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Letter to the Editor: Racism?

Our country is being rushed into solving the problem of racism. The solution (to use the word loosely) pushed forward involves cancelling historical persons, places, and events. Out of sight, out of mind. But, remember the old saying: Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it. I can’t recall who said it; he’s been cancelled.

I guess I can understand forgetting about that well known Democrat, Nathan Bedford Forrest. But Robert E. Lee? He committed the unforgivable sin of leading the military of the Confederacy, which he considered his ‘country.’ OK, he’s gone, if that’s what it takes. Now ...

Someone please explain to me why we must also cancel Winston Churchill. He was a major leader in the fight against the worst racist the world has ever seen. Was Winnie perfect? Of course not. Neither is anyone who is trying to cancel him.

And, finally, ... Abraham Lincoln.

This one just boggles the mind and undermines the entire effort with silliness.

Mike LeBlanc
East Wilton

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  1. So you are ok with erasing part of this countries history , the Civil War. But can seem to figure out why other figures in history not related to the Rebel of the South have been taken down? Maybe you should consider this is not their goal. The Goal is to erase the entire history of American ! It wont stop at the Confederate statues, next you read they will have taken ALL the faces off Mt Rushmore. Wake up ! Its deeper than you think, just ask the entitled white people in South Africa. And no that's not just South of Portland!

  2. No, I’m not OK with it, but it’s already done. Since writing the letter, add to the list of toppled statues: George Washington and U. S. Grant ... probably others who also committed the new sin of fighting slavery without first proposing a solution to racism.

    You’re right, Mr. Clark. This is no longer (if it was ever) about erasing the history of the Confederacy. It’s about erasing history.

    George Orwell is screaming in his grave: I TOLD YOU SO!

  3. What is going around today , Comes Back Around...

    I hope I live long enough to see the New People of tomorrow ripping down the "Memorials" the Anarchists Heroes of today erect for themselves.
    Haha... the fools.

    Further Proof That,, YES Indeed,
    Everything Is Beautiful.

  4. There were 18 murders and 60 other shootings in Chicago over the weekend. I guess tearing down statues really paid off! We should remove all police and shutter the hospitals. The burned out,looted stores won't rebuild nor should they. The domestic terrorists will have to fan out in search of fresh prey. Hope to see them soon.

  5. Which is worse, erasing history or rewriting it?

    Elements of this generation will eventually be stigmatized for their ignorance, radicalized agendas and ruthless mania of destruction and mayhem. These drones are the result of pampered upbringing, trophied entitlement, lenient expectations, gross negligence of learning respect, seekers of instant gratification, (not to mention "knowledge" upon demand), and total lack of appreciation or gratitude, and sadly, no sense of accountability.

    Our softened and scrubbed educational system has lost its former respect by tossing out core curricula in favor of technology and emerging socialist indoctrination under the guise of "doing the right thing." Young people today simply do not know history, period. They are the easy pawns of radical Marxism, sugar-coated as Democratic Socialism. Thousands flock to Bernie's bleatings of free everything, or AOC's harping of perceived racial injustice. Pandering Democrats prostrate and genuflect at the most faddish photo op to garner votes, yet the have done nothing to make America a better place.

    So, why all of a sudden are Rebel flags, Confederate war memorials, statues and portraits, and base, street and college names a big "problem"? Why didn't Democrats demand their removal over the decades they held power? Get my drift yet? BRAINWASHING.

  6. Everyone is quick to blame racism. A black adult who dropped out of school doesn't have a good job and income like that of a white adult who graduated from school...racism.
    A black single mother doesn't have a good job like a single white woman with no kids...racism.
    A white cop shoots an armed black man...racism
    Rampant crime in black neighborhoods...racism.
    Statue of Lincoln next to a slave...racism
    Shopping at the closest store rather than going out of your way by 10 miles to shop at a black owned store...racism.
    Telling Black Lives Matter and their supporters to stop rioting and looting...racism.
    According to the president of the Minneapolis city council, white people calling the cops if a black person breaks into their house...racism.
    There is no systematic or institutional racism in America, are there racists, yes there are and they have a right to conduct their lives how ever they wish. There is income disparity among all the races, it isn't just a black thing nor is it caused by racism.

  7. What is actually happening through all of this is increased alienation of people in our country. They do not want us to live in a country that excepts all mankind regardless of skin color. The national media is trying to divided us at all opportunities and that is wrong. We as Americans need to stop watching and supporting them so they might start listening to the people not just placating to the extremes. A country divide against it self cannot stand. I encourage all to fight against the lies of communist and socialist tyranny, and at the same time turn to their neighbors and help them. We do not need the government to help us for we can help ourselves. That is what is great about the country we live in.

