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Letter to the Editor: Speaking up for future generations

I am the great aunt of a 7th generation Hughey in Moose River, and her 8th generation cousins live just up the street. They won't be able to vote in November, so my vote to stop the NECEC CORRIDOR will speak for them and future generations of Hugheys in this beautiful valley.

The blatant meddling of CMP and Hydro-Quebec failed to stop the peoples' referendum, so now they are shamelessly trying to convince the good people of Maine that NECEC will save Maine from financial ruin. The side-by-side advertisement campaign is equally disgraceful, and Maine media is complicit in promoting false and unsubstantiated claims of jobs for Mainers and clean energy, respectively.

CMP's Iberdrola continues to demonstrate how little they care about their monopolistic "ratepayers"; right this minute thousands of Mainers are without power on a wintery May afternoon. NECEC will do nothing to improve reliability of service from CMP, but it will delay restoration of service if simultaneous power outages occur in Maine and Massachusetts. That declaration from an Avangrid employee is something I do believe.

The western Maine mountains are a crucial component of Maine Vacationland, and Augusta relies on the revenue generated from wilderness seekers trying to experience "Maine, the way life should be". Let's preserve this priceless region for the next 8 generations of residents and visitors seeking respite in the Moose River Valley. That would be good for Maine!

Sheryl Hughey-Harth, RN

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  1. Bravo Sheryl well said and on point.

  2. ‘Not in my back yard!’ screech the people enjoying the benefits of a power line in someone else’s back yard.....

  3. Take the alternate, already approved underground route through Vermont. Maine does not want you here.

  4. Captain Planet,

    Wether or not l enjoy power, from someone else’s power line, in their backyard, is really immaterial at this point in the NECEC saga.

    The current, and most important problem, is that the current law suit ( I think this is number three) filed by CMP’s parent company AVANGRID against our Secretary of State, is saying that the Citizens Referendum question to be put on the November ballot is unconstitutional.

    AVANGRID is owned by a foreign corporation based in Spain. So that equals out to a foreign corporate organization telling Maine that our legally won right to vote is well, unconstitutional.

    I have to ask myself, where is our Governor in all of this? Does she not back her Secretary of State? Is she going too remain silent while a corporation owned by Spain, sues this state?

    Amazing isn’t it?

  5. Captain Planet - I wonder if you ever read and internalize anything or just say what you do to antagonize people. Terry is correct on all counts.So, CP, you are ok with the NECEC??? Short-sighted fellow, eh? Well, hope you stay home in November when the referendum is on the ballot and, yes, being sued by a foreign country? What??? Yes, Terry, where is Mills these days? A governor should stand against a foreign entity trying to assault our constitution.

  6. Well said Terry. I could not agree more and where is our dear governor who so greatly speaks for the fine people of this state? Oh wait she is siding with good old CMP and does not care about us. Funny she always cried that she cared and listened to the people before she was our dictator thanks to covid 19. Maybe it is time for the people to finally see we are not really in control of our state. Elections have consequences.

  7. "GIVE US MORE!!";
    "POWER, screech the Massachusetts people who refused to allow a corridor built thru their own Western Mts.
    "MONEY", screech the company that rated Dead Last in customer service nationally.
    "VOTES", screech the Gov who betrays her own citizens.

    All together now,,
    Very good.

  8. Terry, you hit the nail on the head. We are being sued by a Spanish energy giant to keep Mainers from having a say about a for profit merchant line promoted on false premises.

  9. I've never less capable and more mixed up political organization than that which currently represents the Democratic party in Franklin County. If they need a mascot they should give Howard Dean a call because I can't think of a more fitting image to represent them than him screaming totally off key and off subject. That might be because, like him, they operate without any strategy. In fact, the one topic they repeatedly highlight in an attempt to win support puts them at odds with their party. I don't know whether I should sympathize with them or just have a good laugh, honestly.

  10. Ozerki, hypocrite naysayers are antagonized by me as they know I’m right. You pretend not to notice the scars all over our mountains from excessive logging and taxpayer subsidized windmills while NECEC is just a tiny scratch in comparison. You claim to hate foreign companies that own American businesses while you guzzle Bud Light purchased at Hannaford. The biggest problem however is jealousy of your big brother, Massachusetts.

  11. Calm down Captain Planet. Why don’t you try to digest the information presented to you instead of being a troll. A tiny scratch 😂 and jealousy over Massachusetts. Dear lord 🤦‍♂️. Please just stay in Mass and leave Mainers alone to vote against this corrupt money grab that is the corridor. Can’t wait to vote this down and watch all you Mass/CMP workers move on to destroying another state instead.

  12. Captain Planet,

    One more thing. I’ve always known that CMP and it’s parent companies would willingly sink our Governor to try and save their ship.

    Oh, and, you don’t antagonize me. Corporations that will say and do just about anything, to promote their profit margin do....

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