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Letter to the Editor: Television stations should suspend false CMP ad

Say No to NECEC is formally requesting that your television station(s) immediately suspend the blatantly false ad produced by Central Maine Power's Political Action Committee, Clean Energy Matters.

The following claim made in the ad at the :10 mark is demonstrably false:

“…to bring clean hydroelectric power from Quebec to Maine…”

The New England Clean Energy Connect is a proposed project that would allow Hydro Quebec, a Canadian utility, to sell electricity to Massachusetts. Central Maine Power would provide the infrastructure within Maine to allow this power to pass between Canada and Massachusetts. Massachusetts awarded the project to CMP and HQ as part of an RFP process for the required procurement of renewable energy.

The NECEC corridor (interestingly characterized in this ad as the “Clean Energy Corridor,” a new name that has not been used in any of the multi-year process for permitting on this project) is specifically proposed to bring power to Massachusetts, not Maine. This ad seeks to deceive Mainer viewers into thinking Maine is the procuring state.

This fact is crystal clear. The Canada-to-Massachusetts arrangement has been reported for more than a year in Maine’s press. Here is an example:

"The corridor, known as the New England Clean Energy Connect, would pipe electricity from the Canadian border through western Maine for use by Massachusetts to meet that state’s clean energy goals."

Bangor Daily News, 8/30/19

In fact, Iberdrola, who is the parent company of CMP, describes it as a path from Canada to Massachusetts on their own website:

"AVANGRID— Iberdrola group's subholding company in the United States of America — will supply, through Central Maine Power (CMP) and jointly with Hydro-Québec, 100 percent hydroelectric energy to distribution companies in Massachusetts (United States) as part of the New England Clean Energy Connect project (NECEC), that will start operating in 2022."

“The new transmission line between Quebec and Massachusetts, that will cross Maine, will supply 100% hydroelectric energy to 1.2 million homes in the New England region and save customers $190 million a year.”

To put it plainly, this ad is a flat-out lie, and its sole purpose is to deceive viewers. CMP is making a deliberate effort to convince viewers that the project is meant to deliver power to Maine, when the facts show clearly otherwise.

Maine television stations have a responsibility to act when advertisers attempt to use their airwaves to traffic in this type of misinformation. It is a demonstrable fact that the CMP corridor is being built to deliver power to Massachusetts, not Maine – even their own website says so.

I urge stations to act immediately, to prevent further distribution of this brazenly false ad.

Sandra Howard
Director, Say NO to NECEC

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  1. I have been leaning towards supporting the corridor, however, I did catch that blatant misrepresentation the first time I saw the ad. If I continue to see this ad, or others like it, CMP may very well lose my support.

  2. Just another blatant example of CMP's deceptive tactics to push this pig onto Mainers. This entire undertaking has been for nothing but money while repeatedly trying to manipulate people by using jobs, the environment, tax revenue or saving the world from climate change. They know that the majority of Mainers have seen through the veneer of their false sales pitches. They know that they are in deep trouble with this proposed project and what little is left of their reputation. They are desperate. Maine needs a more capable and responsive electrical utility. Let's push for a consumer owner utility of which there are several in Maine and their stats put to shame both CMP and Emera.

  3. Sandi!!!! Many thanks. I am amazed at the audacity of cmp - well, not really. I hope that HB reads your letter and has seen the ad. CMP simply spouts LIES and many seem to believe them. I am tired of this uneven playing field but I am not willing to forego FACTS for the fiction that comes from cmp on a daily basis. It really is time to run them out of the state.

  4. Local Television Stations will take false advertising from anyone who will pay and increase their budget.
    Maine Televisions Stations have lost any integrity they had many years ago along with the major networks.
    It is beyond me that any of our local stations receive the Edward R. Murrow Award because if he was alive he would stop any of them from using his name in vain with the crap that is shown today as "news". Should you doubt me..just watch the film 'Goodnight and Good Luck" which tells Murrow's story.