  8. Townie,

    Well stated on the alienation. The liberal socialists are only looking for a mechanism which they can manipulate and shade to meet their agenda. The blacks, sadly again are unwittingly being used for a process they have no interest in whatsoever. The rioters are just thieves and arsonist. Opportunists at best, but at last they have a business plan. The white fat girls waddling down the streets are just clueless and will soon join the ranks of the unemployable. I’m sure mon and dad are oh so proud to have wasted their money.

    The chaos card is a standard socialist game plan to undermine the rule of law. Want Change, new laws or any other craziness? Make the do-nothing congress seat warmers, like golden and pingree do it. Are they too busy, inept or just eager participants in undermining the rule of law? Know the enemies of our country by their work, or their lack of same.

    To all that might actually think history can be edited and rewritten. It doesn't work that way, it’s always there and You’ve slipped a cog if you think this changes anything except increasing the legitimacy of any clams. Furthermore, it highlights the complete failure of the educational system, which most will acknowledge is already an abject failure. Do these kollege professor clowns still get paid for teaching their BS? Will educationally systems completely eliminate affirmative action in the search for a zero sum bias matrix? Try getting into a law school, with piss poor grades. It’s a non starter unless you can turn yourself into a minority. Click the “black box”or any of the others and poof, your CPA doesn’t matter. Re, Elizabeth Warren, AKA Pocahontas .

  9. Hopefully "Townie" will find a way to come around to accepting all our citizens

    Thinking/speaking in terms of "exceptions" justs digs the hole we find ourselves in deeper

  10. Hi Mike,

    At least one author of the quote you cite was George Santayana, professor of Philosophy at Harvard late 19th Century, early Twentieth. There may have been others, however he Is the one I've heard the quote attributed to. It is quite a worthwhile idea.

  11. If we are going to keep statues of Robert E. Lee and his confederates, maybe we should start putting up statues of Ho Chi Mihn, Hitler, and King George III. It's only fair that every armed enemy of the United States have their own memorial. Traitors should not be memorialized with statues in the town square or busts in the Capitol Dome.

  12. Chuck,
    "Accept All Our Citizens",, you say?
    Great "concept", can you direct me to who is actually doing that?
    No one living in this world..

    People are REACTING defensively.
    Surprise!! (Normal when one is being "attacked).

    How's your neighbor?
    Love them.

    Despite the Turmoil,
    Everything Is Beautiful.

    Happy Father's Day Everyone!

  13. No one is erasing any history by taking down statues around the country, renaming army bases, or taking down the Confederate flag.

    The history of slavery and states rights and of the unrelenting racism against black and brown people will not go away. How do I know? Because the taking down of signs designating spaces as white or black happened 50+ years ago across the South, but no one has forgotten Jim Crow and segregation.

    It is strange that we are still so attached to the leaders of a country that violated the union by secession. Also, I don’t see many statues to other famous traitors around the country. Or have we forgotten about the likes of Benedict Arnold and his attempt to betray the revolution because we don’t have statues of him?

    Similarly, why fly the flag of an enemy who betrayed America? If enemy flags remind us of our national strength, then why not fly the swastika flag, the Soviet flag, or the Vietnamese flag on our flagpoles?

    Btw, Winston Churchill never intended to fight racism in Europe or elsewhere. His beef was with German expansionism which implicitly undermined British power. He also had to prove that he wasn’t Chamberlain or some other bleeding-heart liberal. When he was not fighting Germany or fighting against colonial uprisings in India, Sudan, and South Africa, he oversaw the colonies in various government roles. He believed that Britain was meant to rule the inferior people on earth. His legacy includes the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and he always thought Neither Ireland nor India were capable of self-rule.

  14. For many of us, it is hard to understand the concept of racism much less the origin of racism. If you haven't experienced it yourself or if you live in an area with little to no diversity, it is difficult to relate to. Ben and Jerry have done a good job of detailing systemic racism in this link. It is long, but educational and informative.

  15. Sabine... How do you feel about the statue of Lenin in Seattle? Yes there is one..

  16. The only difference in skin color is how much your body absorbs sunlight

  17. You can not change what was what is only what will be. Some people think sitting on their as- whining and making kids is going to help,it will not. No where in the constitution does it guarantee you are going to "make it" only that you will be given the chance. By not protecting the right to fail we have cheapened the right to succeed. We are headed down hill. Sorry. I am waiting for congress to pass a law declaring all houses will be painted in a neutral color. Thats the way we are headed. We have changed from a land that is proud of those who work the hardest to a land that rewards those who whine the loudest. Sad

  18. Sabine, The thing is, Secession is a muddy swamp as in not clear, there actually is no legal standing against seceding from the union, the constitution defines how new states are admitted but not how they can leave. The south contested that the 9th amendment allowed for states to unilaterally secede from the union. However in 1868 the supreme court ruled that states couldn't unilaterally withdraw from the union and that Texas and the other confederate states still were and always had been union member states. If that were true, then it would make ending slavery a legislative problem, which technically it was as ending it officially would require an amendment to the constitution, which happened in 1865, in 1863 the emancipation proclamation was more publicity stunt rather than legally binding document.

