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Letter to the Editor: Mainers can’t trust CMP

It’s obvious that Mainers can't trust CMP’s information about the corridor. There are so many concrete examples of CMP truly living up to its reputation of being the 'most mistrusted company' right now. CMP's marketing materials with different numbers of jobs and benefits is the most recent example of their ever-changing propaganda about this project. Their history of over-promising tax benefits with the Maine Power Reliability Program and ongoing billing errors have simply diminished their credibility among Maine's citizens. Why should we believe anything CMP says right now? The majority of Mainers aren't buying it and we hope our state leaders aren't either.

In the last 10 months, the corridor proposal has become more publicly-known and we have worked tirelessly to make the depth of Mainers' concerns clear to decision-makers at the local, state, and federal levels. To date, all towns along the corridor route in northern Somerset county and most of Franklin county oppose this project. 11 towns voted to oppose (Alna, Caratunk, Jackman, Moose River, Dennistown, West Forks, The Forks, Farmington, Starks, Wilton, Industry) and the Franklin County Commissioners and 4 towns rescinded support (Durham, Pownal, Wiscasset, Embden). In the coming weeks, six towns will vote to oppose the corridor including New Sharon, Greenville, Jay, Anson, and Durham.

CMP has spent over $1 million this year on ads and hired more than 30 lobbyists in an effort to sway state leaders. The only way we can stop this project is if Mainers weigh in and contact state leaders to let them know you oppose the corridor and urge them to support two bills, LD 1383 and LD 1363, that would give the people in municipalities most affected by the corridor a chance to have their voices heard and have local control in permitting decisions.

Sandi Howard
Director, Say NO to NECEC

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  1. Since this was published, the Town of Moscow has scheduled their vote on the CMP corridor for June 27th at 7pm. Mainers across the state are going wild about wanting a voice on this issue.

  2. Thank you. This is entirely my rationale for not supporting the NECEC. I understand the long-term environmental benefits and the potential economic benefits to some of our Maine communities, but I do not trust CMP in the slightest.

  3. Trusting Nature,,, "from days gone bye
    June 6, 2019 • 11:53 am
    I think a lot of us Maine folk just have a nostalgic trust in this CMP thing..
    "There was a time",, when CMP stood for a very fine Maine Company,, and we were proud of that name recognition.
    Like Lobster and LL Bean,, it was part of "us".

    Folks,,, that day has passed concerning CMP.
    They have gone the way of many other things in this world,,
    And they no longer are a part of "us".
    Nothing against the workers in my statement,, good for you and a fine paying job. I'm sure you appreciate it puts good food on the table and that's a very good thing.
    But this company (CMP) , is forced to be driven by their foreign owners.
    Us Mainers and the woods and waters we cherish mean absolutely nothing to them now. Unless they can profit from it...
    They are paying millions just to lobby our politicians and run false ads,,. = Lying.
    It's a good investment for them to be making because information is power,, even if it's false.
    Good people are being swayed by these paid professional communicators..

    All this,,, is not who we are.
    CMP is not the good Maine company you might be remembering,,
    They cannot be trusted to have our best interests in mind.
    And they do not......

    We're being duped by their big money propaganda machine.
    They are targeting our politicians right now.

    But still,,,,,
    After all the millions they are spending spreading their lie,,
    The vast majority of "us" Mainers aren't buying it.

    I love who we are up here.
    The way life should be,,, still.
    Let's keep it that way Folks.

  4. CMP is so on the defensive they are labeling those of us against the Corridor as in favor of pollution and funded by dark money. That is in stark contrast to my reality, which is a couple of dozen salt of the earth Farmington locals donating time and money to fight this, and the Say No To NECEC facebook group, which has over 5000 people dedicated to doing whats right for Maine people, Maine's environment, exploitation of other peoples and resources and the global climate issue. If you trust CMP, which is owned by Spanish megacorp Avangrid, over those of us fighting the battle you could benefit from a little research.

    BTW, BIG FUNdraising party tomorrow in the Forks, starting at 4pm at the Marshall Inn. 3 bands, including Matt and the Barn Burners, the Midnight Riders and the Young and Sturdee band along with slow roasted prime rib.
    ALL BANDS on donated $$$ as well as people and time.


    Stop By and HELP!

  5. ..Now is the time to stand up and decide whether Mainers say what happens Maine or some foreign corporation makes those decisions. After starts is TOO LATE to complain or do anything about it.

    .As the Vaughn Bros. song says..Tick-Tock Tick-Tock..Time is slipping away.

