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Letter to the Editor: In support of Jan Collins

To the Editor,

Jan Collins, from Wilton, is running for State Senate District 17. She is a candidate representing change in our Legislature.

Basically, like many people, I’m fed up with the mess in Augusta. I’m hopeful that the climate there will improve. A lot will depend on who we elect to the Legislature, especially the Maine Senate.

I want a senator that respects our referendum votes and works toward consensus building. Unlike her opponent who has voted to over-ride, delay or re-write several laws approved by this district and state-wide referendum votes, Jan respects the voters of this district.

She will be a strong advocate for rural Maine.

Steve Buchsbaum

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  1. She is a Social Justice Warrior, Maine nor America has zero need of SJWs in any aspect of our political establishments. That is why nothing gets done. Criminal justice reform? Maine has no criminal justice problems, people break the law, they get arrested because that's how it works. Healthcare access? Everybody already has access to healthcare. Property tax relief and increased money for education. Ok, that dog just don't hunt. There are 3 taxes that give the state money, sales, property, and income. If she plans on paying for more things, she is going to have to raise either one or all three. LePage tried for 8 years to get those taxes lowered. The only one he managed to get lowered was the income tax. But she is a democrat, all they think about is tax and spend. LePage ran the state for the last 4 years debt free and with a surplus of a billion dollars. The last 2 governors who said they were going to lower this and spend that, one left us 3 billion in the hole and the other killed Maine's logging industry and put Mainecare on the edge of collapse and the refusal of it at Maine hospitals. LePage pulled us out of debt, and made the hospitals happy by paying them almost 500 million dollars in Mainecare bills. We need to keep that trend going, not elect a democrat who is going to throw Maine down a hole again.

  2. I couldn't agree more. The men aren't getting anything done, we need to change that and bring back our respect and dignity of all .

  3. "The men aren't getting anything done" Wow, that's kind of sexist, isn't it?

    And assuming a woman would somehow change anything...that is also sexist.

    Gee, a woman would bring back 'our respect and dignity of all'...some pretty heavy assumptions there, that a SJW socialist is going to bring ANY sort of civility to our discourse....doubt it.

  4. Hrtlss Bstrd ,

    Well put. Spot on!!!

  5. OverRegulated Well put, Spot on!!!

  6. I keep asking the question and no one answers;;;;;; What is the Democratic
    Platform ? What programs are they putting on the table to make Maine a better place to live ? Who is going to pay for their programs if they can propose one that makes sense ? Why should I vote for a Democrat over a Republican ? Does the Maine Demo Party side with the 'New Left' side of the Democratic Party or is it trying to return to the JFK era....Perhaps when the Maine Democratic Party and it's mixture of confused candidates can answer some of the above questions they might stop their downward course. Right now Angus King has no direction what so ever and Susan Collins is afraid to make a mistake and injure her legacy...What a pair we have representing the state of Maine.....Vote all Incumbents out of office !