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Letter to the editor: Trumped again

Sometimes a comment doesn’t exactly qualify as a letter to the editor. And I admit that this is more a comment than a logical argument.

However, being a Vietnam War vet I immediately took offense during his campaign when Donald Trump made the statement the he didn’t consider John McCain a war hero; stating that he preferred people who weren’t captured. This from a man who later claimed military experience because he spent part of his high school years in a posh military academy.

Last week, Trump hung up on the Australian Prime Minister when discussing Iranian refugees. Later, he tweeted sarcasm about the phone call. He is systematically alienating many of our strongest allies.

Trump doesn’t know that nearly 500 Aussies lost their lives while fighting alongside U.S. troops in Vietnam. He had a boo boo on his foot and didn’t go.

Wm Gilliland

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  1. You hit the nail squarely, William. Add to that his disrespect of the immigrant parents of an Army officer who died protecting his troops in Iraq, and dismissing veterans with PTSD as people who "couldn't take it".
    Somehow, a self-absorbed egomaniac has become president of our nation. We'll have four years to regret it, and hopefully we'll be checking our history books and learning what to avoid next time. He's dangerous. One man's opinion.

  2. Daniel..You said "somehow" we have A bad president.

    Here is "how" it happened...
    "Hillary Clinton" is the reason.

    Maybe the Dems will offer us a "decent" choice next time?
    They all marched down that crooked road and lost to a .....Well you know what.

    But Hillary was viewed as "even worse"..
    And I agree.

    So that's how..
    Whatcha going to do about that?

  3. I agree with the above comments. Hopefully there will be better choices on the ballot in four years.
    Also, hopefully we all make it through the next four years. I'm sure that it is not going to be a pleasant four years. But I don't think that a lot of people paid much attention to Trump's campaigning or else couldn't read between the lines and swallowed hook, line and sinker everything that he tried to shove down our throats.
    Obviously he didn't know what he was talking about and I don't believe that he had ever read the U. S. Constitution!!!!!

  4. Not that I'm very impressed with Donald Trump but I'm not too impressed with ANY of the news media either.
    I'm not sure which is worse.. The media.. Donald... Or Hillary.

    That story about the "rift" with the Australian prime Minister over refugees...I thought it was discovered that the news story was inaccurate...

    Just like the one about the missing MLK Bus. It was reported that Trump and good cronies moved it or set it on fire or something heinous... When in fact it was never moved at all.

    On and on and on it goes..

    Sad that the media had become so partisan...

    Don't be fooled folks.
    Don't run around like chicken little reacting to the media.
    Don't be "That Guy".
    You have a brain...Use it.

  5. Thanks for your comments, Bill. I, too, am a Viet Nam vet and deeply resented Trump's insult of McCain, his dismissal of combat related stress disorders, and of the shallow photo ops Trump has staged with American soldiers, using such occasions to boast of his election.

    His role as Commander in Chief of our armed forces deeply alarms me, not the least because of his quick temper, his unpredictability in dealing with foreign leaders, his apparent approval of Putin, and his lack of cooperation with the intelligence agencies that do so much to keep a commander informed.

  6. "Somehow, a self-absorbed egomaniac has become president of our nation."

    "...a lot of people...couldn't read between the lines and swallowed hook, line and sinker everything that he tried to shove down our throats."

    IMO, the low-information voters, the misogynists, the good ol' boys really "get the credit" for this ridiculous person who now sits in the White House.

  7. The assault on the press increases as the White House gang – among them Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, and President Trump himself – continue to systematically undermine confidence in the nation’s journalists. It’s clear such attacks are largely self-serving – if the press doesn’t report favorably on what the administration is doing, they’re called “unfair,” “biased” and “fake.” These assaults are alarming, both in the extremity of their rhetoric and the implied threat in their tone.

    While it’s true the media occasionally makes mistakes, it’s by and large a self-correcting institution and we depend upon it to get the news and, ultimately, the truth. To so blatantly manipulate, denigrate and threaten our free press, as this administration is doing (and as Trump did throughout his campaign) is dangerous in the extreme. And to buy into it, as so many of his supporters are doing, suggests Trump’s cynical and calculated manipulation of public opinion is working.

    As Thomas Jefferson wrote: "Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it."

