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Letter to the Editor: Thanks from a Wilton resident

There are no words that can adequately express my gratitude for all the cards, flowers, gifts, pet care, food, visits, prayers and much more while I have been recuperating from my fall. There is no doubt the prayers are helping me heal, so please keep them coming. I know there are several people I should mention specifically, but you know who you are, and the last thing I want to do is omit someone in this message. I had no idea I had so many friends, and thanks to all of you for caring and doing so much. I must thank my family for their overwhelming love and support throughout this whole process.

My love to all of you, family and friends alike.

Sherrill Brann

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  1. As part of that family, I can surely say that the support has been incredible!! We just had no idea how very popular my mother is! We who are close to her can tell you that Sherrill is a very determined woman. She certainly will prevail over this situation and the continued thoughts and prayers have been so helpful and very much appreciated.
    We love you, Mom!!!

  2. Thinking of you and wishing you the best, Keep up the good work, your a very strong women, wish we were all as strong as you have been.

  3. So glad you are getting better!! Love you so much Aunt Sherril ❤❤❤
    Love & Prayers

  4. Sherrill, people are happy to do for you because that's how they show how they love you, and it's easy because you have done so much for others. You just keep getting better, because as soon as we hit Maine in July you are the top of our list!

  5. The power of prayer is one of the many great gifts that God gives to us! Personally, I do not know Sherrill or her family, yet, I do know we are all God's children and I will pray for her healing to continue! God Bless!