    Jim Crow laws were a state thing not a federal thing, not all states had them, some states just prohibited miscegenation, which actually had some medical basis and is still documented today, some states actually just punished whites for breaking Jim Crow laws, 10 states paid for the education for colored teachers in one of the 18 states that had no Crow laws, so those black teachers could come back and educate black children in a separate but equal form of segregation.

    Benedict Arnold does have monuments and a couple statues, the Arnold Trail right here in Franklin County is a tribute to him.

  19. white fragility must be exhausting

  20. Not really,Omar. Our hard work and sacrifice is what keeps the other race alive. If you really want to stick it to the white man,boycott everything invented,produced,discovered improved and designed by whites. That will leave you living in the bushes,subsisting on whatever you can harvest from your nostrils.

  21. Learning about an historical figure, their impact on society during their life and how that impact echoed or echoes still through following generations is very different from veneration. Christians acknowledge the Devil and his existence and influence on the world, but wouldn't you find it confusing if above the pulpit there was an epic statue of Satan rather than Jesus? I'm not a Christian or a religious man so perhaps that's a bad example, but not quite as bad as the example many of you are setting for younger generations. The idea is not to erase history it is to convey the information with fidelity to the truth.

  22. Omar, Don’t worry you’ll get over or you’ll go away. Try another state you might like it.

  23. Al Swegan,
    As you surmised,,,Yes that's a Bad Example.

    Thanks for the concern for the well being of white people.
    I'm sure they are all gleefully celebrating your acknowledgement.

    Everything Is Beautiful.

  24. Leading up to WWII, no one was interested in fighting racism, least of all the USA under FDR. We left Churchill to twist in the breeze for years. Even after we helped the effort with material and, later, men, it still boggles the mind that he led the UK through as well has he did.

    Was he perfect? Of course not. But today anyone who wants to pull down his statue should first get on your knees an kiss his .. shoes. After all, everyone who comments here would likely be struggling with German instead of struggling with English.

  25. When it comes to confederate symbols, I am at a loss to understand why they ever went up.
    When a country loses a war, they don't put up memorials to their failed leaders.
    Certainly, a memorial in a cemetery for fallen soldiers of any war is appropriate as the common soldier just followed orders. But, the Generals and politicians who lost never deserve adulation. I am not aware of any place other than the American Civil War that we see state governments sponsoring this.
    An an analogy, when the Patriots lost a Super Bowl, did they put up a banner saying "we lost".
    Sorry, but winners get the praise and losers have to cope. Maybe the whole notion of giving kids trophies for participation is a Confederate value.

    People in this space get upset by athlete's who take a knee during the National Anthem at a sporting event(not a patriotic remembrance ceremony or a National match) but they are ok with statues of people who committed treason against the United States. Spare me the honor, dignity and self determination junk. The Confederates lost. Any symbol of their quasi nation is a tribute to loosing.
    And, the rebel flag is a loser's flag. Not passing judgement, just a statement of fact. The folks who flew that flag lost.

    Maybe that is why these symbols are viewed as a racist threat against the descendants of slavery. Either that or folks who like these symbols enjoy losing. We have to accept the fact that the Civil War ended a long time ago and the Union won, the confederacy lost. Maybe we need to do what the Romans did at Carthage to make sure the losers learned their lessons

  26. "Leading up to WWII, no one was interested in fighting racism"

    A lot of otherwise concerned blacks were busy trying not to get lynched to say anything about starting a movement!

  27. Good one Omar. Put that saying on a sign in your front yard and it proves without a doubt how un-racist you are. Some of my best friends not white, there, now I just proved I am not a racist.

  28. David:

    If you really want to give technological credit to a race, let's make it the human one. All our ancestors are from Africa. It's science (Not a major at Trump University). So feel free to go about your day not using fire, the wheel, or writing. They may not have been invented by white people. The Chinese, Arabs, Indians, and Native Americans may have added to the general mix as well. Cheers.

  29. "By not protecting the right to fail we have cheapened the right to succeed."

    I think THIS statement needs to be repeated, again & again. I couldn't agree more.

    Al Swegin - LOVE the name. 10/10 on that one :)

  30. Sorry, Chuck Davis. I should have said: No one who today is bombarded with retroactive, sanctimonious scorn and who cannot defend himself being, you know, dead ...

  31. No racism evident in this body of comments. Nope, none at all ... /s

  32. I saw a post on FB(which probably isn't true) but it was supposedly a quote from Morgan Freeman.
    "I don't want a Black History month, Black History is American History, there isn't a white history month"
    Just saying it is our history, we can't change that but we can control our futures
    Thank you

  33. Gil that is a factual quote from him. You can find it on YouTube in an interview, but that doesn’t fit the narrative.

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