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Letter to the Editor: Just a thought

I am writing this letter as a parent and taxpayer.

I would like to urge all parents, taxpayers and all community members of this district to look at the current climate of the district. I’m sure most of you have heard or seen what is happening. We have 91% of teachers and staff that have No Confidence with the way the district is being run and the current work conditions in the schools. That will undoubtedly impact our kids education and cost us a lot of people we won’t be able to replace.

Our teachers and support staff deserve a work place free of toxicity. They deserve a fair wage. We keep hearing that we are losing good people to other districts because we don’t pay enough and when they ask for it the tables get turned to make them look selfish or greedy.

We recently had an election where the people voted for elected officials they thought would best represent our best interests and that can be applied to the situation at hand in RSU9. So at your next town meeting I implore you all to vote for the person running for a seat on the board to vote for the person you think will best represent what you and your kids want and need in this district. If you don’t think anyone running is that person then step up and be that person. Contact your town office for the information needed to be a candidate.

Jesse Sillanpaa

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