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Letter to the Editor: Life after CMP

Imagine being able to trust your electricity provider! Imagine opening your electric bill and knowing you are being billed for the actual amount of power that you received. Imagine having electricity delivered to your home or business at a low cost, just and reasonable rate. Imagine having reliable power and reasonable and adequate service. Imagine only having a few “unpreventable” outages a year when severe weather interrupts delivery. Imagine even then, having power restored in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. Imagine having safety at the forefront for customers, employees and the traveling public. Imagine having a power grid that is modern, innovative and new. Imagine broken poles, hazardous trees and other maintenance issues being cared for immediately, instead of waiting years in backlogged work orders. Imagine a company with an adequate Maine workforce that only depended on contractors for emergencies. Imagine money for your power staying in Maine instead of being transferred overseas. Imagine if you can, being part owner of the company that delivers your power. Imagine the company has your best interests in mind. Imagine businesses coming into Maine because of safe, reliable and affordable electricity. Imagine a news cycle without CMP and investigations in the headlines. Imagine being able to trust your electric supplier! Imagine a MPUC having time to focus on other sorts of utility issues instead of being consumed by CMP mismanagement.

Sound like pie in the sky? Sound like some futuristic fairy tale? Well it is futuristic but it's not a fairy tale. It is also a description of “the good ole days” in Maine (except for customer ownership) when CMP was Maine owned and held accountable by the MPUC, but that is a bygone era with no hope of returning. It is time for 21st century thinking and a new model. CMP and their overseas masters have left us no other options, It is time for Maine customers to own the grid and to dictate their expectations for safe, reliable, reasonable, adequate service at low cost, just and reasonable rates. It is time for bills and accounting to reflect actual usage. It is time for local control. It is time for homeowners and businesses to be able to generate their own power and share excess to the grid at reasonable pricing. It is time for communities to be allowed to resource power in the way that makes sense for them. It is time for co-generation to be embraced. It is time for Consumer owned power! It is time to support LD1646 and to embrace continuous improvement. It is time to contact your legislature and tell them to embrace LD1646 because they work for you!

Rev Darien (Deke) Sawyer
Jackman, Maine

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  1. Never seen a program that the government could run more efficiently or cheaper.

  2. @Tony, agree.

    Puzzles me why so many folks continue to hate on CMP after their billing has been substantially vindicated. Come on folks, the investigation is over and it's time to accept it and move on.

  3. I can move on.
    But I truly believe CMP pulled another beck room deal to get "vindicated" by one of their buddy Janet's agencies.
    Cash talks in Augusta these days,,, dontchaknow.
    Moving on now to watch their next corrupt move..

  4. Apparently the good pastor may have failed to do his homework, Here, a little math for you(Providing CMP will relinquish delivery)
    State average according to the state 16.5 cents per KWH including delivery, normal price CMP charges 16.3 cents per KHW including delivery.(if you're foolish enough to pay it)
    State average based on national public price(before delivery charge) 12.8 cents per KWH
    State average based on national private price(before deliver charge) 15..6 cents per KWH
    State average based on national CO-OP price(with delivery charge) 18.8 cents per KWH
    CMP residential delivery charge 6.7 cents per KWH after 50KWH for $12.46
    I pay 7.3 cents per KWH for the actual electricity, that's a total of 14 cents per KWH.

    Emera charges a total of 18.1 cents per KWH
    Eastern Maine Electric CO-OP a total 17.3 cents per KWH
    Just be glad you don't live on Monhegan Island, they pay 74 cents per KWH, but look at the bright side, there's no delivery charge.

  5. FTown, not sure where you live, but where I live (in CMP country) this isn't over by a long shot. Wonder how long you have worked for cmp? cmp has and is cheating its customers. There is proof, yet no action (much) because of our gov and bought-and-paid-for puc. Will be surprising when the class action lawsuit is finally aired and cmp is shown to have cheated 10's of thousands of customers and because of their 'technology' they can't possibly know who to reimburse and who to bill. A real pathetic company and I hope they finally catch their lunch right between the eyes. Enjoy that pension ..... but know that real people have been screwed and I hope soon it will be judgment day for cmp.

  6. Imagine a world where people whine about something that matters.
    Imagine a power company run by a socialist government haha.

  7. HB, just in case you missed it, this isn't about rates. It's about overall company service. Any company that cheats ratepayers ought to voluntarily leave the state.

    By the way, how are you coming on providing proof of an EIS from your contacts. Still waiting on this information with great interest.

