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Letter to the Editor: Janet Mills will make an excellent governor

This is a critical year for the future of healthcare in Maine. After eight years of the LePage administration’s policies, Maine has dropped from eighth in the nation to twenty-third in America’s Health Rankings Governor LePage has worked to block Medicaid expansion and gut public health infrastructure, often in defiance of the legislature and the will of the voters themselves.

Fortunately, Mainers have an opportunity to reverse this decline and elect a Governor who will work to improve healthcare in Maine and restore civil discourse to the political process. That person is Janet Mills.

I have known Janet Mills for thirty years, as a District Attorney, member of the Maine House, Attorney General, and as a friend. She has always put the interests of ordinary Mainers first, and has been outspoken in her support of victims of domestic violence. She has purchased Naloxone for the use of first responders and supports using MaineCare funds for medication assisted therapy for opioid dependency. She has acted while others have just talked.

I urge you to check out Janet’s website,, and contact her with your questions. I believe she will make an excellent governor and deserves the support of Democratic voters in the primary election.

Jay Naliboff MD

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  1. She is a big supporter of NESTLES Poland Springs.She will not have my vote.Big money is her friend

  2. Janet Mills has my vote. She’s smart, hard working, authentic and fearless.
    I don’t always agree with her, but I always believe she has the courage of her convictions and the people of Maine’s best interests in her heart. All Mainers: the poor, the unwell and the unlucky as well as the people who are doing well. And she’s civil. Let’s elect someone who’s civil, for crying out loud. Civility matters.

  3. Supporting Big Business is a barometer for Good Governor? Nestles, IP, Hospitals, get rid of em all. Retirees and Govt workers is all that's needed. C'Mon Man! You gotta have a better argument than that?

    Ms Mills is a pretty strong candidate by the looks! Jud Strunk vs Denny Schute was a Dem I voted for years ago, I would vote for her if I still lived in Maine.

  4. She has my support.

  5. The other women, Mary Mayhew, will make a much better governor. She will continue where Paul LePage left off.

  6. She does not have my vote no way.

  7. Janet Mills absolutely has my vote. Her extensive dedication to the Maine people through her many years of working within the government of Maine has been remarkable. Janet has a vast KNOWLEDGE and RESPECT for our government system and she will govern our state with dignity, fairness to all & a genuine concern for all Maine citizens!

  8. Mary Mayhew would be better than Janet Mills … Mayhew has worked hard and well with the LePage
    administration and gotten a lot done. We don't need to go backward … which is what would happen
    with Mills.

    HOWEVER … GARRETT MASON is the one you should vote for.

  9. My vote is for Mary Mayhew, and no for ranked choice mess.

  10. Is the Medical Community considered Big Money/Big Business?

  11. Yes...Lets go back to the Baldacci years. So much better than it is now. Think not.

  12. Maine dropped in healthcare because, people stopped going to the Drs. unless somebody else pays for it. People have a right to healthcare, and we have it, every part of the body can be worked on by somebody, we even have doctors that will kill a baby if you want them to. What people don't have, is a right to demand that other people pay for their care. Maine has had more people's referendums during the LePage administration than at any other time in recent history. And the subject of them is nothing new. People have at various times in the past 25 years tried to get weed legalized, we have had the people's referendum since the Constitution was written, yet only now has it showed up on the ballot, people could have pulled the trigger on a healthcare referendum years ago, they didn't. Maine and it's taxpayers are under no obligation to cater to people we don't already help, the disabled and elderly. Nobody cares, if they have an expensive cellphone, yet they are not willing to take half the price of that that phone and visit a dr. 3 months worth of internet will pay for a doctor's visit. If people are not willing to prioritize their health, why should the state prioritize their health. LePage suggested a more than reasonable coda to the current policy, work part time, volunteer 20 hours a month or be enrolled in school, people lost their minds, like spoiled brats in the cereal aisle who just got KIX instead of Lucky Charms.