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Letter to the Editor: The money is not wasted

Have you been able to go to an open house of the Foster Tech side of Mount Blue High School? The classes offered are amazing, from child care to forest management, from auto mechanic to scientific research, from computer skills to tee-shirt design, from bank teller to composite canoes, and more.

The money is not wasted in our schools, it is used to give an unusually good preparation for life after school, better than anything that was available when I was growing up. I am proud of the programs and the educators in our school system. Vote yes to let such programs continue.

Anstiss Morrill

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  1. Foster Tech is a great program. Every child has some sort of a special talent yet often a wasted college degree is what they’re forced into. I’ll bet every reader knows several people that spent 4 years at a liberal arts college yet never used their degree. The opportunity to do well financially by getting one’s hands dirty has always been there but even more so today. This program is the last place any money is wasted in RSU9!

  2. A few years ago I heard a presentation from a representative of an association of Maine manufacturers. She singled Foster Tech out as a model for all vocational programs to follow. Her criticism of school systems that regarded VoTech as a dumping ground for inferior students contradicts "The money is not wasted in our schools..." A further point, I have independent and authoritative support for Foster Tech but the School Board propaganda sheet gave no concrete grounds for evaluating the success of other programs---just budget line items.