  8. Ozerki, Go check out the post in the other thread, I posted some for you, please feel free to look them up, they are available as a matter of public record, as well as all the documents that CMP submitted about the impact their project will have in relation to the available EIA and EIS and any Material Safety Data Sheets on the herbicides to be used, the amounts that CMP will use, the manner of dispersal and the frequency of spraying. Please let me know how much more hand holding you require, I will point you in the direction of a good nanny service.

  9. I'm all for a rate payer owned utility, but NOT a state run utility. CMP rated WORST in the nation. I have no idea why some expressing views here are so PRO-CMP. Just contrarians I guess.

  10. HB, you verify that there has been NO EIS started or completed on the NECEC. What you cite are a few studies that are in no way, shape or form and EIS. The comment about doing an EIA in order to do an EIS is usually a signal that an EA will be done and NOT an EIS. As I stated previously, there has never been an EIS and, therefore, no one will know what the true environmental impact and environmental costs for the NECEC will be. Thanks for checking but you can see yourself that nothing as substantial as an EIS has even been started let alone been completed.

  11. Simplify your Mainiac lifestyle to adapt, improvise and consume less. Choose the other green think tank. Fear less.

  12. HB, nice try on the nanny service. You are really quite pressed to admit that you were totally WRONG when you made the bold statement that at least one or two EISs had already been done. Your ridiculous nanny comment is a trite and childish way of disguising the fact that you were caught lying and instead of being up front and just saying, 'yes, I was wrong', you resort to an insult. Well, pal, you got it dead wrong and try to sleaze by with a list of small research projects. And then tell me YOU are hand holding? Pretty sad if you ask me. Do your homework and admit when you are wrong. This insulting routine just shows weakness. ( Read up on this so that you know what an EIS really is and when it's required. BTW - both NH and VT had one done, why not Maine?

  13. Cynical, you bet. Correct me if I am wrong. I see the number 50 million plus in profits thrown around. Set back relax be honest and decide how blind you could be for that kind of money. Now multiply that times a group of people that have absolutely no stake in what happens in an area that has lost a large part of their manufacturing base and depends on tourism and chasing down what few trees there are left you can get a 2x4 out of. They are not smart enough to shake a few beechnuts off the tree and it really would not take much to change some minds. I have fished in Canada very close to these massive powerlines and the fishing was good enough so I would not hesitate to go back. Jobs, they are cutting everywhere they can to increase profits. Lets face it the biggest job creator in our part of the state is our old retiring and our young leaving the state. Rate payer owned is where i am leaning run by a committee with a ever changing group of watchdogs as I am not a trusting soul where money is concerned. Why this? I wonder how much pork build up we have at BIW and and its competitor down south? How many patriotic millionaires we have created making 500 dollar hopper seats. People living on fixed incomes simply cannot take this kind of horse crap. The only way our country is doing it is by building up a massive debt. And I hate to pick on Portland but I am only a hundred miles away from a city hell bent on catching up with California in making sure their citizens have to pay their property taxes by the month and hope they dont miss one. Its like a glacier slowly headed north instead of south. Wake up people.We need to separate and define the difference between need and greed.

  14. Ozerki, For a moment I thought you might be good for a debate, but I was wrong on that point. And then when I saw the EIS you cited. apples and oranges. Depleted uranium that is to be buried or stored in the environment, still poses a threat to the environment should it get into the environment, so in such matters an EIS is more than warranted. The items that I listed were submitted into evidence at the public hearings as areas claimed to be impacted by the NECEC, VT and NH both at various times required that large tracts of the line be buried, in VT 98 miles under water and 56 miles underground. NH, 132 miles overhead using existing corridors and 60 miles underground. Both projects have pretty significant impacts on the environment, again, an EIS is warranted. The NECEC only has a very small section underground. But if you are not familiar enough with the NECEC to put the information the state and CMP has provided to good use, then the information on the projects in the area of the NECEC I provided are not going to do you much good at all, because you won't understand how best to utilize it, so no matter how many things I post, you won't use it, partially because you won't be happy with any information anybody provides, And just so you know the only thing the EIS is going to do is, take the information from all of the EIAs and VIAs and put them in the same folder with the recommendations of the USACE, that's it, ALL of the information is already available, it is just not in one tidy little package, but hey, if a humble railroad mechanic like me can find the information, I'm confident you can as well, you just have to apply yourself.

  15. HB, you ever been in on a real EIS? How many? I have been directly involved in more than 10 in my professional lifetime. Think I know what one is and know that you don't. Let's just leave it at that. I am not interested in debating. I am interested in the truth and facts.