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Letter to the Editor: Not preferred

Looked at an absentee ballot this week and noticed that Eddie Hastings' (who is running for Sheriff) name has the words "Preferred Candidate - Independent" under their name. What does that mean and why / or how did they become a 'preferred candidate'?

So - here's what I found out:

Under Title 21-A, Section 354 (1) - Unenrolled candidates (there is no longer an Independent party in Maine), individuals are allowed to add up to 3 words for their political designation (this also goes on their ballot listing.) Many choose something like 'Conservative Independent', 'Independent for Maine', 'Independent', '(Insert Town) Independent', 'Unenrolled' etc.).

Eddie Hastings chose to put "Preferred Candidate - Independent"

Let's break this down.

So, don't let yourselves or your family and friends be fooled by those three little words that he has chosen to add to your ballots in order to make you think he is somehow preferred. He is preferred only by himself.

It may be legal now but it is definitely unethical.

Independent - again, there is no Independent party in Maine - only Unenrolled.

Evan McIntire

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