  5. No matter how hard they try, they Can't polish that odious turd.

  6. Since day one, CMP has been focused on using half-truths and disinformation to fool people into supporting this corridor. So the attempted sleight of hand in the commercials is more business as usual, and not surprising to any of us who have sat through multiple rounds of meetings and hearings. From Janet Mills at the Farmington meeting calling our grassroots opposition dark money in in favor of pollution, to John Carroll at the community center basically talking to the residents of Farmington in an extremely condescending manner as if we were stupid, Sandi's right. These folks are their own worst enemies. Not only do they have a terrible project but they have to make up spin to try to sell it to people and it's just not working. Let's get this thing to a vote! We are currently circulating petitions, so please find anopportunity to sign and let the people of Maine decide. You should be able to find someone circulating today at the Chester Greenwood parade or everyday at the Mercantile right in Farmington.

  7. All this letter did was reaffirm my support of the project. Thank you! Anxiously waiting to see if you’ve swayed HB, haha.

  8. Want a cleaner environment??

    Let the POWER PIGS learn to CONSERVE a little.
    Power pigs are the Mass customers who are demanding this power.
    (Also the transplants who moved to Maine and brought the damaging life styles with them).
    Well,,, Welcome to Maine!!! Lol.

    No talk about LIFE STYLE CHANGES or conservation efforts??
    Why is that?

    Ration a certain amount of power across the board,,
    When you gobble "yours" up as fast as you can,,,



  9. Good call in this editorial. Conservative wise-use outdoorsman here.

    I am totally opposed to the NCEC, and my conservative buddies are too. People should at least take a look at why BOTH sides of the aisle are opposing it! It is not common for the 2 sides to come together on something. Once they do this, it's done, and the externalities will be a crap show. Like herbicides, maintenance, etc etc etc.

    You either want unbroken forest (2nd growth or not), or you don't. You can either control what your gov't wants to do 'in your name', or you can't...

  10. I haven't seen the CMP ad as I don't have a TV.... However, I have for many years seen TV ads that really get in your face regarding which candidate to vote for with lots of lies from all of them....... Do you all get so upset about those? It appears that from what I see and hear both sides are 'shoveling' it in this case...

  11. Not taking a stand on the corridor, I think the ad in question is not dishonest. It does use typical advertising techniques of focusing on some facts and ignoring others. According to the letter, CMP says the electricity would be used for the "New England area." That would, I presume, include Maine. So Maine would get some electricity from Quebec. The commercial leaves out that most of it will continue elsewhere into New England, but if that kind of omission is enough to get an ad pulled, then probably 75% of commercial ads need to be pulled for similar advertising techniques. Hmmm, 75% fewer commercials? Maybe that would be a good thing...

  12. Dear Power Pigs,
    Well,close but not quite right.
    Wander around- see the Walgreens lit up like you could see it from space. The new Jehovah's Witness building- same- what have they got in there to protect with all those lights?? Watch how many people "run in for a second " while their cars waste their own gas and ruin my air while they yak in the post office or Hannafords for twenty minutes..
    And so on
    How many here could get a solar panel or two??( Alot)
    It is not just Massachusetts, believe me. The very idea of entitled Americans conserving is so alien, they just cannot see it . Need a culture change everywhere.

  13. Actually Maine will benefit from the NECEC, it is going to replace the two lines from the Kibby Mountian Wind Project and carry the power to the grid substation in Pittsfield, this will remove the 40 or so mile line and small substation that the windturbines currently use, That's going to put more green energy into our own grid because the wind turbines will have a thicker gauge wire to run electricity through, maybe a 35% increase in output, pretty significant compared to the 15% they currently operate at, add to that the 150 mile line Emera wants to build from Hammond to Pittsfield to do the same thing with the wind turbines in that area, plus I heard a rumor that there was a solar project in the works that will also need to tie into a line. This is what progress looks like people, either you want to lower the carbon footprint and lower the use of fossil fuels or you want to remain all backwoods, you have to pick one, there is no fence sitting on this matter. And seeing how Our fearless leader told the folks at the UN that Maine was going to be carbon neutral by 2030, it really doesn't matter if you disagree or not, the lines for green energy are going to happen, the NECEC is going to happen, the permits will clear in the spring, work will start in the summer or maybe when the ground is still somewhat frozen, less impact, IF the antis manage to get on the ballot it will be for the 2020 general election in November and too late to affect the NECEC in any way, and since we have a dem led house and senate with a dem governor, whatever the antis come up with will never make it out of congress.

