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Letter to the Editor: NECEC blues

I sat in front of my computer for quite some time before I wrote this letter. The reason for the lengthy pause centered on the fact that it is simply too difficult to comprehend that the NECEC is still a serious issue. My thought: how is it possible that this NECEC project hasn’t been scrapped by any number of State or Federal agencies?

Some selected red flags:

The Attorney General of Massachusetts has come out in opposition to the Corridor because Hydro-Quebec already sells significant amounts of electricity into New England through other existing lines.

Climate Change debunked: ‘When you add the emissions from building and producing materials for a dam, as well as the emissions from clearing forests and moving earth, the greenhouse gas production from hydro is expected to be about the same as from burning natural gas,’ says professor David Schindler.

No independent Environmental Impact Statement has even been done yet there will be approximately 3500 acres of woodland clear cut in perpetuity – that includes the fragmentation of the largest unfragmented forest east of the Mississippi River.

Finally let’s not forget that CMP has cheated over 300,000 customers and one response from them was “usage is usage” even though Liberty Consulting documented faulty ‘smart meters.’ Said a former executive, who took part in CMP department head meetings: “There was a lack of management attention to billing. But you’re going to make millions each year (from building the NECEC project), and the billing system doesn’t make you that kind of money.”

I ask this very simple question: with all of the evidence of lying, cheating, half-truths, and subterfuge is CMP really trustworthy enough to build the NECEC? If I have to answer that question for you we are in BIG trouble.

Richard W. Aishton, Ph.D.

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  1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌🖐✌

  2. I completely agree Richard. It is still an issue because a small group of "connected" people want this thing even knowing the majority of Mainers do not. Yes, some others are willing to accept a few shekels or others convinced the end is near.

  3. "That includes the fragmentation of the largest unfragmented forest east of the Mississippi River."

    That's a lie, there are two wind farms and associated transmission lines and access roads running through the area, the whole region has been cut so many times, CMP could clear the NECEC with a decent weed wacker. The region is not pristine, anybody who says it is, has never been there.

    If these anti-NECEC people are going to lie, they can at least be sincere and do it convincingly. And the equipment used to get the materials to build a single Prius or Tesla belch out more emissions in a single week than the equipment used to construct the entire 53 mile new section of the NECEC as most of those minerals are mined in countries that still use high sulfur content diesel.

  4. Richard, very good summation. It appears the liberal elites in our own state including ms. Mills, have abandoned the folks in our part of the state. Lying, cheating and half truths, thats all our governor and the green fools pushing this very bad idea have going for them. Real Mainers lose while the wealthy elites force their agenda on our residents. It's all wrong.

  5. HrtlssBstrd wrote,,
    "the whole region has been cut so many times, CMP could clear the NECEC with a decent weed wacker."

    If this is "true",. I want one of those weed wackers.!!

    But that statement is not true,, which makes it a "???)..
    Hint, 3 letter word,, spelled "LIE"...

    MAN,, what's up with all this lying??

  6. Richard, I agree 100 percent. Mills and her other parties are lining their pockets. Listen up people how much more can we stress this is Not a good deal.

  7. There is so much losing going on now, that I can’t imagine how people think a anything is the truth. I do know this is not virgin forest or it would be full of the King’s pines, which it isn’t.

  8. 3 Letter Word, Husqvarna 345fr, the thing is a tank, 45cc best weed wacker I have ever owned, it's like a handheld bushhog, I use Oregon Gatorline .095 it's square and takes a beating, I have never had it line wrap the thicker stuff.

  9. HB - no, it is not a lie. True the area is logged and not pristine, but it still remains UNFRAGMENTED because even logging roads, especially winter roads do NOT fragment a forest. But a 300 foot wide perpetual clearcut will certainly do the job. I am really happy to hear about the prius and its life cycle. But this was not part of the letter. And I notice that you didn't really argue with any of the other parts of the letter. I am truly shocked that you don't acknowledge that over 300,000 Mainers are getting cheated by cmp and their Spanish parent company Iberdrola. Doesn't that really bother you? And Tom Knight, like I stated above to HB, of course it's not virgin, but it is UNFRAGMENTED. But, you don't comment on other points? There is not one lie in that letter above and it disappoints me that people seem to side with a company that cheats your fellow Mainers and lies about it on a daily basis. Any truth that comes out is certainly NOT from cmp.

