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Letter to the Editor: Let your legislator know

Each session the Maine Legislature allows all senators and representatives to submit bills for consideration. It is an opportunity for our representatives to advocate for the needs of their constituents, to move economic policy for their region, influence tax policy, promote education and health care.

In this session the deadline for submitting bills was Dec 18. It was with great interest that I looked forward to the release of the bill titles our legislators have submitted in representing the needs of the people of Franklin County. The list of titles is below. The wording of the bills has not yet been printed.

Sen. Russell Black (all of Franklin County and part of Kennebec):
LR 246 An Act To Provide Seniors a Reduction in Property Taxes Equal to the Costs of Education
LR 449 An Act To Allow Nonprofit Organizations To Solicit Raffle Purchasers by Mail
LR 544 An Act To Provide That a Forestry Operation That Conforms to Accepted Practices May Not Be Declared a Nuisance
LR 735 An Act To Require Legislative Approval for Certain Leases of Public Lands
LR 779 An Act To Allow a State Employee To Use a Federal Military Health Insurance Program
LR 1026 An Act To Change the Definition of Cider To Exclude Shelf-stable Cider
LR 1030 Resolve, Directing State Agencies That Maintain Public Lands for Recreation To Develop Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Policies for Each Parcel of Land and Make the Policy Readily Accessible to the General Public

Rep. Randall Hall (Chesterville, Industry, New Vineyard, Strong, Temple, Wilton)
No bills were listed for Representative Hall

Representative Scott Landry (Farmington & New Sharon):
LR 615 An Act To Increase the Number of Franklin County Commissioners
LR 616 An Act To Extend Electronic Proof of Registration to All-terrain Vehicles, Snowmobiles and Watercraft
LR 617 An Act To Simplify the Any-deer Permit Distribution System and Include the Ability To Purchase Tags
LR 774 An Act To Remove the Municipal Ordinance Exemption for the Development of Certain High-impact Electric Transmission Lines
LR 1759 An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Rep. Sheila Lyman (Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls) -
No bills were listed for Representative Lyman

Rep. Thomas Skofield (Anson, Avon, Carrabassett Valley, Carthage, East Central Franklin, Freeman Township, Kingfield, Madrid Township, New Portland, Perkins Township, Phillips, Salem Township, Sandy River Plantation, Starks, Washington Township, Weld):
LR 1333 An Act To Clarify the Law Enforcement Powers of the Bureau of Parks and Lands
LR 1334 An Act To Simplify Dual Registration of Snowmobiles and All-terrain Vehicles
LR 1699 An Act To Protect a Parent's Right to Educational Information Regarding a Minor Child

Rep. Fran Head (Coplin Plantation, Dallas Plantation, Eustis, Rangeley, Rangeley Plantation and part of Oxford County):
LR 1044 An Act Regarding Power Outages and Elderly Tenants
LR 1045 An Act Regarding Child Interviews with Social Workers

Though it is difficult to tell the substance of some bills from the title, the list of bills does give some insight into the sponsors priorities. If you see something you like, thank your legislator for their efforts. If the local issues that keep you awake at night are not on this list, let your legislator know. They cannot help you if you do not ask.

Thank you,
Jan M. Collins
East Wilton

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