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Letter to the Editor: Poorly considered decisions

"I am not in support of this until we take care of our own people". That was Commissioner Terry Brann's reason for protecting the northern tier of our county from the 500 immigrants he is convinced are on our doorstep. The hyperbole of his statement would be laughable if the consequences of his decision-making were not so serious.

In the same issue of The Bulldog we read that Wilton Town Manager Rhonda Irish is concerned about the loss of necessary transportation services for her residents. That is the result of the Commissioner's decision not to fund Western Maine Transportation along with Western Maine Community Action and Seniors Plus, all organizations with long histories of providing essential services to local residents. The savings from this decision amounted to a few cents per resident per year. Further, this was contrary to the expressed will of the community.

Regarding the immigrant horde they are apparently afraid of I'll ask the commissioners, whose charge it is to look out for our economic interests, just how they plan to address the aging and shrinking Franklin County population. We are in negative growth, folks. The young are steadily leaving this area and we are well on our way into the demographic death cycle of an aging population and declining worker base. An infusion of immigrants might be just what we need. In fact communities that have welcomed them have seen improved tax bases, revitalized school systems, and the vitality that comes from small business creation.

These poorly considered decisions may be examples of how the Commissioners plan to take care of themselves but not how they are going to take care of the rest of us.

Steve Bien, MD

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  1. When a lot of our family first arrived in this country there were vast tracts of land that we were being encouraged to buy and settle. If you had the courage to travel to the middle of no where to build a life where there was every chance you could starve or fail it was there. Unless you want to squat on paper company land this is no longer the case. We live in our own little dream world where very few can fail, the poor of the world take our welfare,the rich of the world get bailed out. The only ones allowed to fail are our small business men who get permitted,regulated, and taxed out of existence every day. The problem with you dreamers is we have nothing left to offer the outside world that we dont have to take from some one thats all ready here. Go ahead, give away everything you have its a noble gesture and worthy of respect but when you start involving other people it turns cheap and trashy. We as a country have to stop telling the world we can fix all their problems, we can not. What we can do is promise less but come thru on what we do promise. It will promote a lot more respect and attitude change. The biggest challenge we face is not all the people that come here have have our best interest in mind. Those who hate us but can not change us by force will enter our country and look for weakness and exploit it. Our nature to help all must not be blind and remember if they are trying to change our way of life to their own they should have stayed where they come from.

  2. Wrong is right commented the following:

    "I'll be glad to answer this "simple" question..

    "I will ask again, Is it right to help all people in need, no matter where they are from and what it might cost you? The simple answer is no. Because of the way you purposefully phrased it."

    My Response: When you start off saying it is not right to help all people in need, you lose all credibility as it is painfully clear that you do not make your decisions with right and wrong in mind.

    As for your next comment, "Now my question to pointless.
    Is it "right" to take from one needy person to help another?"

    My answer: Of course not, that is why my questions did not distinguish between groups of people.A person in need is a person in need. Splitting people into groups just furthers the divide and is counter productive. Everyone is deserving of help.


    My last response to your comments. It is painfully clear that you do not understand the definition of ridicule. I will help you out, at no time did I express any contempt for you nor did I dismiss you. I posed questions, that you have not been able to answer.

    However it is rather telling that you choose to fall back on more self serving statements that make light of your political leanings and that you base your decisions on the same leanings instead of what is right and wrong.

  3. Amanda I'm with you all the way . I do support the commissioners on this one not only on a tax payer but also on a humanitarian point of view. Taking on refugees just to make a few peopl feel good at the expense of the tax payers is not fair to anyone.
    And as far young people leaving there's a reason for that , jobs and money.
    I just think it's a little to soon to start replacing the next generation with refugees .

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