  6. All of you naysayers, cancel your electricity service, no matter if it's with CMP or Emera, turn it off. That power you enjoy to power your tv, computers, heat your food, cool and heat your house, comes across pole lines through what was once wild forest, across other states, to provide you with that power. Maine barely produces 20% of the electricity we use, America as a whole only produces 68% of the electricity that Americans use. What if those states that carry the pole lines that provide Maine with 80% of our power had said, "Not in my back yard!", then what? 99% of Maine has no say in the unofficial NECEC debate anyway, so what Greenville has to say on the matter is inconsequential as is the opinions of anybody not living in Franklin or Somerset counties or near where the new section will be located, 90% of the line already exists, so if you live in the immediate vicinity of that 90%, your opinion doesn't matter either.

  7. I am blessed to have Madison Electric. We pay about 1/3 of what CMP charges with none of those fake billing "errors" that favor CMP 100% of the time. What are the odds?

  8. More lies from hrtlss what a surprise!!!! You need to do some research and not listen to the crap being spoon fed to you. Re-Energy in Stratton can’t run full open because of congestion in the grid. They are normally running at 15%. If this line goes in they will be closing plants down because they won’t be able to sell power to the grid. So what happens to all the workers their and the truck drivers and woodsman ? They will be forced into other jobs that their coworkers are also trying to secure or be on unemployment line. Typical CMP did this same thing when they made the”smart” meter. I have been paying extra every month to keep the old meter because I won’t put people on unemployment.
    Which brings me to another scam by CMP billing. One month my bill is say $120 the next month they guesstimate it and it goes up $60-$100. The following month the meter is read again and my bill goes back to $120. Call CMP for an explanation and I get told they read every other month, fine so why does my bill jump so much ? “Well we guesstimate and then tbe next month when we read again it reflects on your bill if we over charged you” again I ask so where is my money back from the extra $60-$100 I paid the month you guesstimated ? “Well uh uh you can read the meter yourself before the billing date comes and then you won’t be overcharged “
    WOW really ? I get to do your job for you so I don’t get over charged thanks CMP !!!!!

  9. The opponents to this project may have a chance at what they are looking for, disconnect from CMP and produce their own electricity with solar and batteries with the hand of government switching the power off and on as needed.
    Believe me, if these towns were off the CMP grid, the customer towns remaining would pay a lot less for electricity delivery.

  10. Awww, If Re-energy is only operating at 15% because of a congested grid, they should welcome a substation in Lewiston to alleviate some pressure on the local ones more room means that Re-Energy can crank up production. I have CMP, my bill is rarely more than $60. I don't know what you use in your house, but you should try turning the lights off in rooms you're not in.

  11. Re-Energy will close down plants if this goes through a substation won’t change anything especially when they produce ac power and the new line is dc power they don’t mix. My lights are only on when they are needed. I run two large freezers for pork, beef,chicken and any wildlife we get. My bill has been this way since I got my house even when I only had a small chest freezer. I don’t trust cmp because of their billing and nothing can change my mind. I was once charged almost $800 in December because they guesstimated that month because everyone has lights up. That was until I told them to actually read it or I would be calling a lawyer. They came out and realized my lights were all LED and my bill wasn’t anywhere close. They scam people and hope they aren’t paying attention when they get the bill and just pay like a good little sheep. CMP has held a monopoly in this state for years and it’s about time they get a rude awakening.

  12. HB must have changed his system. I thought on a previous thread a while back HB was complaining about having bought lots of heat pumps and it costing hundreds in electricity to operate due to their inefficiency. Glad you are flying straight with minimal usage, that's the key, require less.

  13. Wow, Hrtlss Bstrd has the answer for everything. Maybe we should just listen to him all the time … NOT. It just struck me that he is the naysayer here. I'm with a bunch of very positive, Maine loving people who know this NOT good for Maine. We are from both sides of "aisle," disagree on other things, most would not see the corridor from their homes (regarding NIMBY), but we are together fighting this nothing but "for profit" line that does essentially nothing for Maine. -- And I don't know where he gets the 90% of the line, but NONE of the line is currently place! They would be expanding/widening 90 miles of existing corridor and then putting up 95 foot tall metal poles and then of course the lines.

  14. Awwww, I also have the standard meter and the same happens with my bill. One month it's $120 - $190, and then goes down for the next three months. The third month sometimes the bill is as little as $10, or I have a credit. They do not read the meter every other month. It's more like every 3rd or 4th month or 5th month from what I can tell. I am so sick of liars. And I know of no one who wants this corridor. They have to give up at some point. I wrote to Lisa Kiem to urge her to support the bills mentioned in this letter. Join me in writing to her. It only takes 2 minutes!

  15. New Sharon residents 82-4 opposed to NECEC. Pretty telling I'd say.