  10. I wanted to write a separate comment. Would anyone mind answering this simple question?

    Please tell me why is this NECEC project is good for Maine?

  11. Ozerki, Yeah because 40 wind turbines and their 150ft wide transmission corridors that almost quadrisect northern Franklin county are so aesthetically pleasing. And it is fragmented, there are dirt roads and paved roads running all over the place, rt16/27, rt201, not to mention Harris Station Dam and its 120ft wide transmission corridor that runs from Indian pond southward. The whole "not fragmented" thing doesn't work.

    To address your other concern about CMP "ripping" people off, if it is 100% provable, get a bunch of customers together and file a class action lawsuit against CMP, I had a problem with a faulty smartmeter years ago, CMP showed up 2 days after I reported it and replaced the meter and 2 weeks later I had a refund check for the difference in my bill. As for other customers, I don't pay their bills, I don't live in their houses so I can't attest to their bills, or power usage, and on that particular subject, I have no further comment.

    Next, What does Maine get out of the NECEC? Nothing and here is why, The NECEC already exists except for the section from Canada to the existing line at East Moxie Twp, it just needs to be tweaked in a couple areas, but Franklin, Somerset, Androscoggin and Cumberland are the only counties where the NECEC will run, how does that have anything to do with the other 12 counties., it doesn't. But it has made some people jealous though, because of the 16 counties, only Franklin and Somerset will get the largest share of the property taxes that CMP will pay every year, Androscoggin will get some, Cumberland maybe some, I am not familiar with that section of the grid or the proposed upgrades. But the other 12 counties are entitled to nothing, now had the NECEC ran through the eastern counties, it is very likely we in the western counties would never have had a discussion about it except for maybe a couple passing mentions of it as people drank their morning coffee, and that would be the extent of it. In short, the NECEC isn't good for Maine(it doesn't have to be), but it is good for Franklin county and that is all I care about.

  12. Hrtless,

    I've been there, and compared to the other places I've hiked, this working forest is pristine.

    Ozerki, in answer to your question, the NECEC seems to be good for most town Select boards, some political figures, and people who want a share of that CMP mitigation money to spend on whatever.
    All at the expense of others in their state
    Nothing good will come out of that. Nothing at all.

  13. HB, I am not sure why you always bring up wind turbines ...... this is NOT the point at all, it's simply a red herring that you bring into the discussion. Yes, the wind turbines are ugly, do a lot of damage and have corridors that bisect forested land. But, what does that have to do with the NECEC? The topic of the letter is about cmp and the NECEC. I am very happy you didn't get screwed by cmp but many people have done what you did and were told that they needed to change appliances or even that someone was stealing their electricity. This is all part of the record being developed for the class action suit. Liberty Consulting also documented the faulty 'smart meters' so it seems you were quite fortunate compared to others. I am happy that you care singly about Franklin county. If that is the case then why are you speaking up for the NECEC which also passes through Somerset. Essentially, why are you meddling in Somerset's affairs if all you care about is Franklin County? And your admission that the NECEC isn't good for Maine but it doesn't have to be? Please elaborate. And in whaat way is this corridor good for Franklin Country? Apparently most people don't agree with you so I would like to understand your logic for supporting it. thanks

  14. Terry, I have hunted in the Yukon 4 days hike away from anywhere, that land is pristine, no logging roads, and except for the occasional hikers, hunters and Native Canadians, there is zero human activity, so I guess my idea of pristine isn't a working forest with more bald spots than a man with male pattern baldness.