  14. I am sick and tired of getting my power bill and see that I already have to buy power for Mass. If there is not enough power they go out to the grid and buy extra. Who also gets to pay for that my wallet. All the wind power and solar power goes out of state aready. If this project bring jobs and less hands out of my wallet I'm for it. Then maybe we Mainers can get out of the New England Accord and we can finally stop paying for southern New England..

  15. This letter is deeply ironic, given that Say NO to NECEC has done nothing but spew grossly dishonest propaganda against a much-needed and low-impact green energy project.

    While the ad statement is technically incorrect, Sandra Howard conveniently ignores the fact that the hydropowered electricity is going into the ISO New England grid, which supplies the entire region, including Maine. The electrons coming into your house or business in Maine aren't segregated by source - they are all part of a single flow of energy.

    What Massachusetts bought is a contract that allows them to fulfill their renewable energy portfolio requirements. We all benefit from the global warming reduction, and Maine - without paying a penny for the project - will reap $342-$612 million of short- and medium-term direct economic benefits in addition to the $258 of benefits that Gov. Mills and the Public Advocate negotiated for the people and state of Maine.

    This project is a win-win-win for Maine and Mainers, but Say NO to NECEC will continue to deceive you to think otherwise.

  16. Hydro is lower carbon emitting than fossil fuels yes. Green no. Ask the fish.
    Also ask Avangrid (CMP Parent) Board Member John Baldacci 73rd Governor of Maine (2003 - 2011) with $200,000 per year board member salary. Also, Avangrid is Wind powerhouse, why not create long term jobs in Maine with wind power and Univ. of Maine engineering, etc. and sell to Mass.?

  17. Scott Erb, NO, Maine does NOT get any of this power.

  18. As a 'native son' returned to Maine several years ago I am astonished at the downright ignorance of many who live in Franklin County and really believe that CMP has your best interest concerning this new power line.
    For years I watched as PG&E put massive power lines all over the central valley of California to the point where they ruined any natural environment that ever existed. All in the name of expansion to meet the power needs of the 21st Century. Every thing in life is a 'trade off' and those who really love this beautiful state had damm well better know what they are giving up if this transmission line for Mass. goes into reality. For those who doubt....just look across the border from Kittery and keep looking all the way to the Pacific Ocean and tell yourself if you like what you see..then return your eyes back to this beautiful state that has always prided itself for it's untouched wilderness. We Mainers are the stewards of this land and we alone should decide what we leave to our children...not a corporation who's home is in Europe. I enjoy progress as well as anyone but I will never trade the land of my birthright for the needs and masterplan of another state.

  19. Hartless Bastard - I appreciate your opinion about this, but there was an error in your comment, "Actually Maine will benefit from the NECEC, it is going to replace the two lines from the Kibby Mountian Wind Project and carry the power to the grid substation in Pittsfield," - NECEC will not be routed near or have any impact on Kibby or Pittsfield. Those areas are not even on the corridor route, nor will they be altered due to this influx of 1,200 Megawatts of power.

  20. Scott Erb, perhaps you ought to take a side. First, in Sandi's letter above she states: at 10 seconds the commercial states: “…to bring clean hydroelectric power from Quebec to Maine…” This is absolutely false. Do you think the director of the "Say No to NECEC" is going to get this wrong? The answer is NO. And no, your presumption is wrong. We do not need, nor will we get any of this power from the NECEC. The other hidden issue is that MA already gets this HQ power from another route and HQ will not guarantee that any power through the NECEC is 'new' rather than simply re-routed to increase profits. You work at UMF, ought to have enough discipline to choose FACTS over fiction (and outright lies), so it's a proper time to choose a side. But, don't weigh in on something when you don't seem to know too many of the facts.

