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Letter to the Editor: Truth and transparency in RSU 9

It is important to note, THESE ARE MY FEELINGS AS A RESIDENT, AND IN NO WAY AM I SPEAKING FOR THE BOARD. I want that out front, because as in the past with their motion to nowhere that happened to me, I am sure someone will try to twist this around at a future board meeting. The following is from the sun journal on November 5, from a meeting on November 3.

“FARMINGTON — The Regional School Unit 9 board of directors is committed to resolving conflict between Superintendent Tina Meserve and staff, Chairwoman Angela LeClair said announced after an executive session Tuesday.” I had asked that all members be listed and how they “voted” with a thumb’s up consensus. Also, the statute that the board went into executive session, the aggrieved should have been invited, to my knowledge. The truth is the entire board was not in favor of this, myself included. Trust in this district has gone by the wayside from staff, students, parents and many community members who foot the bill. Most of the members of the board have turned their heads and can’t or will not admit there is a huge problem. My last letter to the editor, Credentials Versus Abilities, struck a chord. The board chair, with I will presume the blessing of the superintendent, consulted with the school’s attorney about my letter. They have tried to bury me for three and a half years, dragged me through the papers, to include possible slander and defamation of my character. They will never disclose how many tax payer dollars have been spent because they do not like me.

The most important aspect of our job as well as staff and the superintendent are the students, and I feel we have lost sight of that. The board has gone from having one of the best staffs around to its their fault they don’t have a contract. 368 out of 400 ballots returned was a vote of no confidence. I cannot understand why we went from a great staff to I don’t like what you are doing to get a contract. We lost one of the best programs in the high school, the student innovation center. It was noted in the budget process by one of the board members, “no assistant superintendent, no new program.” This program wasn’t new it was paid for by grants. Now we have to foot the bill. The question that comes to my mind is how much is a student’s total education worth. This program was open to all of the students at the High School and routinely service around 300 students. There is a solution. Like cancer, if caught in time, it can be surgically removed, and life goes on. We need to remove all cancerous cells in the district so that our students might have a fair shot of an education and keeping the staff we have. I can foresee an exodus of staff, and who will apply to work for a district that promotes a hostile environment. Sorry taxpayers, I don’t know how much they will spend on an attorney for this letter to the editor.

Craig Stickney

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