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Letter to the Editor: Shame on Bruce Poliquin

Shame on Bruce Poliquin for voting for the Trump Tax plan, a plan that would put lots of money in the hands of the wealthy, while saddling the middle class with trillion dollar tax deficits.

The Trump plan will make huge cuts to the corporate tax rate, ostensibly to place the US rate on par with other countries. This would be a permanent tax shift from corporations to the middle class. The last time the US cut corporate taxes, other countries simply dropped their rates even lower. In this race to the bottom corporations win, and the middle class loses.

Cuts intended to benefit the middle class have a sunset provision. They are temporary. Within a few years they can be raised. Since corporate taxes are permanent it will be the middle class who will be paying for the deficit caused by the corporate tax cut.

Economists agree that this plan will be devastating for our country. It is unconscionable to create such a large tax deficit merely to benefit the rich. Trickle down economics has repeatedly been proven false. If you want the middle class to benefit from tax reform then the tax reform should target the middle class. Do not give tax breaks to the wealthy and expect them to give the money to the middle class.

Bruce Poliquin claims to represent the best interests of Maine’s Second District. His actions prove otherwise.

Jan Collins

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  1. Have you read the 4700 page tax plan? If not, then how can you say it is only good for the rich?. That seems to be the stand by saying for anyone who is against anything lately. Who are the economists that you are speaking of? Please state your sources.

  2. JFK was a democrat and was in favor of the same tax plan, he drawed it up and was killed before he could introduce it.

  3. Bruce works for the prosperity of ALL Mainers. All Mainers named Bruce Poliquin. That happen to live at his address.

  4. The United States Government has no money.....

    It derives it's income from the power of taxation of the Corporations and Citizens. The top one percent pay half of all taxes. The bottom 60 percent
    pay less than 2 percent of all taxes.

    The Second President of the United States John Adams said;
    "All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation."

  5. Oh my, how the libs hysteria matches on.

    So Jan,, do you honestly believe it is only Mr Poliquin who is out for themselves? David (whatever your last name is), are you claiming all the greed resides only on one side of the political aisle?

    If so, please do the right thing.
    Look in the mirror and say the word fool.

    Angus, Chellie, now there's a couple more wolves in sheep's clothing. Hillary is the most corrupt if them all.
    Ol Bruce has plenty of company.
    Your soap box is silly.

  6. The problem with both Republican and Democratic tax plans is they do nothing about the runaway spending that created and continues to build the deficits. We are mortgaging our grandchildren's future to benefit today's oligarchy and government corruption. If we can't cut spending, it won't matter what the tax plan is. We and future generations will face the consequences.

  7. Time for a refresher course to the whiny liberals. First, get your facts in order. The new tax plan is 470 pages
    give or take a few. The republicans have been working on it for months and many of them, if not all, have read
    it. There were some last minute changes added by RINO’s like Susan Collins and a few others. Those last
    minute changes were penciled into the plan along the sides of the pages. That got the republicans the 51 votes
    needed to pass in the senate. The plan has been very thoroughly read by all involved in preparing it. The Dems
    didn’t want any part of it, even though they supported many of the proposals when Obama was in office. This is
    pure politics: Give Trump nothing!!!! Now the refresher course. Does anyone remember what Nancy Pelosi
    said 8 years ago when the DEMS put forth their 4700+ page health care plan??? None of them had time to
    read that monster!!! She said “ we’ve got to pass it first, then we will have time to read it and see what’s in it”

    This new tax plan has large cuts to the corporate tax rates. That will encourage the large corps to bring back
    allllllll the monies they have stashed over seas, hopefully? And large companies like Apple may bring their
    headquaters back to the USA and pay their taxes here, hopefully? The richest Americans got NO tax cut!!!
    Everyone else gets a nice tax cut!!!! Some deductions will be gone. That will affect taxpayers in some ways,
    but overall everyone gets a rate cut. Let’s see how it plays out.

  8. Whoops, i made a mistake in my prior post. The Dems health care law was about 2700 pages, not 4700.
    Sorry!!! It has now ballooned to over 20,000 pages of rules and regulations associated to that original
    bill. That’s our government at it’s best!!!! Source: multiple via Google. There is sooooooo much fake news
    floating around, it’s hard to know what is fact or fiction. I always use multiple sources and hope that i get it
    right. :0)

  9. References: The richest Americans got no tax cut? Please Mr Deschenes, which multiple sources for this statement of yours? " The richest Americans got NO tax cut!!! "
    Please? Are they not affected by the corporate tax cuts? The estate tax ? The drop in the bracket levels?

    Thank you for all of your research on this topic, and what is the value of research without careful citation of sources?

  10. The highest tax rate for individuals was not reduced!!! That would affect the super rich. The mortgage
    interest deduction was capped at $10,000; etc. etc. Therefore, the richest of the rich would not get to deduct
    the full interest portion of their multi-million dollar homes. All the other taxpayers get a cut. The poorest folks
    pay nothing. They also raised the income level (up to $24,000 i think) of the poorest so more low income
    folks pay nothing. As written, the new tax law will allow about 48% of the population to pay 0% taxes and
    the super wealthy will continue to pay the vast majority of all taxes. Seems like a great deal for the low income.
    The middle class gets a nice cut as well. Mr. Sampson made a great point!!! We need to cut spending in
    Washington!!!! But none of the people in congress have the nerve to do it. They all want to keep their nice
    jobs. As for the cuts for corporations, well...... everyone is hoping that they will do the right thing and bring that
    money back fo the USA and give their employees pay raises, better benefits, hire more, etc. I guess we will
    see how that pans out.