  21. HB - Your cynicism leaks through and, for the most part, is accurate. I might point out that the 300 ft ROW for the NECEC likely includes windmills for the future. Just be reminded that the HQ hydropower is NOT green in any way, shape or form and this has been proven.

    Robert Riversong - you are really pretty far off the mark. As I stated to HB, the HQ power source is NOT clean/graen energy. Wonder why you don't really know that if you have read anything about this NECEC. And this idea that people like Sandi Howard and I, for two, have spewed incorrect information? Try looking at the FACTS before you make ridiculous, general statements such as that. And where do you come up with those outlandish monetary benefits - Maine would get $258 million over 40 years, reducing our monthly electric bills 37 CENTS. And Maine pays nothing? Try incorporating the environmental costs from a 3000 + acre clear cut that will be treated with chemicals that will leach into the water and ecosystem. THAT is a huge cost. The other figures you state are likely profits for Iberdrola and Avangrid, not Maine. A win-win? The HQ contract with MA doesn't even acknowledge that this power is from a new source - because it isn't. The NECEC simply provides HQ with another route so that it can maximize its profits by selecting the most profitable route. MA already gets this power from another route so the NECEC is actually redundant. Further, MA organizations do NOT want the NECEC because it is a false 'clean/green' energy source that would 'count' on MA's books as green. Please do your research before you write such ridiculous responses to a real issue. All it does is to ID you as either misinformed or a cmp troll.

  22. Sandi, You're lying, you don't even know where the NECEC runs do you? Because if you did, you would know that the line runs in the valley, right between the Kibby and Bigelow mountains. And is going to be part of the Maine Renewable Energy Interconnect. Anti corridor people are like the anti gun people, against it, but clueless about what they are against.

  23. Sandy Howard talking about lies is the ultimate irony. I'll give you some of lies that Sandy and her cult are trumpeting:

    The Energy will go to Massachusetts: The energy from the project will connect to the grid in Maine, Massachusetts paying for it is simply a matter of accounting. Reliability and wholesale energy price benefits will accrue to Maine and MA will pay for it. There's no way to send electrons directly to Massachusetts.

    We can build that amount of energy domestically. NECEC is the only clean energy project at scale in New England right now. It would take more than 3000MW of wind to produce the amount of energy NECEC will deliver to New England or 6000MW of solar. Can you imagine how much of Sandy's "pristine forest" would need to be razed to do that?

    Pristine forest: Its less than 1% of the acreage that gets cut each year from logging in Maine. Its working forest.

    None of the "indigenous people" that Sandy and here cult are dragging around Maine are actually from Quebec. They're literally not talking about the company that's trying to build the project in Maine.

    Grassroots movement. There is so much money from NextEra and other fossil fuel generators getting pumped into the the Say No to the Corridor campaign. She's doing their bidding and not helping the fight against climate change.

    Honestly, this project will create jobs for me and my guys. Sandy is either uneducated about the energy industry or she' lying (obviously i feel its the later).

  24. Slander you are obviously a cmp employee or an electrical union minion. “This will create jobs for me and my guys”. This “corridor” only creates 38 jobs that will stay beyond construction stage. That’s not going to do much especially when we don’t have “enough bodies” to fill all the open jobs in the state now. Why don’t you and the other supporters of this go sling your crap elsewhere nobody here is buying it. Nor do we trust anything the worst power company in the country has to say.

  25. Sandy's Slander - interesting comments. Guess opponents are making you supporters nervous when you come with responses like this. I simply smile and know that people like Sandi are making your life a bit more tentative. Just really love these comments, makes me continue to work knowing that you are starting to come unwrapped because of FACTS. Can't fight them. :-)

  26. HB, Catch up Bud! Please don't speak about the project if you don't even know the route. It is one of the most basic facts about it. You Sir are incorrect.