  8. Marie.... feel free to keep on with your opinions.... .. but calling people that did not vote for Ms. Clinton 'low-information voters, misogynists and good old boys' isn't what elected ' a self absorbed egomaniac' and 'the ridiculous person' that sits in the White House.... There were other reasons... I do not fit in any of the ones that you described...

  9. I was never a Trump supporter, but I hate lies and divisiveness just for the sake of doing it. The following was debunked by PM Turnbull and Australian media outlets yet it persists::::

    "Last week, Trump hung up on the Australian Prime Minister when discussing Iranian refugees. Later, he tweeted sarcasm about the phone call. He is systematically alienating many of our strongest allies."

    This is why President Trump doesn't trust the media, much like the alleged tweet from Gen. Flynn stating "Scape Goat" and then listening to Nancy Pelosi describe a goat and some such thing... However the tweet was a fake... And was not covered like the original statement. Did you hear that Nancy Pelosi thinks President Bush is still in the White House? Maybe not if you only follow liberal media.

    Calling people bigots, racists and sexist does not make it true. Maybe some are and maybe not, but a lie is a lie... I want some truth, some real reporting and some answers! I can handle it!!

  10. Well, then, not you, Glen. What have you seen so far that makes you believe that your vote for Trump was justified?

  11. Marie.... I am not impressed with Trump... I say it was a vote against her...I was not impressed with her past.... and that had nothing to do with her sex.. I have friends that voted for her just because 'it is time for a woman'.... I say not that woman..

  12. @glen: Thank you for the forthright comment. We disagree on this.

  13. It just amazes me how "Close minded" so many of you are about our new Pres. Trump. GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE! He is one of the very few in Washington who refused to be "politically correct" and he says and tells it like it is. Those people are sent there (supposedly) to represent the American people ... not make a permanent career for themselves. And that is not what they are doing. You will be hard pressed to find one politician who has not become much "wealthier" after going to Washington ... and how are they doing it???

    Pres. Trump does not "owe" anyone any favors and he is trying to "Make America Great" again! No matter what he does, he certainly is not going to make any bigger mess than Obama did.

    AND I find it interesting that my comments from a few days ago have been removed from this site! WHY?
    Just because I gave a difference of opinion and stated that those who were very unhappy when Obama
    was elected did not go around crying, having tantrums, creating riots and damaging personal property!!
    REALLY people, wake up and act as mature adults. America has spoken and are sick of politics as usual and that is why we elected PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP! God bless him and America!

  14. MAME I agree..Seems like Marie E gets all the press she wants on here.. playing every "card" in the liberal deck. The gender card is interesting.... She refers to the "Good Ol' Boys"... Ok fair nuf'.

    But the BD hasn't posted my question about the Good Ol' Girls Club..?

    Nancy Pelosi
    Donna Brazille
    Loretta Lynch
    Donna Wasserman Schultz

    These "Ladies"..Behavior is reprehensible at best. A bunch of proven Liars.. Proven Cheaters...The Democratic Establishment.
    Remember them?

    But I guess it's out of play to bring this up.

    There is no difference between a mysoginist and a feminist..Except their gender. They both just hate.

    Talk about "not qualified"....

  15. Did all his supporters like today's "self-pity party" that Trump called a "press conference"? But glad all this stuff is'll be interesting watching him deny everything that will later be revealed as lies.

  16. Yes Marie E,,,It will be interesting to watch Trump deny everything that will later be revealed as lies,,,
    I agree..

    Just like it was when Hillary and the Gaggle of Gals,,,Lied,,Stole and Cheated.
    Lied or took the 5th,,Dishonesty Personified.
    Oh and she had the help of some Democratic Good Ol Boys also. (didn't work though).
    But you had no problem with any of that..apparently.

    Any "reasonably honest" person has a problem with both.

    The good news is,,,the number of people DEMANDING a better answer is increasing dramatically.
    But , not you.
    Your version of reality and trumps version cancel each other out.

    Both are doomed.

  17. @SoundsFamiIiar: I don't feel "doomed", and I'm definitely "reasonably honest".

    Conclusion: You don't know me or for whom I voted, in spite of your assertions to the contrary.

    @Good Ol' Girls: There's no difference?
    misogynist: a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women. Definitely hateful.

    feminism: 1: the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. 2: organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests. Count me in!

