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Letter to the Editor: The courage of using real names

States in response to anonymous New York Times Op Ed... “anonymous...meaning gutless...a gutless editorial”

Does that also apply to anonymous spouting off at the Bulldog? In early New England times, town meetings were held and people ROSE and STOOD and SPOKE, making their opinion...AND their NAME known...when John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence he scrawled his signature in as broad a script as that King George would know exactly who signed the document. He put Life and Reputation on the line.

VERY few Bulldog spouters have that courage

Ernest Gurney
Dallas Plantation

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  1. Thank you !!

  2. 1597 — William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 1, act v, scene 4
    The better part of valour is discretion; ...

    In the 1700s, leading up to the Declaration, the signers and others often published opinion pieces in broadsides and other informal ‘news’ media, under pseudonyms - to protect life, if not reputation. There was 1 King 3,000 miles away, but 3,000 gutless retaliators 1 mile away.

    discretionately yours,


  3. Gee, would that have something to do with Liberals' retribution towards people who have opinions that differ from their own, ya think??????

    There will come a time to do just that, but not while some of us have to hold down a job they could easily lose, Google-style.

  4. Ernest, u gave your name. Ok.
    But what does me knowing your name add to anything?
    What I know about you I get from WHAT YOU SAY.

    For instance, based on "what you said" I know someone on here upset you with their opinion causing you to resort to name calling. (Calling them spouters). That's what I know.
    So I formulate my opinion of you based on that,,
    (what you say,, not who your relatives are).
    As it should be.

    Just wondering if you have every considered why we vote in secret? Think about it.

    We live in a beautiful country.

  5. Who wrote the Federalist Papers?

  6. My vote is I couldn't care less if a name is attached to a comment. I actually like the pseudonyms that people use. It can be quite creative.
    " Ernest Gurney ", like that's your real name. Lol

  7. An opinion is just an opinion. Having a name attached doesn't give one more weight than one with no name.

  8. Thank you Ernie. Reminds me of what my dad always said, “what is your name worth”.

  9. Maine citizens have the courage to know the truth and voluntarily break the bonds of captivity in the 'false matrix. The human spirit yearns to be free.

    Enemies want us to react emotionally be it anger, fear, confusion, etc.

    Avoid that and we are 90% of the way winning. Courage.

  10. Hey, I like my name, I tried to think of something using only vowels but nothing worked, then I remembered a thing a college professor said, "Vowels are not that important when spelling, reading or saying certain words and that most times when saying the consonants only, the vowel sounds come somewhat naturally due to the phonetic pronunciation of the letters, elephant, LPHNT, see?

    Besides some of the most famous people in history have used pseudonyms and pen names. Stephen King as Richard Bachman, Ben Franklin as Silence Dogood, JK Rowling as Robert Galbraith(sorry if you didn't know), Eric Blair as George Orwell, those are the ones that come to mind. I have written many things across the media spectrum using my real name, the phone never stops ringing, people saying and doing mean things. Saying what is said, is by far more important than the name of the person saying it.

  11. Bullying,, now that's very courageous.
    Hiding behind your family name,,, very upstanding.

    A common bullying tactic is a bunch of people with like names posse up and go after one individual with an unlike name.
    Or a bunch of people who "belong here" go after one person who they say doesn't belong here.
    Or a lazy spoiled relative uses their family name as a pry bar to control other people. (Riding the family coat tail).

    If you are so shallow to accept an individuals actions or opinions simply based on their "GIVEN" name.....
    Well, happy trails to your proud courageous self.

  12. It is called an alias!!

  13. The content in the response is what matters, not who wrote it.

  14. The content in the response is what matters, not who wrote it.

    Now, did the meaning of the content change just because I put my real name on it?

  15. It doesn't Scott. That's exactly what we are saying. It doesn't matter either way.

  16. To the editor,

    I'm sick and tired of those that come on here giving their name.
    I think the bulldog should "Ban The Use Of Names" completely.
    That would put a stop to those that think they can put their name and add some weight to their often flimsy comments.
    Force them to actually make a point of some sort instead of just showing off for their friends and relatives.

    Ban the names, make them think.

  17. Was it not Ben Franklin that called himself, 'Poor Richard' ?