  15. Ozerki, To be blunt, people aren't smart, most cellphones are smarter than most people are, the answers from CMP customer service are given by minimally paid seat fillers who read from a pre-written script, they don't get paid enough to solve problems. Think of them as pawns, they field the questions so the higher ups don't have to, I deal with them as little as possible, when dealing with corporations like CMP, you have to aim higher and talk in specific terms and learn how the system works because going against the system never works, there is a pecking order, Using "you" as a general term, You have a problem with CMP billing and or equipment, you call CMP seat filler at customer service, and tell them you have a problem, but they know as much about your problem as you do, so you ask to speak to the next highest paid seat filler, they get on the line and the first thing you say to them is you want to speak to the person in charge of billing or equipment maintenance, they are the ones who are able to deal with specific problems, if they don't do something about it, you call the Maine Public Utilities Commission and they will deal with CMP if that fails to address the problem, then you go to the attorney general's office and they deal with it. Most people give up long before they get to that point because they just keep getting the run around from the customer service seat fillers.

    As for me keeping the wind farms and other corridors fresh, that is a necessary reminder of the things that run through this "pristine" "unfractured" forest. I don't speak for Somerset county, but I do know they support the NECEC as does Androscoggin. And the writer of the Op-Ed didn't mention the NECEC anywhere in the letter in relation to anything he questions, He simply lists a couple talking points, he asks questions to which he clearly doesn't know the answer to, the MA attorney General is a Bernie Sanders leftist who thinks corporations should be prevented from making money unless they are giving 80% in taxes, besides it is not her place to say how and where companies can make money. And so far, only around 600 people in Franklin county have come out against the NECEC, 600 of 30,000 isn't most of anything, I bet there are 600 people in Franklin county that hate Folgers coffee, and probably a couple thousand that don't, could be more, could be less, the point is, that the pitiful turnouts at town meetings are not indicative of how everybody feels about the NECEC one way or the other. You say "most" people, who are these "most" people, and you have hard data to back up your claim that "most" people don't support the NECEC.

  16. OK, HB. Let's talk a bit more. First, the letter above has verifiable facts for each of the statements, I looked them up. No EIA, ratepayers cheated at conservatively 300K and verified by an independent consulting firm, Liberty Consulting. Their report is part of the FOI Act. The MA AG comment - how can you be taken seriously with a comment like that? She was presented with a contract to review - MA and HQ - somewhere in the job description of an AG it states, being the highest ranking legal authority in any state, that the AG is required to defend the MA constitution , abide by the laws of the state and country, and be sure not to screw the state of MA (I am paraphrasing). So, finding that HQ presented a contract without verification that the source of power came from a new source. So, she being a Sanders leftist must have had some sway in her defending MA and their prior verbal agreement with HQ? Your comment about 600 people in Franklin Country have come out against? Where in the world do you do your research? Probably Bob Thorndike employs more than 600 and they are all against the corridor. At any rate, that's a moot point. I would have thought that a person such as you might resent unethical practices, poor natural resource management, and lying to name a few. I am against the Corridor probably as much because of the injustice than the Corridor itself. No EIA? Huh? Peter Mills + WM&RC? Huh? The Mahoney Bros - one from CLR and the other from Avangrid (and CLF opposed the VT and NH project but, miraculously supported ME! Wow, how about that? 3500 jobs? Now 1600 but just during construction and 38 total. I might ask where your hard data is to disprove what I said? And how do you know that the turnouts at town meetings are not representative? What's your authority? And the letter above - there are only 2 questions - one about why this project hasn't already been dumped in the trash and the other relating to how utterly untrustworthy cmp is. Both legitimate questions. It seems that you are the one who lacks any concrete evidence. I probably should stop responding to you but it is interesting to me that someone who is obviously pretty smart simply chooses a side for some particular reason and then defends it with good discussion but few facts. Anyway, your move.

