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Letter to the Editor: NECEC will have a negative impact on the western Maine mountains

The CMP/Avangrid/Iberdrola ad that states that only .0001 percent of Maine forestland will be affected by the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) proposed transmission line corridor through the western Maine mountains is cleverly deceptive but outrageously dishonest. It is like saying that we can blow up our moon because it only represents .000001% of our milky way galaxy. For the citizens of plant earth, that event would be catastrophic.

Likewise, the negative impact of the proposed NECEC transmission line corridor on the forestland around the proposed corridor in the western Maine mountains would substantially affect wildlife habitat, cold water fisheries habitat (native brook trout), families, scenic views and tourism.

The direct impact would be the 53.5 miles long by 300-foot-wide proposed transmission line corridor. But, according to expert testimony from a consulting ecologist at the intervenor hearings before the Land Use Planning Commission, the additional direct impact on wildlife and cold-water fisheries would extend one kilometer beyond the edge of the 300-foot-wide proposed corridor. This would represent 50,000 acres of negatively affected forestland.

Forty Percent (40 percent) of the forestland in the western Maine mountains through which the proposed transmission line corridor would pass would be harmed when one divides the 50,000 acres by the forest acreage in the area of the proposed transmission line corridor in the western Maine mountains, not including forestland that will never be developed (e.g., Nature Conservancy).

John Nicholas

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  1. Is ANYONE surprised about the Lies being spread by CMP and their friends.?

    Burn me once, shame on you.
    Burn me twice,, shame on me.

    Take responsibility.
    We allow these dishonest "interests" to freely operate in our state.

    Do what Western Massachusetts did and say NO CMP corridor through "OUR" beautiful area !!

    Stop being fools.

  2. Great analogy with the moon in the milky way. I do hope that people are seeing through the millions of dollars of lobbying propaganda that CMP it's pushing through the airwaves. Hopefully the fact that their internal malfeasance is also in the news on a daily and weekly basis will help people to understand that their focus is on fooling the Maine people to make tons of money for Spanish iberdrola. If you think they're having problems paying attention to billing issues now wait till they have to be focused on maintaining the new Corridor that they're trying to push through. That will be their priority. It has to be, it's serving their masters in Massachusetts. Where the money is

  3. 17 and half million acres of forest land, 50,000 aces is less than .00001%, comparing some trees that would be dropped anyway to blowing up the moon is a stretch and isn't even an accurate analogy. That's like trying to justify abortion because the 18 million performed each year around the globe is a drop in the bucket compared to the 7.7 billion people already on the planet.

    And now the dems want the ferry companies to look into using electric ferries, the aging grid probably won't support that, and since CMP owns the equipment on that section of the grid, they have no incentive to upgrade...oh wait...yes they do have an incentive to upgrade, it's the NECEC, CMP gets the NECEC and Maine gets a grid upgrade to handle all the charging stations that Mills wants to have installed and so the ferries will have the massive charging stations they will require, puzzle pieces people, puzzle pieces. I have always supported the NECEC, that is no secret, but people have been wondering why it has met with little resistance with the state, I sort of figured something big was in the works, I just didn't now what until the other night, electric ferries make sense, they use an extremely large amount of power. And Massachusetts has wanted to use electric ferries or hybrids for the past 6 years, they just didn't have the power to charge them, but an extra 1200mw of Canadian hydro would do the trick.

  4. Why not run the new lines down existing interstate medians?

    They seem wide enough, it's a somewhat straight shot, the lines are more easily accessed, eminent domain issues would seem easier with less entities, and environmental and visible impacts would seem to be much less.

    Problem solved. Now if you could only get the owners of Routes 87, 91, 93, and 90 to agree.

  5. The very minimal change of land use will have great positive impacts to all households in Maine. The electricity delivered through this line will compete with electricity from other generators, will offset the inconsistency nature of 1000 megawatts of local wind and provide opportunity to bring energy extensive business to Maine.    
    Maine, along with Vermont and New Hampshire should steer clear of the radical energy makeovers proposed for the States of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
    Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire would be better served by leaving the ISO-NE Electric Network where operations are dictated by the wishes of the Southern New England. 
     Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire should join with Canada, where energy resources are immense and far cheaper than renewables and forced carbon taxation.  
     1200 megawatts of hydro from Canada would release Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont from the clutches and misguided energy laws coming from the South.    
    Maine ratepayers currently share in the costs to keep a natural gas plant near Boston in business and will have to pay for brand new transmission lines to be built near Boston so electricity can be shipped in to replace retiring natural gas plants. 

  6. HB,
    You are having a tough go of it lately. Pull out your calculator and do the math on your 50,000 is .00001% of 17,500,000. Is this some new math?

  7. HB, you are in way over your head so why bother commenting? First, the people against the NECEC actually have done their 'homework' and, second not all who are against the NECEC are dems. It is a multi-partisan effort that is based on current facts, not the 'ones' you use liberally. While understand you are much like my good friend from Jackman, Bobby Foster, who takes the opposite side of pretty much anything, at least Bobby rarely passes up the chance to keep his mouth shut, unlike others with whom I might be familiar. Focus on the big picture here. You seem skilled at divide and conquer but at some point you need to read more and comment less. This is quite a lot deeper than you can imagine so, while your comments are humorous to most of us, they do get tedious and predictable. Oh, BTW, have you researched what an EIS is yet? That one is obviously in your blind spot so perhaps take some time to get familiar with it after being punked in your own crib (stealing from the younger generation). Time to look at NECEC facts rather than just spout off the top of your head. Have a productive Friday.

  8. You know Ozerki, It is often our own advice that is hardest to follow, understand? And go read the other thread, I posted some for you, if you are so ignorant as not to find the reports listed and read them for yourself, then I am not sure you really want answers and are more geared towards just being argumentative.

    Mainah, It was figurative not exact math, you know, like the math in the letter, figurative not exact, because an acre is a measurement of area, a kilometer is a measurement of distance. Also who was the "expert" mentioned in the letter, do you know? Because I don't and was wondering.

  9. They want hydro, they want to force everyone to go bankrupt by mandating they re-equip their homes, municipalities..fuel and heating oil taxes...giveaways of our money for e-car boondoggles and importing new voters...all of this coercive, unfree crud they want to push on us and FORCE us to fund.

    But the want NO CORRIDOR!! which is DIRECTLY related to these MANDATES they support SO strongly. Yeah....NIMBY, ha ha. The true nature of the Democrats is on display.

    Sorry - if you're going to double MY property taxes with your outrageous proposals like electric school busses and whatnot....then I want a corridor so I can be sure YOU are doing YOUR part, too. THIS is what 'saving the planet' looks like. Shouldn't have cried wolf, I guess. If the earth is truly in peril, you should be calling out for them to hurry up putting it in! And to hurry up damming all the rivers, too.

    How you view this corridor? Yeah, that's how the rest of us view 'climate change' and all the authoritarianism Democrats want to enact in its name. Enjoy. The further Left you go, the more you'll have things just like this - but you won't learn.

  10. HB - like I said in another comment - the reports you cite are NOT anything like an EIS. They are NOT comprehensive, do NOT do what an EIS does and any type of insults you use do NOT affect the actual nature and depth of an EIS. Perhaps you simply need to acknowledge, for once, that you blew it and are wrong.

  11. Once again, I need to ask why does Massachusetts and Quebec Hydro need a new corridor? They are already transmitting DC power to MA. All they need to do is add taller poles and more wires in the existing corridor.

    Also, if hydro power is so green why is no one in Maine building hydro-electric dams on our rivers and produce the power that MA wants here?