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Letter to the Editor: Roads finally graded!

It’s with great pleasure I can say we have finally had our road graded. It’s been quite a process to get to this point but after competitive bids were received we are now in business. If you are one of those who lives on a county gravel road and have not seen the grader yet, be patient he’s coming. They are taking the time needed and doing an excellent job. I’d like to thank Commissioner Terry Brann for taking the initiative to insure the process followed the guidelines and is working with the selected contractor to get him going, as well as checking on their progress. Greatly appreciated!

Bob Carlton
Freeman Township

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  1. Oh my gosh, some nice words for that mean spirited, conservative Terry the world coming to an end?

  2. Commissioner Brann deserves all kinds of congratulations for doing his job, however late. Thank goodness he has a friend who was able to distract him from his salary fight long enough to serve the people of Franklin County. Mr. Carleton may be needed again very soon. I hope he stays on watch.

  3. No, Mizer. It's not coming to an end. It's coming to an election. Why else would we get such transparent pandering? Even the most simple of simpletons can recognize it for what it is. Terry would be wise to distance himself from such insincerity.

  4. Wow...all people can do is complain. He works hard and looks out for the best interest of the taxpayers. I know I will get my head chewed off by those who think the county is wrong to cut aid to companies who can get the aid they need on their own by putting a little effort in, but oh well. I don’t really much mind. My opinion is that he has done a great job for the community and just because people think otherwise doesn’t mean he’s out of the running for another term. I hope everyone who can see clearly votes the right way. Team Brann all the way!

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