    And while we're at it, familiarize yourself with this definition: "good ol' boy
    "Pejoratively, the phrase can often suggest a man (or person) with an anti-intellectual bias or some other intolerant viewpoint.
    The phrase also can refer negatively to someone who engages in cronyism among men who have known each other for a long period of time. Collectively, these people are referred to by the slang term, 'good ol' boy network'..."

  18. are in and counted.
    Its called "special" interest. It is narrow , naive and devisive.
    The condescention towards everyone that's very special.
    And the reason honest thinking people are running from the Democratic Party.
    It is ruined dear.

    The other party isn't much better...but The Dems are so ridiculous they make them successful.

    I'll go with the growing crowd who judges character by actions...alone.
    Regardless of gender ,color or any other "special" qualification.
    Count me in with that.
    We're growing ..thanks to partisan shillery...

    Oh, Your copy and pasted definitions are incomplete selective blips.
    If reality were only "that" simple.
    C''re getting snookered...
    But that's what they do.

  19. "You don't know me or for whom I voted......."

    1. Somebody probably does know you

    2. And even someone did wood, do they know how you voted?

  20. I'm standing with Marie. The Hillary hate is pure misogyny and died in the wool "in a man it's a woman it get's called b___h."

    The majority USA vote was for Hillary.

  21. Marie,,in Disneyland.

    "THIS" definition of feminism is absolutely fine. Count me in on "THIS" also...

    (From Marie) feminism: 1: the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. 2: organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests. Count me in!

    BUT,,,,,this does NOT describe the behavior of the haters hiding behind this label TODAY..
    OUT OF DATE DESCRIPTION..(imagine that).
    The founders of feminism would be ashamed of the new haters.

    And I Love This One from Marie,,
    (From Marie) And while we're at it, familiarize yourself with this definition: "good ol' boy
    "Pejoratively, the phrase can often suggest a man (or person) with an anti-intellectual bias or some other intolerant viewpoint.
    The phrase also can refer negatively to someone who engages in cronyism among men who have known each other for a long period of time. Collectively, these people are referred to by the slang term, 'good ol' boy network'..."

    Yup it's wrong for men to act this way. Agreed.
    If you look up Good Ol' Girl............IT'S NOT THERE!!! LOL.
    But you are definitely working on it....
    and it will say "EXACTLY THE SAME THING".

    Well,, maybe not in the dictionary Marie chooses......

    Have Fun Next Election...
    Moving On.

  22. A fight between grasshoppers is a joy to the crow. ~African Proverb

  23. Wah wah wah !!!! I don't remember this many people on the right crying for the last eight years!!!! How about everyone grows up and let President Trump do his JOB !!!!! The hypocrisy of the left is astounding but not surprising!!!

  24. REALITY, not Disneyland:

    If you voted for Trump, you got conned.

    con: persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception..

    Look it up any dictionary.

  25. The Left ran pretty much on "America was NEVER great"; that theme abounded for 8 years, we were lectured over and over about how rotten we are, and our nation was "fundamentally transformed" because the Left dislikes it so much. They've made that MORE than clear.

    Now the Left is surprised when America rejects them and all they stand for.

    Marie E.'s comment above is a great example of how this has worked...we've been abused, targeted, called terrorists, even had the machinery of government used against us (IRS, DHS, DOJ)...we're bigots, homophobes, xenophobes and more because we simply do not agree with every opinion they try to shove down our throats. Just like a banana republic.

    Well, the false mask of Leftist tolerance is OFF, kids. We know who is intolerant and bigoted, who can't handle the results of an election, who riots over disappointment, who makes death threats to Electors and people who have a different ideology than them. They're burning books and blocking free speech now. America is SICK of this, and hopefully will remain eyes-open about the division and discord that the Left has sown, so successfully, for decades now. They pushed it too far, that was a real mistake. They're also doing it in Congress now, playing 'block 'em' and whining about rules that THEY PUT IN PLACE.

    Thanks for the name-calling, every time they do this it clarifies exactly why they lost.

    BTW, Blacks for Trump 2020 has a nice site you might want to look up, as does Women for Trump. And the "good ol' boys" were DEMOCRATS, Marie...

  26. Hard to fathom the "amnesia" regarding 2008 & 2012 elections.

    "... perceptions do not reflect what actually followed the election of our country’s first black president, much less the difference between why people are protesting Donald J. Trump’s presidency as compared to Barack Obama’s presidency.

    Obama’s election in 2008 was preceded and followed by violent attacks and property destruction targeted against minorities."

