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Letter to the Editor: Support LD 1711

“Support LD 1711” (MAY 26) : I’m certainly in favor of net metering to “boost economic growth.” but we’re gong to have to think a lot bigger because without a rapid, nationwide transition to clean energy, future generations won’t have an economy.

The worldwide scientific community is unanimous in saying that without at least 50% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, we’ll face “catastrophic” global warming causing
“global economic collapse” followed by “societal collapse” (IPCC).

Fortunately, the Green New Deal’s energy plan can make those cuts and it can also more than pay for itself. A recently released GND energy policy paper from Washington’s Governor Inslee, who’s focusing his presidential campaign on climate change, says private investment would provide two-thirds of the cost, $600 billion a year. The remaining $300 billion a year could be paid for with a bill currently in Congress, H.R. 763, “Carbon Dividends,” which would make the fossil fuel corporations that knowingly caused the climate crisis pay for it. See how it works at It would add $350 annually to US GDP according to the Congressional Budget Office scoring.

Lynn Goldfarb
Lancaster, PA

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  1. The only way private investment will happen is if it is done the way it is now. Government subsidies which we will be paying with higher taxes or more debt for future generations.

  2. "Private investment WOULD provide $600 billion." Would? Would is not the same thing as will provide or is going to provide. Would is a five lettered "well if this happens". And passing a law that basically criminalizes gas and oil production for the past 100 years is only going to result in a class action lawsuit and a visit to SCOTUS. And even with ALL of America's power production methods, we only produce 68% of the electricity we use and none of our methods are particularly cost effective and efficient. The best solar panels on the market SunPower, are only 22.8% efficient, a wind turbine is only 40% efficient in a 20mph wind. Green energy is a joke, and if people are pissed about 54 mile pole line through a working forest, how do you think clearing thousands of acres for inefficient, expensive, green energy will go over?

  3. Cleaning thousands of acres for the New Green Joke WONT go over...
    Neither will the CMP lie of the corridor..
    Neither will damming a bunch of rivers in Maine (we just your them down,,, remember. )..
    Neither will looking every mountain in the state work useless wind Mills..
    We absolutely should build another Nuclear Power Plant (but we tore that down too..)..

    The problem is the wasteful use of electricity....
    We could cut our USE in half very easily,, but we don't want to shut "things" off for a minute...
    And I (for one) don't want to litter my beautiful state with contraptions, only because of your wasteful habits. Unplug and shoot the damn thing off for a minute. Look Up.

    We simply disagree about what the real problem is.

  4. Ok, so I lied and the polar caps are still here and Florida isn't underwater and neither is California. As a matter of fact my beach side mansion (which I was able to buy with proceeds from my global warming scam) in Malibu is still high and dry. But, believe me 2030 the sky will fall, me and my chicken littles will keep singing until you give us all you money. Trust me I'm a doc.... politician .

  5. it's easy to make fun of chicken little when the sky isn't falling directly on you. i'm sure that elsewhere on the planet, the people losing their homes, crops, economies and lives due to measurable climate change are just silly delusional idiots.

    california isn't underwater, but it is on fire. most of florida isn't underwater yet, but i promise you insurance companies and real estate developers are taking projections seriously. so are investors and some of the world's most profitable companies.