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Letter to the Editor: The jokes will soon be over

American troops in Syria were attacked by Russia’s. Trump warned Putin there would be a missile strike on a Russian base in retaliation, so please move soldiers out and he would blow it up two days later.

Putin wasn’t satisfied with that. He told Trump to pull US troops out of Syria and leave our Kurdish allies to be slaughtered.

Putin told Trump to sabotage the UN. Trump has cut its funding and told Ambassador Nicki Haley to trash it from within.

Putin wanted trump to break up NATO. Trump has denounced NATO, reduced its funding, and suggested the withdrawal of US troops from Germany.

When it was revealed that Putin was paying a bounty on Americans killed in Afghanistan, Trump defended the policy by saying our CIA had done the same thing during Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan.

When Governors asked for help with the Trumpandemic, they were told they were on their own and not to expect the national coordinated approach of countries like New Zealand, or Ice Land, where the virus has been squashed. Yet, Trump sent Russians ventilators and other medical supplies that he had denied Americans.

The Lincoln Project has had a lot of fun at Trump’s expense, and some comedian put a banner up at Trump headquarters in Rumford that says finally a president with gonads. In the black of night, a blind man with cataracts could see that Putin has pocketed Trump’s testicles and is playing Captain Queeg with them. Tip of the hat Messiers Wilson, Schmidt, Conway and every Republican standing with America. The jokes will soon be over.

Tom Bulger
Canandaigua, New York

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