  27. Hrtlss Bstrd, I've occasionally read some of your comments and felt as though you've done your homework. I know better now. You come out and call Sandi a liar and ignorant of a cause she's been fighting for almost 2 years. You Hrtlss are unequivocally WRONG about where (you guessed?) the line would run and I'm sure Sandi is well aware of where it would be (north of Kibby, that's usually up higher on a map if that helps). And to compare the opposition to anti-gun? Wrong again! We are very much a bipartisan, mixed environmentally minded group that want to keep some of Maine unindustrialized.
    And "Slander" - The energy WILL go to Massachusetts. Because Maine already produces more power than it needs and exports its excess. So if Mass. is calling for power, that where the electrons WILL flow. And cult? Really? "This project will create jobs for me and my guys" tells me you're concerned about yourself and a measly temporary job. This cult as you call it is a very wide variety of real Mainers from around the entire state giving lots of their time and effort to a cause they feel that strongly about. That's REAL grassroots and the people signing petitions know it.

  28. HB, Once you do your homework, I believe a retraction and an apology to Ms. Howard are both in order.

  29. If name calling( trolls, liars etc) and "sling your crap" are not in need of moderation what is?
    It is bad enough that people here do not have the skills to debate politely, and bad enough that people display their ignorance by not knowing "should of " from "should have " and their from there, and then from than; but please, Bulldog needs to stop the commenting .It is hurtful and helps no one- except maybe? their advertising budget.?
    We live in times of under educated and very angry( for often good reason) people ,but we need not further the nastiness.
    Make America Polite again and please- Make America Smart.
    Ben Franklin, I think ,said that there can be no democracy without an educated populace. So noted.

  30. Did someone hurt your feelings hmm ? I remember a time not so long ago when people could debate without worrying about feelings. Opinions are the same as feelings everyone has them and yet no body (very seldom) have the same ones. As for spelling and grammatical errors that could all be due to a few different things not just peoples education level. I appreciate the fact the Bulldog has this option of commenting on things sometimes it helps people get facts over “fake news”. Other news outlets would be wise to do the same. If you don’t like what is said perhaps you should just read the news story or op-ed and refrain from the comments. It will spare you whatever is your problem with the comments here.
    As for this op-ed I believe hrtlss does need to get his facts straight not so sure about apologizing though that shows weakness and would contribute to the largest problem in today’s society. Having a bunch of betas and no alphas. Being civil doesn’t mean we need to be apologetic or politically correct. Just look at the last administrations apology tour it made people think the new administration needs to be the same way instead of standing up for the country being represented.
    Now I have gone off topic so back to the corridor. Sandi Howard perhaps we should reach out to folks in Massachusetts and see if they are willing to fight with us. Many people there are opposed to this and if enough them get together they can get it stopped in Mass. CMP wouldn’t need to push it down our throats if Mass backed out of wanting the “green” energy seems the AG in Mass has already come out saying it isn’t.

  31. Maine is on the brink of making several decisions. Dump CMP and let the State takeover the delivery of electricity.  Dump the NECEC project and let intermittent renewables and the dismantling of the natural gas-fired electric plants move forward. Stay in the ISO-NE wholesale electric network or form energy alliances with Canada, a nation with both a glut in hydro electricity and natural gas and a shared border with Maine.   The decisions we make will have vast impacts on Maine's economy and how much of an unlimited amount of electricity will be available 24/7.    
    Maine can not sustain life without electricity, anymore than one can sustain without food. Rejecting reliable electricity sources to favor intermittent renewables is a path to limiting man-made selection.     Dumping power that enters the New England grid in Lewiston, Maine to punish Massachusetts and/or a certain power delivery company is, simply put, cutting off the nose to spite the face. Massachusetts is paying for the infrastructure as well as purchasing the greenhouse gas reduction attribute of the generation supply for twenty years. Once this energy enters the grid it supplies New England, and Lewiston, a long time industrial depot, will be able to grab first dibs of this major energy resource. Advantage, the Maine economy.   
    One shouldn't allow emotion to override practicality, especially when energy for Maine's sustainability is at stake. 
     Get the facts about energy in terms of reliability and resource potency. Get the facts about how electricity generation is a pooled resource for all of New England, not simply moved to designated areas as if delivered by way of dedicated extension cords.  