    "Obama’s presidency was marked by effigies of our first black president hanging from nooses across the country, for example in Kentucky, Washington State, and Maine...

    "Ultimately, demonstrators are not protesting Trump because he is Republican. They aren’t protesting him because he is a white male. These protests are because of the bigotry his campaign has emboldened and the fear of discrimination his presidency has the capacity to perpetuate."

  27. I'm sorry that you and those in your party amplify political DISCONTENT right up into perceived (yet not correct) racism and terror. Trump has come out in support of minority communities, and LGBT - yet the 'fear' goes on? That, ma'am, is ginned up by YOUR party, as I stated the highest levels, they are fabricating division that does not exist.

    We have Trump 'being shot in effigy', with thousands of open calls for his assassination, and riots based on the fear that someone may speak what you do not want to hear...somehow that is justified, where Obama in a noose is just so terrible? Don't you recall Bush in a noose as well? Effigies of US troops hanging?? THAT is equality - if it's ok for the white guy, it's ok for the half black one as well! Where you can point out a few 10s of these examples, I can go get you 100's, if not THOUSANDS. What a double standard the Left hides behind!!! Acting like lunatics and then hiding behind the skirts of some imagined moral superiority, ha ha ha!!

    If I were you, I'd take a SERIOUS look at who is actually acting "fascist" burning and riots aren't happening under the Republican aegis, and they didn't to ANY meaningful extent when Obama was in. Sure, there are white supremacists, always have been - but they are fairly universally shunned, and won't be having a meeting in the White House, as so many disruptive and antisocial elements did under Obama. Black supremacists are applauded, protected and funded by the Left...always siding with the radicals.

    Your media tells you something, and off you go, with nothing to support it (great ex: "Bannon is a white supremacist" - really? Got proof?? Nope.). Here you are now...I'm pretty sure you are white, speaking right up for minorities!! They need your help, right? To me, THAT is pretty racist...

    Again...."america was never great"...that's what you've got. Spread it far and wide, maybe it'll stick somewhere and gain you an election one day. I hope not - I'd rather see a productive and fairly happy nation that can get over its disagreements like human beings rather than torch what aggravates it. Splitting up society into grievance groups does nothing for stability, you see...why don't you join in, help make America great again?

    I'd post my real name, but I'm afraid my place of employment might be boycotted and my family harmed due to political differences.

  28. Seneca said "We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality."

  29. Since the late 80s I've pegged Donald Trump as a high end confidence man. A con man succeeds by never admitting he's wrong, convincing people he is special and can do or provide great things, and evoking a loyalty from his "marks" that is based on emotion rather than reason. He has now achieved the "big con" - gaining the oval office. He has spent more in a month than the Obama's did in a year on entertainment, travel, golf, etc. He's going to do what he wants for himself, because that's the goal of the confidence man. The good news - unlike, say, a Hitler, he doesn't have principles or a political agenda. The bad news, he's clearly over his head, and his anger with the press is that of the con man against those who would expose him. This is a test of the system, to see if the press will report, Congress will act, and the damage be limited. I think it's especially a test of conservatives and the Republican party. Trump is no conservative, he doesn't think like most Republicans. Right now I suspect and hope that people in the GOP are planning ways to limit and control him. He may decide to take the job seriously and start telling the truth...but a confidence man rarely changes. As for Hillary - yeah, I get what people are saying. She was seen by many as not only from "the past" but flawed. No use for the Democrats to look back, they should look forward at people like Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, etc. I do think Trump has aroused activism in a lot of people who had been taking democracy for granted. That may be a positive that trumps the negatives!

  30. If you voted for Trump because you supported him, congratulations on your candidate’s victory! He is doing everything he said he was running on or his platform. But if you didn’t vote or nominate early on, for a person who could defeat him and are now protesting a Trump presidency, may I suggest you shut up and go home and wait for your next opportunity at the election box. Adults now need to start fixing the damage the opposing party has done, not just in the last 8 years but in my lifetime.

    However, I will continue to support your next candidate and also fully support, in fact wholeheartedly encourage the candidate to listen to all those "not my president ", "never Trumpers", "BLM group", "illegals for America" and the "NO borders, NO deportation, NO nations...Amnesty 4All, more taxes not tax cuts supporters, bathrooms for anybody anytime for all, etc..." and run on those platform suggestions that the Democratic Party is siding with and has exposed themselves for what they support...more power to you! Let's see how that works out for you.

