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Letter to the Editor: Supporting Tiffany Maiuri

Four years ago, we (Ruth Cushman and Tom Saviello) supported and worked to get Terry Brann elected as a Franklin County Commissioner for District 1: Carthage, Jay, Wilton, Temple, Washington and Perkins Twp. This time we will both be supporting Tiffany Maiuri for Commissioner. Why this change of heart you ask? Here is why:

  1. We both believe the non-profits that offer support for Franklin County need to be funded at the County level.
  2. We believe the Greater Franklin Development Council should be supported by the County.
  3. We believe there should be five County Commissioners. We believe the County residents need to decide this.Unfortunately, our present County Commissioner vote against these efforts.
  4. We have watched the County Budget Committee work diligently to formulate a budget. Mr. Brann, along with the other County Commissioners ignore this work. In fact, the County Commissioners have refused to release budgeted money that was agreed upon.
  5. We have watched our present Commissioner and other commissioners treat the various workers with indifference in relation to their working arrangements and salaries especially during the CV-19 crisis.
  6. Our County Commissioner as well as the other County Commissioners ignore the budget committees change to the budget committee’s’ recommendations to cut the commissioners salaries. It seems to us $6.000 per year is more than enough pay for a maximum of 24 meetings per year. As select people we are only paid $1.600 for the same number of meetings!

So now you know why we have removed our support for Mr. Brann.

It is a time for a change. It is time to elect Tiffany Maiuri as the new County Commissioner for Wilton, Jay, Temple, Carthage, Washington and Perkins Twp. and the unorganized towns in this District 1.

Ruth Cushman, Wilton
Tom Saviello, Wilton

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