  17. I'll admit it;I enjoy HB's sense of humor. I don't often agree but they* are usually well written with some unavoidable sarcasm. He seems to be the only local member of Cult 45 who has actually been somewhere outside of Farmington. *his posts

  18. If 300,000 CMP customers were being ripped off wouldn’t Joe Bornstein would be all over it? And if Bob Thorndike has more than 600 employees against NECEC I’ll put your hat on Ozerki.

  19. What's Cult45 ??

  20. I am referring to the delirious followers of the 45th president,the person that Putin refers to as Agent Orange. He has inspired Evangelicals to abandon God,morals,and ethics. Has caused rabid right wingers to be devout commie defenders, married folks to embrace serial adultry,,honest folks to excuse relentless 24 hr a day lying, and veterans to admire serial draft dodgers who routinely disparage war heroes,combat vets and their families. I could fill up the entire internet if I chose to but my large battered hands and 8 w.p.m typing skills won't allow it. Such cult worship has rarely been seen outside of N Korea or Jonestown Guyana. To set the record straight,I have no more use for the far left than I do the far right. Maybe even less. They are both dangerous if left unchecked. As near as I can figure; since I began voting in 1976,I have voted Dem 50%,Repub 40%,and Libert/Ind,or Green 10%. I just don't like bad human beings. There are just 2 damn many of them and they seem to be breeding at 10 times the rate of good decent folks. It has nothing to do with Trumps party,it's just that he is a truly a bad guy and no one who isn't named in his will thinks otherwise.

  21. Well, CP, I might have hyperbolized Bob's employee numbers a bit, and Joe Bornstein was overbid by Sumner Lipman. Yes, and what is Cult 45? (you mean Colt 45? - didn't know they made the stuff any longer).

  22. @ whats that. Cult45 is what leftists use to call President Trump supporters. Now that Obama is gone it’s not ok to like the President of our country. If you don’t hate your President you belong to a culture of followers.

  23. @Hrtlss Bstrd - You have NO clue dude. It's NOTHING but TRUTH from ALL of the anti-NECEC people...97% of Mainers DO NOT want nor do WE need this. HQ is already pouring energy into the ISO-NE grid. Get off your butt and do some real research as the rest of us have before running your ill-informed mouth.

  24. Ozerki, I'm going to explain this as best I can using simple easy to follow terms, there are 2 groups of people, the majority and the minority, when a town of 7,700 people like Farmington has, has a town meeting and 60 people show up to vote on stuff, while those 60 people are voting on things that will affect the whole town, 60 people is not a majority of Farmington residents, when you say "most" people are against the NECEC, most of whom are you referring to? Most of 60 people? Or most of the 600 or so total people in Franklin county who we know are against it, using basic math we have the close to total number of people who attend these meetings, and when they vote, a majority is counted as 50%+1, so if 60 people vote on it and it fails, that means that at least 31 people voted against it which is only indicative of the majority of the people who voted not of how the general population feels about the NECEC either way for or against. I have never said most people support the NECEC, because I don't know that most do any more than you know that most people don't.

    The MA AG is the state's attorney, it is her job to review any contract(s) directed at the state for legal errors and to answer legal questions the state may have in regards to said contract(s), it is however not her job to make any decisions on the state's behalf in regards to said contract(s) and since Massachusetts has approved the contract(s), whatever the AG thinks is her own personal opinion.

    Yes the CLF did come out against the proposals in VT and NH, VT already has one owned by QuebecHydro and didn't want another one, the planned route in NH went through 2 state parks and a chunk of the White Mountains National Forest, the CLF and the feds were both against that one as anybody should be when it comes to chewing up state parks and protected lands, the NECEC however is in a working forest, no parks or protected land anywhere near it, so why wouldn't they support the NECEC, especially when a large portion of the corridor itself already exists.