    Nuff Said...

  31. JL:

    "Shut up and go home" isn't a very powerful argument against constituents protesting government policy. Ask the Tea Party circa 2010 how effective it can be in closely contested districts. Also, when you vote for a whiny child as chief executive, you cede any later reason to believe you know what constitutes adult behavior, much less who or what is damaging this country.
    P.S. Pay no attention to that large Russian elephant in the room. Happy trolling.

  32. Yeah, I think the Democrats are motivated to go out and be active. That may be Trump's legacy -- he's not a conservative, he's not Republican, but he is motivating liberals to engage and be active. I don't think the GOP realizes that it has been dealt a losing hand by Trump.

  33. Because we focused on the snake we missed the scorpion.

  34. As I said a few days ago ... It just amazes me how "Close minded" so many of you are about our new Pres. Trump. GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE! NO ONE IS PERFECT ... but at least he is trying.

    It disgusts me to see so many "protesters" during the day time ... do any of them work? I wish the liberal
    news media would ask them if they work ... or if they are on welfare ... and who is paying them to participate
    in these unruly actions? I am confident that they would not answer. I watched one of these so called "protesters" mouthing off on TV the other night and when she was asked to "explain" her position and why she felt that way ... she just kept mouthing off with her memorized rhetoric and finally they shut her off
    because she would not participate in a rational discussion.

    We have freedoms in this country that are not found anywhere else in the world ... and these spoiled, hateful and selfish babies just can stand to not have what they want when they want it. Most of us are hardworking patriotic individuals who have never collected unemployment ... we had to work to get what we wanted ... not riot in the streets and then not be held accountable for any damage or destruction.

    And I am sure none of them even give a rip about all the veterans who gave their lives for that freedom!
    Or the police who continually put their lives at risk to keep them safe. Where are they on Memorial Day and Veterans Day? Certainly not at the memorial services.

    Let them go to another country and see how happy they are there!

    I am so thankful that by the GRACE OF GOD I was born in the United States of America ... as imperfect as some people believe it to be.

  35. I agree with Scott Erb completely!! It will be interesting to see the outcome. Trump is in this for his ego!!!!
    Hopefully somebody will be able to control him.

  36. I love the compassion of Maine folk's. Now, we have a few who aren't as enthusiastic about masses of Syrian immigrants flowing into U.S. Here is the acid test. Simply write, email, call, visit the State Dept and request to be considered as a " host family" for Qualified Refugees. That way those who don't have open hearts, deplorables and the like, will not feel put out by the real Americans.

    Also be sure we keep the current VA system in tact, especially the Hospitals. Keep NAFTA to protect the MX min wage, around $5a day last I checked. We clearly don't need a Military, waste of money that could go to support schools which are thriving and efficient. "Fun, Fun, Fun until Daddy took the TBIRD away" where are the Beach Boys when you need em?
    Don't forget, lots of Qualified Refugees looking for a home in US! Who are the Idiots saying that most of the Refugees would rather stay in their Homeland with Families in a Safe Zone.?

  37. "Most of us are hardworking patriotic individuals who have never collected unemployment"...

    Ever hear of being laid off due to a business closing or downsizing? How does collecting unemployment equate with not being patriotic or hardworking?

    Don't be so "sure" and "confident" that you know much about why protesters are exercising their constitutional rights.

  38. Dear "Concerned"

    I haven't seen too many politicians who don't have BIG "egos" ... although there are some who are truly hoping to "make a difference". Unfortunately seem to get trampled by the likes of Pelosi, Schumer,
    Harry Reid and the Clintons. They think their way is the only way.

  39. Trump is being judged by his words and actions. He is the one who is drawing unprecedented low approval ratings because he has been caught in lies, and behaves rather childishly. It's not a right-left thing. Many solid Republicans far more conservative than Trump might find people disagreeing but still respecting the person. With Trump, there is a real sense that this man is not qualified. But he is creating a strong sense of engagement that will likely yield political benefits for the Democrats - and since the GOP did that against Obama with the tea party, it's pretty hypocritical for Republicans to complain about it. It's good when both sides get involved!

