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Letter to the Editor: Thanks from Chief Heidi Wilcox

I wish to thank our community and working partners for their overwhelming support and service this week. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department worked beside us from the onset of the initial apprehension attempt through to the capture of Darell Guy. Franklin County Regional Communications Center fielded numerous calls and communications. Lt. Jason Madore of the Maine State Police arranged for deployment of multiple special service units to assist us and the many Troopers who immediately responded to help.

Our friends at the Wilton Fish & Game provided us with an ideal location to coordinate efforts with air support, Game Wardens, Forestry, Jay Police, Border Patrol, Farmington Police, U.S. Marshall’s Service, Northstar Ambulance and Lifeflight of Maine ground crew. There was, from the onset, a strong police presence concentrated to respond to the multiple tips coming in.

It was important for me as Police Chief to promptly make my community aware of danger. Our community was the key to the successful capture of Derell Guy. You shared my initial post leading to it being viewed over 98,000 times. Neighbors checked on one another, keeping a watchful eye. Many people shared information and posted the tips that helped us formulate plans.

I know you would have preferred to have seen regular updates over these 27 hours. I decided it was not prudent to post any updates until Mr. Guy’s capture. The capture of this fugitive was not a Wilton event. It was a collective effort of regional law enforcement, led by Lt. Madore of the State Police to capture a dangerous fugitive.

I was proud to represent this community and our officers from onset to capture. Together, we safely got it done. Thank you for the kindness extended to us all.

Chief Heidi Wilcox
Wilton Police Department

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  1. A great job done by complete team work! The way it should always be great teams such as this!
    Thank you Chief Heidi for keeping the community safe.

  2. Wilton is very fortunate to have Chief Wilcox
    leading police efforts for our community. We are grateful for her professional experience, attitude, courtesy and communication skills during the crisis and chaos of these community events.

    Thank you for your continued service to the town of Wilton and her citizens.

  3. Chief,

    As you very well know,the VAST majority in this country respect and welcome our law enforcement professionals.
    Let me say Thanks ALL of you for running towards trouble while the rest of us stay home and stay safe.

    I would encourage every one of us to stand up against the anarchists trying to defund law enforcement across the board.
    Many of those are elected officials who have tax payer funded security details to protect them.
    Lets ALL take a very firm and visible stand in support of our police and send these lackeys back to their little underground drawing boards to figure out their next ploy to destroy us.

    News for the Anarchist Criminals,
    Police Supporters are a United Majority in this country.
    We will never turn our back on those that protect us from the likes of you.

    Everything is Beautiful.

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