  25. SPEAKING OF THE BLUES (btw great letter Richard),on September 14th Say No to NECEC is hosting a FUNdraiser at Titcomb Mountain that will include 2 great blues bands- Matt and the Barnburners and the Kahuna Kam Band. In addition to food and music we will have information on hand and people there who will be able to answer questions about the NECEC, From 3-8 pm, this donation only event will help raise money for our goal of bringing the NECEC to a referendum question, where the people of the State of Maine can decide once and for all.
    I have a couple of simple questions for you die hard NECEC supporters:
    1) Do you trust CMP/Avangrid? Can you possibly think they will look out for you, the ratepayer in any outcome?
    2) Are you comfortable with foreign entities controlling New England's power grid?
    3) Would you prefer the money you spend on electricity be shipped out of country or remain here in Maine?
    4) Are you aware that despite all the propaganda put out by CMP saying otherwise many more Maine jobs will be lost than gained by this project?
    5) and my #1, the region is rare in its scenic vistas, cold running waters and intact forestry and guiding industries. Along with our rocky coast, it is the iconic brand of Maine, the North Maine Woods. Mark my words, the NECEC is the first step in a big plan to exploit and industrialize that region of Maine. If we can keep it from being fragmented and industrialized, our successors will thank us eternally. In 100 years it will be a thousand times more valuable to the people and state of Maine. Or, it will be a cold New Jersey, where no one goes to recreate or engage in sustainable forestry. #nocorridor #titcomborbust

  26. Hrtlss,

    You’re entitled to your perceptions, after all, you’ve experienced a small part of the Yukon.

    Sorry, but even the CMP representatives themselves will tell you that there will be unfixable visual impacts and destruction off wetlands.

    This high powered elective transmission line is permitted and ready to go in Vermont. I think a Massachusetts can invest a little more money into their “green” energy and put that line underground.

  27. Terry, they are not protected wetlands, they are the same wetlands that TransCanada is currently using to run their corridor through, and everything has a visual impact that somebody will have a problem with, there is no such thing as pleasing everybody, it is impossible to do. I remember awhile back there was a man in Portland who thought he would save money on his light bill by installing some solar panels in his yard, one neighbor complained that she couldn't see people coming down the road from her kitchen window by looking through his yard any longer, and due to some obscure city ordinance, since he failed to notify his neighbors of the changes he was making to his property he had to remove his solar panels.(I don't agree with that either) Did you get your neighbor's permission before you had CMP run a wire from the pole to your house? Maybe they didn't want to look at the wire. You probably should have asked. Why then would CMP ask you, a resident of Franklin county(assuming you are) for your permission to run a power line on property that CMP owns or controls? The state says that CMP has to notify people of their intentions, CMP has done that numerous times, the state is obviously satisfied because the MPUC has granted the permit as has the LUPC, as soon as the DEP signs off on the project (they have yet to do so), the NECEC will be started in the summer of 2020. At this point in the game it's when not if.

  28. @ozerki If you are so concerned about lies, where are your posts about the Liar-In-Chief, the leader of the US Senate, and the former governor? Lies are your forte.

  29. HB, two wrongs don't make a right. Just because we were bamboozled by the wind tower projects doesn't mean we have to continue to let the powers that be destroy our landscape.

  30. Well stated, Darryl!

  31. Daryl,
    1 yes
    2 yes
    3 don’t care
    4 no
    5 this is not a question...

  32. Darryl, Addressed in order
    1. If I wasn't willing to grant CMP/Avangrid with a certain amount of trust, I would drop them and go with non grid tied solar and natural gas, they do still make gas lights and appliances.
    2. Are you aware that HydroQuebec supplies 1700 of Maine's 4700 mw usage, Emera gives us another 800, that's 2500mw in total that comes from foreign exports, and since HydroQuebec can only export the total of 8700mw and the New England grid uses 29,000mw, I am not concerned with a foreign company controlling the grid, even though HydroQuebec does generate 34,000mw and could easily power the New England grid.
    3.Seeing how Maine only generates 28% of the power we use, there is no need to worry about the money from my light bill staying in Maine, because it won't under any reasonable circumstances stay in Maine.
    4. Right now, nobody is working on the line, so how can people lose a job they haven't gotten yet?
    5. It isn't located in the Maine North Woods, that area is 30 or so miles above Greenville, nowhere near the NECEC. And given the amount of logging and windmills in the area, it's fairly industrialized already.