  11. Trusting corporations to do the right thing by magically creating jobs is just pie in the sky. They will do what they always do, pay the few on top huge bonuses and feed the shareholders extra helpings. The only way to create more jobs is by creating more demand. The only way to create more demand is to pay the majority of Americans a decent living wage so they have expendable income. The separation of those with all the money and those with a monthly income is greater than it has been in over fifty years. Think about that. One percent of the people have 80% of the distributed wealth and 99 percent of the people fight over the remaining 20% of distributed wealth. Go figure the wealthy pay a more. Corporations are not suffering they are just good at asking for more. You blame every tax dollar spent on Dems but the Republicans are darn good at taking everything they can. And hold the phone, who's running the show now?

  12. Sammo is right. WE are the "job creators"a title that was hijacked by rich corporate weasels to avoid paying taxes. If we are allowed to make decent money,we actually buy things,usually locally,and that creates jobs.We don't hide our dough overseas. Those who do should be forced to accompany it.

  13. Please refer to the possible elimination of the AMT (Alternate Minimum Tax) to see part of the impact on high income folks. Also look to see what the impact of greatly reduced taxes will be on large corporations.

    My children pay at a higher tax rate than many corporations do....

    There is already a lot of talk about reducing "entitlements" to respond to these tax cut proposals, since the deficit will rise so much more with the tax cuts.

    Is Social Security an "entitlement" When you pay into it all of your working career without collecting? How about medicare?

    So if they are not entitlements, should they be in the discussion for cuts???

    What do you think?

  14. yes, social security is an entitlement. you pay into the system, you are entitled to a return. somehow entitlement has become a dirty word. maybe because of inflated "senses of entitlement." but the definition of entitlement is something that someone has a right to.

  15. Same ole Same ole...The only bi-partisanship I have seen only results in more taxes, fees and regulations for the working class. CUT SPENDING! Especially wasteful spending. This will never happen while Republicans or Democrats are in office.
    The elite only take care of themselves, this includes everyone on the hill. Corruption is rampid throughout. Everyone, including the news media is lying to us. We are told our vote counts. B.S. maybe on the local level but on the national level we get to vote every 2 years. Once our officials are sworn in it's game on. (what's in it for me competition).

    Abolish the 2 parties!

  16. Enjoy your net neutrality internet while you still [ERROR 404] Thanks Bruce.

  17. Jan, I agree with you. When I received a robocall strongly compelling me to call Poliquin's office to thank him for voting for the tax bill, that was the last straw. I called his office, but told the pleasant aide instead that this vote cemented for me the fact that Poliquin in no way understands, represents or is in touch with the people he represents.

    To Tim: Maybe the younger generations will see the way forward to work as one government. Electing individuals for what they believe in and their character, not which party and it's money backs them. What a concept. And Washington would have double the number of people on the American's elected team!

    To Mike: Seasoned Republicans went on record as stating the bill was moving too fast and without enough transparency. Deals like taking out the individual mandate from health care, drilling in the Alaska preserve, and others were added to get votes, all to beat the end of the year: a political deadline with consequences which will last for a long time.

    To all who say time will tell, I agree. Americans have a short memory. If we do have extra money for four years before middle class tax rates go back up, that will time out nicely to make it seem like Democrats are to blame when we have less... maybe.

  18. this vote cemented for me the fact that Poliquin in no way understands, represents or is in touch with the people he represents.

    unfortunately, poliquin is so out of touch with his constituents that this feedback will have zero effect.

  19. To Mike: You've got a lot more faith in corporations to do the right thing than I do. This would be a complete and utter shock if they actually decided to spread their additional wealth around since it's contrary to what they've done historically. We're not fooled in our house about this. Based on the newest info about tax brackets and deductions we're likely to see less than $1,000 more per year and that, of course, is only for the handful of years that it's being offered. Hardly seems worth it for the trillion plus that will be added to the deficit in the next decade and the eventual attacks on things we'll someday need like social security and medicare. When the Republicans start acting like deficit hawks again (you know...the next time a Democrat is in the White House) then let's not forget that they don't actually care about the deficit and that it's all political theater.

  20. Wilton Mom: Wow! I guess you would rather increase the deficit by 10 trillion so we can fund climate change, illegal immigration and welfare. We've been doing that. This is the first time tax cuts for the working class have even been actually proposed. Typically we just INCREASE taxes. Any cut is better than any increase. Now lets focus on wasteful spending cuts.

  21. Tim, wow! Pretty sure you just made that up on the spot. Let's remember why we have such a high dedicate in the first place, we were attacked by a terrorist group so we started a 8trillion dollar war with an unrelated country under Bush#2. Don't pretend this this tax cut is for the working class that's just how they sell it, we all know who it really benefits. In 7 years all benefits to the lower 60% income earners go away and most see an increase from what we pay now while the highest income earners keep benefiting. Tim, I will remind you when it comes around. Fake politicians make fake promises.

  22. sammo. The point is that under the Obama Administration the debt went up ten trillion doubling all previous administrations combined. I did not make that up. And as a working class tax payer I have not seen a benefit yet. I don't care who you want to blame, but people who are all about the sudden increase this new tax cut has on the deficit most likely did not care about it before. We will see. Right now the effects are purely speculation. BTW in 7 years? Its actually 10 and by then democrats will be in power we will have adjustments and the spending will be even more out of control. Don't forget who was in charge of the "Obama Care" tax hike. If you want to speculate.

    Abolish the 2 Parties.