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Letter to the Editor: Smoke and mirrors isn’t working

AVANGRID files a lawsuit to stop the November referendum. Well I guess the smoke and mirrors approach isn't working with CMP and Hydro- Quebec's television blitz.

Mr. Dickinson's opinion is that the citizens of Maine don't have the right to decide if they want this project to go forward. He says the PUC has spoken and to have the referendum would be unconstitutional.

Seems to me most times that I have voted on a referendum question the purpose was to overturn a decision that was made by lawmakers. Mr. Dickinson also says that the courts ruled earlier in favor of the NECEC project and again it would be unconstitutional to have the referendum.

Well Mr. Dickinson in your own words the court has ruled that the referendum will be on the November ballot and to not go forward would also be unconstitutional.

Again in your own words this is a good deal for Maine you have nothing to worry about.

Jay Battersby

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  1. If Avangrid/CMP really cared about the people of Maine like they say they do, they would not be spending millions of dollars on TV ads, on lobbying Augusta, and on hiring lawyers to scratch up every legal maneuver they can find in order to stop Mainers opposing the project. If Avangrid really cared about the people of Maine, they would not want to force a project as significant as this one down our throats if most people in the State didn't want it. . Avangrid should be welcoming the peoples' referendum so then we will all know how the majority feels and then the matter will be decided once and for all. Think about the animosity that will be felt towards that company if the referendum gets stopped and the project then goes through. You would think that they wouldn't want that, but apparently what Avangrid really cares about is the multi-millions they would get from the project....not Mainers.

  2. Lindy, I agree with you completely.

    Substitute Janet Mills in place of Avingrid/CMP and all the same points apply to her as well.

    The foreign companies involved AND Gov Mills are on the same page.. THEY DON'T CARE WHAT MAINERS THINK.
    That's why they deal out the back door,,,

    So,, Don't forget to give Janet Mills her due in this scam.
    Shameful Governor.
    One and done..

  3. PP,don't put to much blame or credit on our illustrious governor.Many of us knew from the beginning aunt Janet was not qualified for the job.She gets her moment in the spotlight because of the idiots that voted her in and i firmly believe that many of them have since felt remorse for their stupidity

  4. Don't blame me, I voted for Moody and will be voting for Gov. LePage in 2022.

  5. Abolish the PUC, DEP and ISO-NE and let Maine people decide the fate of electricity by referendum. I am a generator salesman.

  6. That same AVANGRID spokesperson Thorn Dickinson has stated publicly many times that the Maine citizens are qualified to have a say on the Corridor. As a matter of fact his response at a forum in Eustis was that the people were “absolutely” qualified to have a say.

    And that say will take place in November.

    Actually, I’m quite disappointed with Mr. Dickinson. He apparently didn’t mean what he said.

  7. I can not wait to dedicate an entire episode on the corruption that is the corridor/CMP. Hopefully they will spend another 8 million on Ads to run throughout that spew lies and misinformation instead of fixing their reputation and flawed billing systems

  8. CMP of today is not the same company that many of our parents, brothers and sisters worked for years ago. In days gone by, it was like a family, and if you had a problem you could go to the office and talk with someone face to face. Yes, CMP was once a caring company, and they still are...they care for all the money they can get.

  9. Evan, so you will support the governor that wanted to fast-track the NECEC before he left his office in November 2018? Well, then I can blame you as well. And you know moody would not support the NECEC because why? Mills didn't support it either - at first. Who is to say moody wouldn't do the same? Why don't you step onto the 'court' rather than sit in the stands and criticize? If you don't play in the game you don't get to be in the box score.

  10. The Maine people don't have a right to decide, why is that so hard to understand? Lawmakers don't decide these things, governor appointed people to the commissions make the decisions, not the people. The state has to allow the question to be on the ballot because the state constitution says they have to allow it, but no matter how it turns out it will never come to fruition, if it goes not in favor, the state supreme court will instantly strike it dead because the Maine people don't get to decide what people can and can't do with their own property or that which they have permission to use, and seeing how the state just reissued the updated permit, the NECEC is just about a done deal, and once ACE does its thing and grants the presidential permit it will allow work to begin.

  11. HB,
    Your optimism related to the upcoming fate of NECEC is interesting. Iberdrola, Avangrid, CMP, and Hydro Quebec are currently no where near as optimistic and confident. I do believe early on their arrogance and payoffs made them feel optimistic. Desperation seems to be the more descriptive word for their current situation. It is nice to see and well deserved.

  12. I don't want the Corridor. And I don't feel that just any citizen should be able to vote. The bulk of the effect is in Franklin, Oxford and Androscoggin so the folks in those counties should be the voters, not Cumberland, York and Washington etc. It's called "Skin in the Game". If it doesn't effect you, you shouldn't help decide.
    The same thing with Walton Mill Pond dam. (Damn the Salmon)
    What makes me the angriest? The payback being offered by CMP/Avangrid is pittance. If "CMP" came forth with a contract and a solid promise that this would help all the people and towns in the corridor with some serious benefits, I might reconsider. Or if they came in with plans to go underground, I would reconsider.
    None of this is happening, so my opposition continues.

  13. Nancy Writes;
    "If "CMP" came forth with a contract and a solid promise that this would help all the people and towns in the corridor with some serious benefits, I might reconsider. Or if they came in with plans to go underground, I would reconsider.
    None of this is happening,"

    is the ONE reason CMP wont be making a legitimate offer.
    SHE made a back room deal, and they have every right to hold HER accountable.
    As do the voters of Maine.
    We will be voting NO Corridor in November.
    And we will vote her out of office for being dishonest with the people of Maine.



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