  33. "To save the forest, I had to tear DOWN the forest! Yay!" Just like the wind debacle.

    But the elites will get paid, that's for sure - you can take that to the bank.

  34. Srry hrtlss, hv tnd u out bsd on cntlss gnrnt psts

  35. Tom Knight - not sure why you bring up Liar-in-Chief and others in a discussion about the NECEC. I commented on the letter about this NECEC debacle, NOT the people in DC. However, I have sent letters directly to Collins, Golden and King and had conversations with their aides about the lying from pretty much everyone. I have other fora where I air those concerns, such as Jeremy Scahill's 'The Intercepted' to name one with which you might be familiar. I have called out janet on this forum with letters and comments. I will admit that I have not gone off on trump anywhere but fb because I figure what's the use, so many others do that job and I might need to time to practice my putting, which is not really coming along too well. At any rate, thanks for your comments. I do hope you read up on the NECEC and understand that people like Darryl and other NECEC opponents ('Say No to NECEC' - of which I am a proud member) can't really get a way with lying otherwise credibility is down the tube. What I still don't get - Why is the NECEC good for Maine?

  36. Ozerki, In regards to your query "Why is the NECEC good for Maine?" let me ask you this, Is the Downeaster good for Maine? It costs $20 million a year to operate, it only generates somewhere between $9-$17 million a year in income and Maine taxpayers have to cough up $3 million a year to subsidize it(Maine and the feds are the only subsidizers, MA and NH don't contribute even though the train stops in NH and MA and is housed in Boston's North Station, we pay rent to MA for Amtrak to house a train that only runs from Brunswick to Wells in Maine.) At least the NECEC won't cost Maine anything, unlike most democrat pushed endeavors like the Downeaster, laptops and Ipads in the classroom, 2.5 million acres of Maine logging rights, etc. So I'd say that's pretty good for Maine, wouldn't you?

  37. Man this one has gone on long enough. Get over it and move on to other issues. NECEC is not going to happen!

  38. Old Maineiac says it has gone on long enough, tells us to move on to other issues, then adds that the NECEC isn't going to happen. What's the matter OM, having trouble moving on to those other issues?

  39. Angel, Please enlighten me, list some of the research you personally have done, change my mind, oh one last thing, please avoid talking points, I know it's going to be hard but they really have no place in a discussion.

  40. HB, nice redirection. Have to hand it to you, the way you move the discussion away from the point is smooth. However, my question still stands and you didn't answer it. Well, you did before - 'it's not good'. As far as costs, of course there is a cost to Maine. The environmental costs are significant and economic models would quantify those values extremely high given the native trout spawning areas, and vernal pools crossed just to name 2 of the many. If you really do not recognize that there are costs to the environment that can and should be quantified through an EIS then you ought to read up on this type of work. It has been my field of study for the past 50 years.

  41. Ozerki, I thought we were discussing things that cost a lot of money, and don't benefit Maine? Isn't that the point? You come off as a "I would throw in behind the NECEC, if Maine got something out of it." type of person. Franklin county gets something out of it, isn't that enough for you? Maybe you can explain how much money Franklin county gets from EmeraMaine's assets.

  42. Its great that the county's the line would go through get some kind of property taxes. And we all know our property taxes would more than likely still go up year after year after year after year. God forbid we the people ever get ahead . And we all know this is about MONEY.
    and , as much as most people dont want or think this line is good for OUR state, (me includied) it will probably go through,maybe... as its all about MONEY for those in power. Not the people of the state.. unfortunately. Well id propose that every personal household residence in those countys the line runs through , get FREE, FREE FREE , FREE ELECTRICITY for as long as that line is there. Period. Now i know the socialists green new deal lovers would love it because those homes wouldnt be burning those nasty fossil fuels. And the Republicans would love it, well , because its free ELECTRICITY! Lets all get on board for free ELECTRICITY. What do you have to loose? They already took the mtn tops , and were already giving away our water . Lets at least get something for giving up part of our state. Whos on board !??