  32. First, I never said the NECEC runs in the valley between Kibby and Bigelow, I said the line for the two wind farms runs in the valley between Kibby and Bigelow. And yes there is a line that runs from those wind farms over to Pittsfield, that line is getting upgraded and will be a part of the NECEC, just not the main line. The main 1200mw line is standalone, these other lines are just going to be using the same corridor as the NECEC, think of it as a line consolidation. I already saw the plans for the Maine Renewable Energy Interconnect, I know what CMP, and Emera have planned. It's called Google, Email and a phone, start making calls to these companies and find out for yourself what they are up to. FYI, they answer best to direct questions. They tend to ignore the ones that come off as insulting and arrogant.

  33. Clayton, All false binary choices. Trying to force people into either / or choices which is not the true situation. We have many other possibilities for choices of which I won't even go into here, just wanted to point out to anyone who may not catch it. FAKE choices!

  34. Clayton this corridor is only temporary. A spokesman for CMP has been on the George Hale Rick Tyler show on wvom. He said that this power line at the end of the 40 year proposed contract deal will be removed. Poles pulled and wire rolled up. Feel free to go to WVOM’s website and listen to the rewind. So being a temporary corridor for energy what would you suggest we do after that ? Also if Mass is “paying” for this and Maine only benefits from it, do we not have to pay for the extra energy being used in the new plug in stations for the “green” cars ? Looks to me like all that tax revenue the state will get may be spent before we see any actual benefit. For the record we may see some land come available if people don’t like living in the dark. Some people won’t mind going back in time and living like back in the day. Sounds like that is what the writers of the green new deal would lime to see anyway and don’t forget Greta.

  35. HB,
    Cut and paste from you below.

    "you would know that the line runs in the valley, right between the Kibby and Bigelow mountains."

    "First, I never said the NECEC runs in the valley between Kibby and Bigelow, I said the line for the two wind farms runs in the valley between Kibby and Bigelow."

    Apologizing isn't a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. It shows that you are tough enough to admit your mistakes. That is how you learn and grow.

    I always taught my children that there is more than one way to be the tallest tree in the forest. One way is to cut all of the other trees down. (As you have with Ms. Howard) The other way is to be tall and strong and be taller than the other trees. (As Ms. Howard is)

  36. Mainah, Do you you know the purpose of a comma? It separates thoughts, or ideas in a list. My first post was in regards to the line that runs from the wind farms, one farm is on Kibby Mountain the other is on the Bigelow Range, the two lines that come off those farms meet in the valley at a small substation, from there the power goes to Moscow and from Moscow to Pittsfield, still with me? What CMP is going to do is run a line to the NECEC corridor which is just north of Kibby Mountain, and use the NECEC corridor to run the wind farm line to Moscow, and then to Pittsfield, currently the wind farm line runs from the wind farms through Chain of Ponds, Eustis, Carrabassette Valley, Highland and Pleasant Ridge over to Moscow. When the line from the wind farms gets rerouted to the NECEC corridor, it will eliminate the line from Chain of Ponds to Moscow, it is going to be taken down and allowed to grow back in. Sandi suggested that I was referring to the NECEC when I said the line runs in the valley between Kibby and Bigelow. Also when I said Sandi didn't know where the NECEC line ran, it was in relation to those two wind farms and their line because that is what my first comment was about. It was never about rerouting the NECEC, and I never made any allusions to that effect either. I never apologize for being right.

