I, however, cannot think of a time Cherieann has made me second guess myself. We have hit a new time period in our lives. It's now up to the younger generations to see where this world takes us. The only way we will get there, is through the right guidance. We need a voice to who isn't here for own financial prosperity. We need someone who will continue to support families and students on a grander scale. If I could vote, I would choose her to change my future for the better.