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Letter to the Editor: Support Marsy’s Law

I recently joined a statewide effort called Marsy’s Law for Maine, a Victims’ Bill of Rights that seeks to grant crime victims in Maine rights that are equal to those of the accused and convicted. I firmly believe crime victims in our state deserve equal rights.

While the U.S. Constitution grants certain rights and protections to criminal offenders and those accused of crimes, it fails to provide equal rights to victims. Thirty-five states have corrected this for their citizens, but Maine has not. It is time for Maine to come into the fold.

The rights Marsy’s Law for Maine will provide crime victims are common-sense, such as the right to be notified in a timely manner of proceedings in their case, and the right to be notified if the offender is released. Crime victims will also have the right to be present at court proceedings, the right to be heard, and the right to restitution. With Marsy’s Law for Maine, crime victims’ rights will be enforceable, as opposed to “whenever practicable,” as is currently the case.

I am proud to support Marsy’s Law for Maine as Franklin County Chair. It is important that crime victims in Maine finally gain rights that are equal to the accused and convicted, and it is important for crime victims to know they have a voice in their cases. I hope you will join me in letting our state legislators know this effort deserves their support so it can have a place on the Maine ballot in November 2018 for voters to express their support.

Scott R. Nichols
Sheriff, Franklin County

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  1. Thanks, Scott, for calling this to our attention; i'ts something we all should support. Will talk to my representatives.