    Also, Americans are part of the industrialized west. Right now I'm in Italy, a country where people enjoy freedom and a good life. I've lived in Germany, another country in which people are free and prosperous. In fact, they have guaranteed health care, five weeks paid vacation, and unlike the US still produce more than they consume! I love living in the US, I would be just as happy in Germany or Italy. The free world is larger, and growing larger. The US isn't "better" than all other countries - that's a myth.

    Finally, compassion for refugees is not something that requires one to "be a host family." Not everyone can do that (though currently irrational fear is leading the government to try to block even those who want to be host families from getting refugees). It doesn't work that way. If someone against the military said to someone, "well, if you want to support the military than go get a uniform and go join," suggesting that unless you do that you can't support a strong military, that would be the same kind of logical error.

    When Republicans in the tea party demonstrated against Obama I thought they were wrong, but respected the fact they were getting involved and acting on their principles. I would hope that conservatives who think protests against Trump are wrong would do the same. It's good we disagree, democracy depends on disagreements. We need both conservatives and liberals - and variations of each theme. If everyone agreed, it would be scary as hell!

  40. To "over regulated" ... good job ... I agree.

    To Marie ... yes I have heard of " being laid off due to a business closing or downsizing" but I really
    don't think those are the people who are holding "protest riots". The hard working people don't go around
    destroying other peoples property ... most of them have respect for law and order.

    To those who are so "open" to letting illegal immigrants run lose in our country ... for starters take a look back
    at Ellis Island and what the original immigrants were required to go through to legally be admitted. They were very basic requirements but it was and still is the LAW.

    With regard to Germany ... Merkel is now "SORRY" that she allowed the open door policy that she did. Also, take a look at the recent reports about Sweden and crime. Trump broke the news on that ... it was
    denied originally by Swedish officials ... and THEN within days confirmed.

    Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see how bad it gets here in America.

    Enjoy your day.

  41. Re: "protest riots", "destroying other peoples property"

    There are groups of "anarchists" that show up and seek to create chaos in the midst of peaceful and lawful demonstrations. It's a big shame that the vast majority of those demonstrating are tarnished by those very few.

  42. "A cursory look at the data shows there is no immigrant-driven crime or terrorism wave in Sweden."

  43. Merkel isn't sorry. She stood on principle, believing that doing good is more important than giving in to fear. A lot of people let fear get them to embrace hatred. Fear of immigrants is irrational, and leads people to go against principle. Things aren't bad in Germany or Sweden. Nor are they bad here. I feel sorry for those people so fearful that they forget their humanity. That is very sad - there but for the grace of I go I.

  44. Scott, this is a ridiculous statement " Things aren't bad in Germany or Sweden. Nor are they bad here. "
    Things my not be as bad as some make them out to be or may not be all bad, but there is bad there and here.
    There is nothing wrong with being wisely cautious rather than just using the word " fear "
    How is this " being wisely cautious of immigrants is rational ". See how words work?

  45. Billyjoebob - the number of terrorist acts are small. 35,000 people die in car accidents. 42,000 a year commit suicide. There are over 15,000 accidental deaths with guns. 14,000 people fall and die from injuries. In the last few years less than 100 were killed by acts of terror each year. In Europe the number is similarly small. People's fears don't reflect actual conditions. They imagine "these immigrants might be terrorists" and fear things that are very improbable. Meanwhile, they'll have a few beers and drive home, a much, much more dangerous situation!

  46. Scott, I am not going to debate the statistical probabilities of getting hit by a bus, struck by lightning or getting gunned down by an AK47 wielding terrorist. My point was you are saying because someone has a fear of immigrants they are being irrational. Fear is a subjective word. Would you scoff at a student who wouldn't climb a 4 foot step ladder because they " fear " heights?
    America's current immigration policy is being abused severely by a large number. Just because you choose to use the word fear dies not minimize this fact.
    Or how about putting it this way, what if erring on the side of caution saved just one life, would it be worth it?

  47. Billie Joe...give it a rest about "Scott Scott Full Of Grace"....
    You are sucked into the circular world of the humanist.
    They put their "intellect" as their savior..just listen to them.
    They love to preach from their little soapbox...sounding so "advanced".
    Supplying no answers whatsoever. Just puffing themselves all up in front of everybody.
    Condescending God as a myth.
    Typical Liberal Hypocrisy.
    Beating The Air with Vanity.
    No thanks Scott.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    God is Love.
    Jesus Christ is The Answer.
    His Grace is Sufficient for you.