  37. HB, NECEC, New England Clean Energy Connect, will not, As Ms. Howard states have anything to do with the Kibby and Stetson Mtn. wind farms. She is 100% correct. The project you speak of is the MCPC, Maine Clean Power Connect, still with us? MCPC will be a subsequent nail in the coffin for Maine. Thus the reason we need to send a message MA, RI, and CT. and stop NECEC. Not big on commas or diagraming sentences.
    NECEC will be shot down via referendum. Be sure to locate a petitioner and sign the petition.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  38. Mainah, This was in 2016, before the NECEC,

    Gail Rice, a CMP spokeswoman, told Mainebiz today the utility also submitted a separate proposal to build a new 66-mile transmission line that would connect the company’s existing grid in Pittsfield to wind energy projects in place or under development in western Maine. That plan calls for transmitting up to 550 megawatts of clean energy to the southern New England states.(this is the MCPC)

    That plan has now changed, they are going to use the NECEC corridor to do the same thing without a seperate corridor, they are going to remove the line built in 2009-10. The Maine Renewable Energy Interconnection is an entirely different project than the MCPC, the MCPC has been tabled for the moment because it relies on Solar and NextEra and the solar farms proposals they have filed. The MERI is ONLY between Emera and CMP, NextEra may join at a later date.

  39. Hrtlss Bstrd - thanks for your posts. You are one reason I've kept an open mind on this issue. When everyone jumps on the bandwagon to oppose (or support) something, I get suspicious. As someone who also at times argues an unpopular opinion, I appreciate your willingness to state your argument and put forth information. I also really enjoy that, though this is an emotional issue, you and most of those who disagree with you are carrying on a civilized debate.

  40. HB,
    Unless forced to do so by, ???, who, PUC, Janet Mills, no line will ever be removed including the line you mention between Kibby and Bingham. Please share knowledge of any line in Maine that has been removed. Dickinson has conveyed that the NECEC line will be used for 40 years then taken down. Right! The money these lines bring in is too great for them to ever give them up. Instead they will be expanded to fill the demand from MA, CT, and RI (Yes Gail Rice said CT and RI) and increased profits for those that own them. All while these states do nothing to reduce consumption or increase their generation. Lots of talk about solar and wind but nothing of any true consequence. Mighty neighborly of them.
    Fortunately Mainers have been awakened to the graft of our politicians. Baldacci with the expedited wind process. Nice situation he has currently. Maybe Mills will be the Vice Chair until he dies then maybe Chairwoman. King seems to be doing well after his tenure and wind deals at First Wind. Look at LePage on his way out and Mills on her way in. They were fighting like kids trying to see who would make the deal with Iberdrola/Avangrid/CMP. Listen to the talking points from Mills, and now LePage. They both are reading from the same CMP script. Shameful. Pathetic even.

    CRUSHING NECEC will send a message, to the rest of New England and to our politicians.

    Please continue to share about CMP/Avangrid/Iberdrola and Emera's plans for future lines and interconnections. Some of us are aware of these but many are not. The more Mainers know of the plans these companies and politicians have for Maine, the better.

    Hopefully my commas are used appropriately. No diagraming my sentences please. And you still owe Ms. Howard an apology. A liar she is not.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! And a HAPPY CRUSH NECEC in the New Year to all!

  41. Time to put this one to rest!

  42. If hydroelectric power is so clean, why are we decommissioning and removing these dams in Maine? Since the powers that be are promoting this scam as a green power project, I think that a better option would be for someone in Maine to create a Maine based and Maine owned power company to build new hydroelectric dams in Maine and sell that power to MA.

  43. And the match goes to Hrtlss Bstrd in the final seconds! Sandi needs a new cause, maybe she could hook up with that angry Swedish girl....

  44. The match will go to who ever the Maine voters say the match goes to... when this crooked corridor gets voted on.

    Captain,, you should hook up with the current Speaker of the House,,, oh what a couple you would make!!

  45. Here it goes Folks.


    ,FROM BDN..
    "CMP has invested about $500,000 so far in the Power On campaign, Herling said.

    The Garrand Moehlenkamp branding agency in Portland designed the ads."

    Key word Is " so far"..

    This is a day late and a dollar short.
    Everybody knows they're only doing it because they know the corridor is going down in the state wide vote.
    Otherwise,,, they would have done some "fixing" a long time ago.
    Now they spend big money saying WORDS.
    Words are cheap and mean nothing.