  43. Who gets what money, The state is not giving "our" water away, as nobody owns the water, nor is it an actively traded commodity like oil, gold or other precious metals. We get 3-5 trillion gallons of water every year in the aquifer, Poland Springs could take a 1000 billion gallons a year, and there would still be plenty of water.

    Utility companies spend millions of dollars and employ thousands of people to produce and deliver their product to you so your life is easier, all they ask in return is for a little money, who are you, you who have nothing invested, no time, no money, no effort, to suggest that they give it away for free? Go into Walmart and fill up a cart with stuff and walk out with it, and when you get arrested, tell the judge you took the stuff because the Waltons whose net worth is $138 billion dollars can afford to give it away, let me know how that works out for you.

  44. HB and Tom Knight - first I resent being called a liar. Look up forest fragmentation BEFORE you call me a liar again. Both of you need to understand the term a bit better than you obviously do.

    The corridor is completed for the lower 92 miles? Well, I can assure you THAT is a lie - I have the drawings that cmp submitted to the PUC and have calculated the acreage for EACH segment and it is NOT completed for the lower 92 mile stretch. So, HB, your information is not accurate and erodes any credibility you may still have. We are discussing the NECEC and have been, so not sure why you seem to take the conversation into a different realm. I have not deviated from the NECEC issue.

    And, now in light of the information coming out regarding how cmp has cheated rate payers and knew about it, thus qualifying itself for really being the true LIARS in this mix - I wonder why anyone would have confidence with an outfit like this to build the NECEC. Think it's time to have them make their customers whole before any further discussion about the NECEC. Also be reminded, that this is an ELECTIVE, FOR-PROFIT project that will lead to huge profits for a SPANISH company.

  45. Hrtlss if poland springs can take 1000 billion gallons a year from the aquifers they pull from why are they currently not pulling from lexington and dallas like they were. If they don’t hurt the ground water levels why is the small pomd next to the the dallas site near empty not even enough water in it for fish to live. Go ahead spew more of your I’m never wrong and everyone else is stupid rhetoric I sometimes enjoy reading your smug arrogant responses just needed to chime in on your never ending support of corruption in big business in this state. CMP and Poland Springs are just that they act like they care but in the end they would sell their mothers to make a buck of the people who in this state.

  46. Hrtless,

    All they ask for is a little money? Apparently you do not pay attention to the NECEC issue or the news.
    Our state advocate Barry Hobbins just took CMP to the woodshed.
    I pay for my electricity. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with people being overcharged for services not rendered.

    Now, I suppose, since my electric bill doubled last month, I should start the process of investigation. But unfortunately, I don't have time for that, Believe me when I say I tried to decipher my bill on line to no avail. I just paid it and moved on. I can afford to do that. Others cannot.
    CMP, a utility company, has caused a lot of grieve to the people of this state. CMP cannot be trusted. CMP is facing a lawsuit. The public advocate of Maine is saying that CMP's billing process is flawed.

    Personally, I believe CMP needs to stand before a judge and jury. I also know that some CMP representatives have been pulled away from the NECEC project. They are using a Avangrid spokesperson instead. In other words, even CMP needs to save itself from, CMP. I would even go so far as to suggest that our governor should save herself from the corporation's reputation by disassociating herself from that corporation. You are who you hang with.

    Speaking of which, next Saturday, rain or shine, we will be meeting at Titcomb Mountain for a SAY NO TO THE NECEC event. Please consider joining us for an informational and fun day.

    Hrtless, we hope to see you there.

  47. Hrtlss bstrd... humm name fits. HAHA.
    Its still all about the MONEY. oh , water is traded like a commodity , i own some. And i fill up my grocery cart regularly, for free, thanks to your generous tax dollars.
    Thanks sunshine!